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Anne Gripper describes Armstrong as a pathological liar

Cycling News
January 21, 2013, 16:55,
January 21, 2013, 16:56
First Edition Cycling News, Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Anne Gripper spearheads the biological passport.

Anne Gripper spearheads the biological passport.

  • Anne Gripper spearheads the biological passport.
  • UCI president Hein Verbruggen with Lance Armstrong in 2002

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Former head of UCI anti-doping claims he was clean in 2009

Lance Armstrong's partial confession to doping during his interview with Oprah Winfrey sparked varied reactions and comment but one of the harshest has come from Anne Gripper -the former head of anti-doping at the UCI, who has described the disgraced Texan as "a pathological liar."

Armstrong said he hopes to return to competition but Gripper, now the head of Triathlon Australia, said there was no place for Armstrong in her sport.

"If he was just a drug cheat, I always believe you should do a sanction and have the right to come back to the sport,'' Gripper told the AAP in Australia.

"He's not a drug cheat - he's a bully, he's a manipulator, he's been incredibly unfair to a whole lot of people and he's a dead-set liar."

''(He's) not a single, one-off liar, he's a pathological liar. I don't want those people in our sport.''

Armstrong claimed he raced clean in 2009 when he made a comeback, after promising his former wife Kristin that he would never "cross the line". Gripper, who managed the UCI's Biological Passport programme until 2010, insisted there was nothing unusual with his blood profile at the time. She believes the Biological Passport has greatly cleaned up cycling.

"The big one was always Lance - I always knew the sport could never, never really move forward until the festering bubble that was 'did he or didn't he?' ... had been fully exposed,'' she said.

"The 2011 Tour de France was a bit of a landmark ... the fact that Cadel (Evans) won, that was the cherry on top of the cake,'' she said. "But there were all sorts of other things that happened in that Tour ... to indicate a much more level playing field.''

Gripper left the UCI for personal reasons. The international governing body has been accused of a far too cozy relationship with Armstrong after he donated $125,000 to the UCI, supposedly to help fight doping. However she still publicly supports embattled president Pat McQuaid.

"My relationship with the management and Pat as president ... was (that) they were absolutely committed to the elimination of doping,'' Gripper said of the UCI.

