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Tour de Georgia: Back in the USA

Cycling News
January 04, 2006, 0:00 GMT,
April 21, 2009, 11:59 BST

Hello cycling fans! I didn't expect to be writing to you from the US but here I am. Thanks to a...

Georgia, April 18, 2005

Hello cycling fans!

I didn't expect to be writing to you from the US but here I am. Thanks to a flexible schedule I'm enjoying a trip home for the tour of Georgia. Well, it's not exactly home but it's always nice to return to the United States during the season. Normally I try to squeeze in a trip home between races but thanks to the tour of Georgia, my work is taking me back this time.

I'm really excited about this race. I've heard so many great things about the courses and the organization. Clearly this is my first time racing Georgia and I knew the rumors were true the moment we landed in Atlanta. The race arranged for buses to pick us up on the tarmac and take us straight to the hotel. This is good organization. Dodge is sponsoring the race so each team is supplied with cars. It's a really professional race. Kevin Livingston has been instrumental in making the race rider friendly. No one knows how to take care of the riders like a former pro.

The weather is great so far, especially coming from Spain where it's been cold and rainy most days. I've heard it's usually sunny and warm here which is a great break from spring racing in Europe. As for the racing itself, I'll let you know tomorrow. There are a lot of great riders here and it's cool to have many of the top Americans together on home soil. I feel really good about my form right now and the training I've been doing but of course I'm not in top condition just yet.

Until tomorrow I'll enjoy the posh American hotels and catch up with friends. The soigneur we're working with here happens to be a good friend of ours from Santa Rosa, Brenda Phelps. The cycling world in the US is quite small so you see a lot of familiar faces both in and out of the peloton.

So if you're interested in the inside scoop on the tour de Georgia meet me back here tomorrow.

Until then, bye y'all! (that's southern for goodbye)

Levi Leipheimer

After a great 2005, Levi Leipheimer is back in 2006 with his German Gerolsteiner team, and looking for even more success. A sixth place finish in the 2005 Tour de France, along with a big win in the Tour of Germany saw Leipheimer establish himself as one of the European pro peloton's main men and possibly America's number one male stage racer. With a supporting cast that includes wife Odessa and three Chihuahuas, Levi will be out to conquer more stage races in 2006, so follow Levi's progress to the Tour and beyond on Cyclingnews. Australia UK USA

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