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Andy Schleck unfazed by Froome's 2013 performances

Cycling News
December 20, 2013, 10:27,
December 20, 2013, 10:28
Second Edition Cycling News, Friday, December 20, 2013
Tour de France
Andy Schleck (RadioShack Leopard)

Andy Schleck (RadioShack Leopard)

  • Andy Schleck (RadioShack Leopard)
  • Andy Schleck (RadioShack) featured in a late breakaway
  • Andy Schleck (RadioShack) get the red carpet treatment

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"He impresses me less than Quintana"

Andy Schleck has said that he was not overawed by Chris Froome’s performances in the mountains at this year’s Tour de France, pointing out that he had ridden comparable times on the same climbs at the 2009 and 2010 editions of the race.

After a troubled start to the season, Schleck finished the 2013 Tour in 20th place overall, over 41 minutes down on Froome, but he is determined to recapture his former level in the colours of Trek Factory Racing next season.

“He [Froome] is very strong, but he was only seven seconds quicker up Ax-3 Domaines this year than I was in 2010,” Schleck told L’Équipe. “And the previous year, on the Ventoux, I went up as quickly as he did this year, after I had attacked at the bottom and then ridden stop-start at the finish.

“Those are only indications but Froome doesn’t amaze me any more than that. His acceleration is very strong; after that, he goes up like it’s a time trial with a strange style… He impresses me less than [Nairo] Quintana.”

The 28-year-old Schleck told L’Équipe that he has “five or six” Tours left in his career and that his ambition remains “to win the Tour again by finishing in yellow on the Champs-Élysées.” Asked if he counted the 2010 Tour, awarded to him following Alberto Contador’s positive test for clenbuterol, Schleck said that he had mixed feelings.

“Yes and no… I should have beaten Contador, I was stronger than him. I was in yellow when he attacked me on Port de Bales when my chain slipped. Was that deliberate? I wasn’t sure. Contador was attacking everywhere, without warning.”

Schleck also dismissed the rumours of a problem with alcohol that circulated during his difficult start to 2013, when he was still searching for condition after fracturing his pelvis at last year’s Critérium du Dauphiné.

“I heard that and it made me laugh. With the internet, everyone can spread gossip,” Schleck said. “When [former team backer] Flavio Becca heard a guy saying that he’d seen me drunk here in Luxembourg, he summoned me to his office immediately. Just to note that I was at the Tour de Suisse at the time!

“It was the same thing in the Algarve. Somebody had apparently seen me in a state at the disco, even though I only ever went out in the evenings to go and eat in a Mexican restaurant with my mother. These are only malicious rumours.”