epofuel More than 1 year ago
Uh oh Anne, Well, good thing all your little traithletes are clean! What a joke that is. A person can be a pathological liar, and not fail a drug test or even dope at all. Lying is not doping. Doping is doping, and doping is what we´re after, right? Since when was lying part of the deal? So concentrate on doping, please. Oh, and stay tuned for more and more ex riders of that era to prove to you how normal Postal actually was. You bureaucrats are going to eat your words, some day. Cadel Evans, clean. haha! Can you prove that? You´ll have to have something besides tests and words, because those don´t work. And here we go again...2011 was a landmark for clean sport...oh boy, didn´t wear hear that every year?
bombzytit More than 1 year ago
Bored, negative epofuel. Nothing better to do than troll everything. Nothing constructive to say. Just bitter words. What do you actually suggest should be done? Do you have a solution? Or is your only goal in life to slag off everyone else? Come on, go for it. Have an idea! What should be done besides 'tests and words'? See if you can answer without insulting anyone, without slagging off 'bureaucrats' or 'triathletes' or 'Cadel Evans', or 'Sky' or the 'UCI', or WADA, or the world. If you ran the sport what would you do to make sure nobody cheated?
aqua lung More than 1 year ago
as fans, we don't need to have a solution. we presume those in charge have a handle on things.
Jack Kasza More than 1 year ago
You got that right bomb. The internet gives trolls like epofuel a place to whine and put everyone from Eddy to Lance down. If you have proof Cadel cheated then please reveal! If not, then wipe your nose little boy and be on your way. Change sports-or a sport you know about. Would have the balls to go up to Cadel and call him out? In person- not hiding behind a keyboard. He would rip your head off, big man! The damage you're doing to cycling lying about a great sportsmen , with no proof , is the work of a pansy.
Greg R More than 1 year ago
Hi I thought he posed very good questions. She called him a pathological liar is there any other kind? She also went on about him being a bully and seemed to indicate this was his worst offence? Then why did not they not ban him for being a bully? It was clear he was and we did not need a test for that. No everyone loved him inspite of him being a bully this only now seems to matter becasue he was a cheat. For the record I dont think he should be allowed to compete again but I dont see what was said qualifies epofuel as a troll. I found that article hypocritical and nieve and saying so does not make you a troll. You ask what can be done to clean up the sport and the awnser is nothing really will ever "clean it up" its like life we will always have crime we always have and we just have to manage it as best we can but we can't stop it. There has been cheating in the tour since it started but this should come as no surprise bombzytit. No one knows if Cadel cheated or not and personally untill its proven he did I presume him innocent but I would not go around saying this is proof becasue its not proof at all. Kind Regards Greg
Bob Thomson More than 1 year ago
"The 2011 Tour de France was a bit of a landmark ... the fact that Cadel (Evans) won, that was the cherry on top of the cake,'' she said. what a friggin hypocrite. from wikipedia : "In the summer of 2000 after consultation with Michele Ferrari under the management of Tony Rominger, Evans switched to road cycling full-time" Ferrari, Mapei, Seaco, Telekom - if you haven't learned your lesson yet, you never will.
Pietro78 More than 1 year ago
Like most things, you can't take anything on face value. A simplistic look at the connections you mention could suggest doping, but this is less certain when you take a more contextual view. Evans was a freak as a 16 year old in MTB going on to win the senior MTB World Cup while still a junior. His Vo2Max is in the 90's, and his performances are consistent, with no massive spikes. His early teams were short term and part-time while he decided between road and MTB, so the influence was minimised and the pressure to perform was lessened. At Telekom he failed to perform against the likes of Ulrich etc and left pretty damn quickly... perhaps because he didn't take drugs? The contact with Ferrari was for a single test at the behest of Rominger and was prior to there being any bans on using his services. A couple things to remember.... everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight, and just because you had contact with someone who dopes does not prove that you doped also. I am not saying he never doped, I am just suggesting that the evidence (such as it is) is hardly overwhelming.
CobbleStoner More than 1 year ago
if anybody looks like they are on steroids it's Cadel, crying one minute, yelling another, full on roid rage
dhm600 More than 1 year ago
Proof of Armstrong's 1999 failed blood test with the actual Proces Verbale can be found in today's Le Monde Sport: Together with an eye witness (Gilles Smadja - manager of the Minister's office and long time follower of the TdF) account of UCI's response to the French Minister of Sport complaining that Le Monde's pursuit of this matter "would kill cycling and the TdF". According to this witness the UCI used all its influence to protect Armstrong. McBruggen were approached for comment by Le Monde. Unsurprisingly, no response.
aqua lung More than 1 year ago
she had me until the last quote at the end of the story.
Alpe73 More than 1 year ago
Reminds me of the Baptists ( I was raised as one .... let's not go there); it's not that the actual 'standing-up sex' is that bad .... it's the 'dancing' that it may lead to. Seriously .......... laugh or cry?
Alpe73 More than 1 year ago
Reminds me of the Baptists ( I was raised as one .... let's not go there); it's not that the actual 'standing-up bonking' is that bad .... it's the 'dancing' that it may lead to. Seriously .......... laugh or cry?
reubenr More than 1 year ago
The Passport is a passport to doping. Gripper, of course, would not say differently. She must be looking for a job, now.
Pignone Fisso More than 1 year ago
Liar, yes; pathological? don't think so. After all, he did have reasons to lie (for personal gain, to protect his reputation, assets, foundation,...), unlike pathological liars, who will lie about anything for no reason. I've met a couple of them: they live in a part-time fantasy, and during that time don't even realize they're lying. Many people use this term but without some understanding of what it entails. But If you absolutely have to be willy-nilly, like Ann Gripper, then you could call Armstrong a psycopath, as I think that would be more in line with the behavior described in the revelations. I know many in this forum are so angry about the Armstrong fiasco, that they feel anything that's said about him is justifiable. But this is not one of them.
Wattie More than 1 year ago
You got there ahead of me. A pathological liar does not lie for personal gain and out of expediency, they lie because they cannot help themselves. A liar like Armstrong is worse because he lied knowingly and with forethought. Odd that she should choose a term to damn him that could actually be used to excuse him.
Alpe73 More than 1 year ago
In our 'perception' he is a grand liar only because of the numerous times he was asked ... "Have you ever doped?" Get as many journalists asking Leipheimer that many times and you'd have another grand liar .... that no one would give a sweet f about despite his grand liar status. Why does this surprise and shock anyone? Great fodder for the melodramatic media, but a sundry variable under fair and close scrutiny. Put yourself in his boots, from 1999-2005. Would you fess up during Stage 9 upon badgering from Walsh or Kimmage? I don't condone his doping (in context, it does not bother me a whole lot) but I understand his motives for self preservation. Had he habitually lied about his cancer, his family, his Livestrong foundation, etc - then we'd have a scoundrel of 'pathic proportions ... but this is clearly not the case. Our impetuous labeling of Lance as a 'cancer', sociopath, psychopath may warrant a bit of CBT for our own heads.
PeterMc More than 1 year ago
The other thing that this story shows is exactly what I thought would happen. Even though LA admits to doping and lying, he is regarded differently than those who whish to profit from their confessions. Hamilton, caught, denied, lied, admitted, wrote book and now travells around and gets paid for apearances on TV and in book stores. Landis, caught, denied, lied, sued, hacked (apparently) denied, cried, admitted and is now heading up the push for a law suit so he can profit from it. Hincappie, Lypheimer all profited (not necessarily monetry) and are applauded. Armstrong comes out, (on his own terms admittedly and not on some trumped up class action) and the ney sayers are still calling for stonning! The reaction to his final admition will cause other Americans to keep their mouth shut and wait till they actually fail a control.
Greg R More than 1 year ago
Bingo well done got it in one....
LaBici More than 1 year ago
Gripper states: " he was clean in 2009 " that seems to be contrary to what i have read in many other articles, that there was a 1in million chance that his Biological Passport was normal. can't recall the sources though.
avanti More than 1 year ago
That was in a statement by someone at the USADA.
Chris Manick More than 1 year ago
really it was all about lance we have just been reading that rabobank was doping therir riders telecom was doping their riders this whole damn think is not about lance shit USA cycling should be thanking lance if not for him the US would not be in cycling right now with a couiple of strong races and teams damn america wake the hell up because usps and discovery won we now hgave a foothold in cycling.
ellenbrook2001 More than 1 year ago
the one are clean are the one always be drope or finished far behind the one in front are the one dope you cannot keep up with such speed on water only WIGGINS can?????????????
Wattie More than 1 year ago
Get a grip: figures published indicate that Wiggins et al were climbing significantly more slowly than the leaders did in the Armstrong era and the period before it. I read somewhere that calculations suggest that using the figures from this yeas tour no one in the sky team would have made the top twenty in 1996.
realfan More than 1 year ago
good on ya Anne ,we dont need the scumbag in any sport !!
Greg R More than 1 year ago
intelligent input??