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Abus Bordo Lite 6055 review

Abus' lightest folding lock is compact and convenient but how secure is it?

Abus Bordo Lite 6055 Lock
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

A neatly packaged deterrent against opportunist thieves but not proof against pros


  • Super-neat folding design
  • Rubber coated to protect your bike
  • Light and easy to use
  • Neat carrying bracket
  • Hard to cut or burst


  • Easy to pick or split

Abus does 11 different Bordo folding locks with some of them available in 20 different versions. We've been putting the Bordo Lite 6055 through its paces to see if it warrants a place in our guide to the best bike locks

The 440g folding lock from Abus is super convenient and still beats most cable locks for security, but it can’t quite match the security of heavier D-locks and chains. 

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Abus Bordo Lite 6055 Lock

Pivot points mean the lock folds away neatly when not in use (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Abus Bordo Lite 6055 Lock

Folded out, the lock can form a 60cm loop to wrap around frame tubes and lamp posts (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


The Bordo Lite 6055 uses six 10cm long hardened steel plastic coated bars riveted together to create a 60cm long segmented ‘noose’ that can be threaded around your bike and whatever your anchor point is. The ‘high-quality’ lock clicks shut automatically, but as you can’t open it from it’s folded position without unlocking it, that dodges the dreaded ‘I left my key at home and now it's locked’ danger. The six bars fold up parallel and slot into a neat plastic holder that either straps onto your bike or bolts onto a bottle cage mount. It comes in black, red or blue.

Abus Bordo Lite 6055 Lock

The Bordo Lite 6055 uses a medium rated Abus lock mechanism (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


In terms of carrying and convenience, the Bordo Lite 6055 is brilliant. The mount is really well designed and it’s small enough to slip into a pocket or bag and not so heavy it’ll be too obvious if you do. It’s a lot easier to lock your bike to random objects than with a D-lock and a lot lighter than a heavy-duty chain lock. Abus’ rating of 7 out of 15 ranks it as more secure than all but one of its cable locks (the Cetero 970 gets an 8) and the same as Abus’ £25 bronze-rated Facilo 32 D-Lock. That’s because the metal links are relatively easy to cut with big bolt croppers, the rivets can be burst apart and the lock mechanism is only medium rated. The cable and D-Lock alternatives weighing 1140g and 950g respectively though. 


While it's vulnerable to tooled-up attackers, the Bordo Lite is certainly enough to stop an opportunist thief and its low weight, compact size, smart mount and general convenience make it a decent - if pricey - medium-security option.

Tech specs

  • Weight: 450g (60cm)
  • Price: £59.99 (60cm) £69.99 (85cm)
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