9,500ft and up; Day One in Brian Head

Wow, on the scene in Brian Head on day one of the NORBA weekend and what a change from Sonoma . I...

NORBA #5 - Brian Head, UT, August 4-6, 2006

Wow, on the scene in Brian Head on day one of the NORBA weekend and what a change from Sonoma. I think that the high temperature here today was like 68 degrees F. Beautiful blue skies with a few clouds and awesome trail conditions, this feels like a real mountain course. The air is thin here, you don't necessarily notice it standing around the trailer, but if you ride your bike or walk up stairs, instant redline. The XC race course starts at 9,500ft and instantly goes directly up to 10,500ft, OUCH!

It was an easy day today for me, I got to sleep in my own bed last night, then a

At the end of the day today I got to go for a little road ride. The riding up here is awesome, miles of small highway and forest service roads with amazing views. We are right next to the Cedar Breaks National Monument, and the surrounding area is part of an old volcanic formation. Some stretches of road look like the surface of the moon on both sides, others look like a dense alpine forest. Plenty of killer climbing too.

The route I rode today is part of a stage race down here in a few weeks. If you like high altitude climbing and great race courses, you should check out the Tour de Gap[www.tourdegap.net]. Tell Andrey that you heard about the race on cyclingnews.com from CD when you sign up for it. It is a really well run race, killer courses, very worthy of the drive to southern Utah.

The forecast calls for some afternoon rain each of the next three days, and rain in the mountains at this elevation can make things pretty ugly in a hurry. We were blessed with the weather today, I hope that it holds out. As always, if you are up here for the race, please stop by the Ford trailer and introduce yourself. We are right next to the start/finish line.

See you tomorrow-

Chris Davidson

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