movingtarget 10 months ago
Trouble is Andy is nowhere near his 2010 level either for that matter is Contador. Times can be misleading because of the conditions. Schleck is talking about form from four years ago when July 2014 arrives. Quintana may have been impressive in the mountains but Froome is superior in the TT. Just like Schleck not to mention the TT which is his major weakness and always will be.
fosse septique 10 months ago
Agree but also spends to much time posing down the back of the peleton wasting valuable energy
TheFred 10 months ago
"Schleck is talking..." That's the problem. He needs to shut his mouth which is bigger than any other part of his body and perform. He's been running his yap for a couple years now talking about what he could do/will do/wants to do/dreams of doing. And it's worked; he's still paid like a star for failing. I'd like to slug him in his fragile little girlie jaw and tell him to get to work and show us, don't tell us again. Whew, now that's off my chest:-)
JantonStentenan 10 months ago
He might have a fragile little girlie jaw, but you have fragile little girlie parts. Somehow I think Schleck comes out the winner on this one.
Pedal Pusher 10 months ago
Whoa - your comment is sexist and just as bad as TheFred' s comment
rastymick 10 months ago
Oh, I'm sure Andy will follow your advice. Next time he gets a call from a reporter he will say: "Sorry "TheFred" told my I should shut my mouth... so, sorry, I can't do any interviews any longer..." But you are such a strong man, I'm sure you'd love to do a 200km ride in the mountains with little girlie Andy...
Lightening Toke 10 months ago
Agree with the Fred. Andy needs to stop talking and race.
Raoul Duke 10 months ago
It may be unkind to put it that way, but 2014 is the year for Andy to let his legs do the talking.
Sergiofromoz 10 months ago
I agree with Thefred (except about punching in the girlie jaw although that is funny). For those who remember the Phantom - "better to have lightning in legs than thunder in mouth". Aloha...
bike_boy 10 months ago
Schleck is probably the only rider who can be froome.
Raskol 10 months ago
Froome is the only rider who can be Froome. Andy Schleck is the only rider who can be Andy Schleck.
Pedal Pusher 10 months ago
bike_boy 10 months ago
antmills 10 months ago
hahaha indeed!
Dan Vella 10 months ago
Can't wait to see Schleck passing Froome in the TT
DAVE P 10 months ago
Never ever going to happen even if Froome has a flat. I don't like Froome (wiggo forever) but Schleck can't TT, nor descend for that matter, to save himself.
lelanternerouge 10 months ago
Wiggo all the way in the TT too so Watch out Froome!
TheFred 10 months ago
A flat?!? According to Schleck, that's a career ender. I mean, after all, a slipped chain cost him a certain victory in a 2,100 mile race in which he was definitely the strongest.
PJK1972 10 months ago
I still don't see how people can say Quintana is more impressive in the mountains than Froome. He attacks too early and get reeled in. That doesn't impress me.
Fabiano 10 months ago
That only happened on Mont Ventoux, he attack from the bottom and only got caught by Froome, and then, he beat Froome at Alpe d'Huez and Mont Semnoz
martinvickers 10 months ago
It also happened at Ax 3 Domaines, and for the same reason - braindead Movistar sacrificed him to soften Sky up for Valverde. Quintana probably, just, has an edge on froome on steep mountqains, if they are short enough - i.e. not drawn out monsters like ventoux. But Froome' edge on a flatt TT over Quintana (and Schleck for that matter, even at his peak) is massive. Like Wiggins (although in the opposite way), Quintana will need the course to suit him - one with a penultimate day 55 km pan flat TT is not it. Indeed, there were relatively few pan flatt TT km in 2013, and plenty of hills, and still Froome had 5 mins over Quintana, even including a bonk on the Alpe. None of which, I might add, is to take away fropm the fact that Quintana is a joy to watch in the hills, and as a proper goat that can't really do a major flat TT, a breath of fresh air.
kdogg64 10 months ago
Quintana is young and probably hasn't focuesed much on TT yet. It takes alot of time and training to become a good TT.
Raskol 10 months ago
Whatever about who's pysically stronger in teh mountains, at Quintana's age his attacking too early could well be immaturity from which he will learn. It's the physical ability which obviously enough is impressive.
Nolmeister 10 months ago
Quintana's early attack on the Ax 3 stage was almost certainly due to team orders, as Valverde was the GC leader for Movistar at that point. As for Ventoux, perhaps that was a mistake, but he did need to take back a lot of time on Froome, which you can't do by attacking in the last km. And as was mentioned by Fabiano, Quintana learned quickly from his mistakes, distancing Froome on Alpe d'Huez and Semnoz.
cantpedal 10 months ago
All true but don't forget Froome had ample reason to ride conservatively at that point. A big enough lead to let him go and ride a reasonable pace that last few K's
Pedal Pusher 10 months ago
Quintana is impressive and has beat Froome in some stages and can beat him in a TDF if he he rides as the team leader supported by a strong Movistar team not focused on Valverde. Quintana lacks racing experience and tactical smarts but still delivers - a few more years, maybe even less, and if he can improve on his ITT, he will be formidable.
Nicolaj221 10 months ago
Because he attacked for Valverde? Valverde was the rider Movistar was riding for at that time, Quintana got the leader role when Valverde lost a bunch of time and it was shown that Quintana was superior in the climbs.
Dan Vella 10 months ago
I think it has more to do with the performance relative to his age. For sure Froome was the best climber at the tour.
nepetalactone 10 months ago
I'd question that 'for sure'....
Fernando Cintra 10 months ago
we all speculate, we all hope for a big battle next year, but deep inside we all know nibali, schleck, contador and valverde won't match froome's superb tt. and in the tour, that means yellow jersey in paris. Indurain agrees with me
Raskol 10 months ago
Deep inside we all know we don't know what the future holds. Any of those riders might not even ride the TdF through injury or instance.
kdogg64 10 months ago
Froome barely beat Contador in the mountain TT, so it's possible. All depends on who has great form come July.
Aristotelis Papageorgiou 10 months ago
Andy has a history of big words and statements... He judges the #1 GT contender of this year by comparing his form of 2010. And mentions that chain again...
Dan Vella 10 months ago
Yep - cause he knows that will be his only tour win and he is trying to legitimize it.
nepetalactone 10 months ago
Not trying to defend Andy's lack of results, but your chain comment bothers me. Let's quote the article: "Asked if he counted the 2010 Tour, awarded to him following Alberto Contador’s positive test for clenbuterol, Schleck said that he had mixed feelings" And then he goes on to mention the chain. What is he supposed to say when asked? There were plenty of moments in that tour when he should have lost (when Spartacus neutralized the stage for example), but that is the moment where he DID lose the tour. Of course that's what he'll talk about when asked!
the vagabond 10 months ago
Win the tour again. That's rich. Schleck has about as much chance of winning the tour (for the first time) as Evans has of repeating. And come to think of it, I'm not even sure Evans is riding the Tour.
thelowerdepths 10 months ago
“He [Froome] is very strong, but he was only seven seconds quicker up Ax-3 Domaines this year than I was in 2010 …” apparently, math is not Andy's strong point … that was 4 years ago and he's not the same rider he was and 7 seconds up a climb like that is still 7 seconds toward the yellow jersey … add those to the 2 minutes Froome would have taken out of him in the TT and he still would have lost by a good margin … and for pity's sake, stop mentioning the bloody chain.
blemcooper 10 months ago
Or at least when mentioning the tens of seconds he lost due to poor gear selection that resulted in dropping his chain, he also should mention the minutes he gained when Frank crashed and held up the yellow jersey group while Andy and Cancellara rode away. And the minutes he didn't lose when Cancellara successfully neutralized a stage (much to Thor Hushovd's dismay) after Andy crashed on a wet descent and couldn't otherwise catch back on.
kdogg64 10 months ago
Glad somebody still remembers that year.
Montoya4Ever 10 months ago
Indeed !!
webvan 10 months ago
Sounds like a sore loser to me and that boozing incident was not just a rumour, he was rolling drunk in an elevator...
Simon Bailey 10 months ago
Doesn't matter if he can do the same times on the mountains, he'll still lose 6 minutes in the time trials.
Simon Bailey 10 months ago
How can that get a negative? its a blatant fact, Schlek can't time trial for **** so its unlikely he'll ever win a Tour. Maybe if he went for the Vuelta which tends to have more mountain stages, but the wee man ain't going to win the tour unless all the big gun all rounders aren't in at the end.
DrBigRing 10 months ago
Froome unfazed by Schleck's 2013 performances. Will be the same in 2014. Even if Schleck can regain his climbing abilities, he'll never win a GT with his lack of TT skills.