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Alonso has no regrets about collapse of Euskaltel talks

Cycling News
December 8, 2013, 11:07,
December 8, 2013, 11:08
First Edition Cycling News, Sunday, December 8, 2013
Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso was on hand at the start of the elite men's world championship race

Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso was on hand at the start of the elite men's world championship race

  • Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso was on hand at the start of the elite men's world championship race
  • Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso arrives at the summit via motorcycle.

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Formula 1's new team will arrive in 2015

Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso has said that he has no regrets about the collapse of his negotiations to buy the Euskaltel-Euskadi team last September, explaining that he is happier to plan for the launch of a new team from scratch in 2015.

“I don’t know if it’s more exciting to build a team than to buy one but one thing is sure – it’s certainly more work,” Alonso told L’Équipe. “When the negotiations with Euskaltel collapsed at the last moment, I was sad at the idea of not being in the peloton in 2014.

“But on the other hand, if a deal had been done, we wouldn’t have been at a good level of competition next year. We were already at the end of September and it would have been too late to do what we’re trying to create now. So, right now, I’m rather happy.”

Alonso’s objective is to put together a team that will enter the peloton at WorldTour level in 2015. Even before his recruitment drive begins in earnest, the Spaniard has already been linked with a number of high-profile riders, including Peter Sagan, Joaquim Rodriguez and Alberto Contador, although the latter two have existing contracts through to the end of 2015.

“Alberto Contador still has at least two years on his contract: we have to look at the riders who will be free from the end of 2014. The list isn’t enormous, but we’re already speaking with some riders,” said Alonso. “What division will we be able to ride in next year as a 100 percent new team? It’s not clear yet but it doesn’t matter, we’ll adapt. The main thing is to be the best team.”

Ever since news of the project first broke, Alonso has spoken repeatedly of his desire to marry aspects of Formula 1 to cycling, but he was careful to point out that there is much to be learned from existing practices within the sport too.

“Like many other sports, cycling has evolved to a very high level, which makes it difficult to make a difference,” Alonso admitted. “All the riders are very professional. All the recuperation techniques, bike materials, wind tunnel testing… It’s all very developed. We have to concentrate more on the little details, so we’ll need to have the best technologies out there.”


SiAp1984 11 months ago
It is good to see that he apparently does not wait for Contador. In two years, even a top10 in the Tour will he out of reach for the GROAT (Greatest Responder of all time).
Hill Special 1980 11 months ago
I wouldnt be too sure about that, there is only one ITT in the Tour this year and AC has a stronger team. he had one bad year, that doesn't mean game over
two20john 11 months ago
I hope it's not a vanity project, cycling is so fashionable at the moment you have to wonder. I'd rather have some more Tinkovs, true fans of the sport.
Jay Hake 11 months ago
I wouldn't call this a vanity project. In July of this year Alonso tweeted that he had already ridden almost 7,000kms. I think he is pretty serious about cycling.
bike_boy 11 months ago
Alonso, Webber etc.. all ride to keep fit. Alonso loves it!
johan_vb 11 months ago
And Button is a triathlete ;-)
Alan D 11 months ago
Who gives a toss what his motives are. He, TInkoff and all the other team owners are building the sport. He's probably got a speeding ticket in the past 5 years. So What? And as for " fashion"? What?... Alonso's a god in Formula 1 !! Cycling"so fashionable".. LOLOLOL... it doesn't even register on the screens of Europe's fashionistas. It's a working class sport in Europe. The ersatz , image-driven fashion elite look down on it with scorn. Alonso isn't even vaguely interested in the fashion factor. He's just a fan... and a very shrewd businessman.
Lucifa 11 months ago
Why is he wasting his money on Pro Cycling? What a stupid financial (NON) investment.
Matthew Franks 11 months ago
Maybe because he loves cycling, unlike you. Maybe you should stick with Readers Digest. Financial Investment, do you realize that he could carry the costs of the team the rest of his life without really even scratching his savings? What a fool.
KKelly 11 months ago
he could of bought SAXO and teamed up with Alberto that route .. shame ......