Matter and Markey win Treadfest

Treadfest this weekend marked the 10th race for the 2012 Subaru Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS). Brian Matter came out to hammer one last nail in the coffin, with a first place overall finish likely; while Amber Markey proved that she is a force to be reckoned with, winning her second consecutive WORS race.


As the elite and Cat. 1 men and women lined up for the start of the elite series race, they got a good look at their first challenge to conquer, the start climb. Spectators lined the slope all the way to the top. This steep incline was only the first in a series of three hills before descending into the singletrack.

The best climbers took their early lead and used that strategy to hold their position into the tight and rocky singletrack. Expert hole shot sprinter, Matt Shriver recalled, "You definitely want to have a fast start and then stay out of trouble." The men formed a lead pack early on, including the winner of the event, Brian Matter (Gear Grinder). Matter was joined by Matt Shriver (Honey Stinger/Bontrager), Nathan Guerra (Vision/Wheel & Sprocket), Cole House (Competitive Cyclist/ 616) and Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized).

In the following laps, Matter, Shriver and Guerra broke away. As the fatigue started to set in, Matter widened his gap to take one last victory for his season before turning his focus to the Chequamegon 40 in Hayward, Wisconsin and Cyclo-cross Nationals, held in Madison, Wisconsin. Shriver finished shortly after Matter, taking the second step on the podium with Guerra coming back strong to finish in third.


Not to be outdone, some the fastest women in the area proved their strength. Off the start, Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized), Lori Sable (K9 Dynamics) and Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized) took the lead through the first hills with Amber Markey (Magnus) sitting in fourth.

A few miles in, the women cruised through one of the favorite spots for spectators, the rock garden. Photographers and fans watched as the course separated the brave from the timid. Strong technical riders like Sable flowed through this section without hesitation. But in reality, it is a menacing formation that is quite intimidating.

Markey made a bold statement that she is a serious contender by winning her fourth WORS race in her first season as a Cat. 1 racer. Following shortly behind Markey to finish second was Williams, who comes all the way from Iowa to compete in the WORS races. She says that "the courses are always amazing. Nice combination of singletrack, climbing, double track. They're just put together really, really well." Sable also grabbed another medal for her collection finishing third place. It was a close finish for the women with less than one minute between first and third places.

Racers gathered in the scenic and relaxing town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Treadfest. Lake Geneva hides a little gem for cycling enthusiasts. Tucked away in the back of the Grand Geneva Resort, past the banquet halls, past the private airport and seated up against a gorgeous golf course sits a ski hill. In the summer months it is not open for public riding. So, for most WORS-heads it is a rare treat to ride these private trails. And like any delicacy, having it only once a year is what makes it so desirable. This also has a tendency to even the playing field a bit. Most racers don't get the whole summer to practice and memorize every inch of dirt. Pre-riding is, for many, the only time to ride here aside from the race. But that didn't stop the contenders from giving it 110 percent and putting the pedal to the floor.

The next WORS event will be the Bear Paw Outdoor Rock & Roll in White Lake, Wisconsin on September 30.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Matter (Gear Grinder)1:48:18
2Matt Shriver (HoneyStinger/Bontrager)0:00:53
3Nathan Guerra (Vision/Wheel &Sprocket)0:01:54
4Cole House (Competitive cyclist)0:02:30
5Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:03:03
6Corey Stelljes (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:03:45
7Kevin McConnell (Mercy-Specialized)0:03:58
8Justin Piontek (The Bike Hub/Specialized)0:04:02
9Isaac Neff (Williamson Bicycle Works)0:04:17
10Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:04:36
11Tyler Gauthier (Culvers Racing)0:04:40
12Michael Naughton (Wheel Werks/Gore)0:05:38
13Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:07:29
14Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services)0:07:44
15Brian Heifner (Magnus)0:08:02
16Trevor Olson (Muddy Cup)0:09:14
17Paul Mumford (Chicago CuttinCrew)0:09:30
18Jeff Melcher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:09:54
19Jacob Groethe (Badger Velo Club)0:10:38
20Michael Hemme (Half Acre)0:10:49
21Ted Hanes (Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:10:54
22Ronald Stawicki (Polska)0:11:02
23Tim Racette (KS Energy Service)0:11:06
24Jw Miller0:11:28
25Ryan Baumann (Titletown Flyers)0:13:22
26John Shull (EXPO)0:13:44
27Kyle Warras (EXPO Racing)0:14:33
28Michael Dutczak (South Chicago Wheelman)0:15:43
29Chris Tries (south shore cyclery)0:16:24
30Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:16:48
31Carlos Haeckel (Alterra Coffee/W85)0:17:52
32John Lirette (Unattached)0:18:12
33Greg Jones0:19:12
34Nicholas Holzem (Sprocketz)0:19:34
35Dan Schaefer (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:20:00
36Eric Stull (Team 360 / LAXVelo)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:21:06
38John Wypiszinski (Titletown Flyers)0:21:18
39Scott Neperud (Magnus)0:21:52
40Michael Humpal (Specialized)0:22:36
41Karl Tillman (Team 360 / LAXVelo)0:22:55
42Bryan Frazier (Baraboo Sharks)0:23:23
43Mitch Moen (r-bikes)0:24:22
44Steve Schafer0:24:46
45David Bender (JVC/Michaels Cycle's)0:25:24
46Jose Barraza (CC Barrazacycles)0:26:38
47Luke Holtan (Velo Trocodero)0:27:30
48Dan Tavela (Treadhead Cycling)0:31:31
49Tim Scanley (Alterra Coffee)0:34:45
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amber Markey (Magnus)1:41:30
2Robin Williams (Mercy-Specialized)0:00:32
3Lori Sable (K9 Dynamics)0:00:51
4Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:03:42
5Leia Schneeberger (Magnus)0:04:37
6Brittany McConnell (Mercy-Specialized)0:06:31
7Denise Coppock (Titletown Flyers)0:08:51
8Jennifer Whitedog (BikesLTD/ScenicConcepts)0:21:12
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Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brett Poulton (Expo)1:31:25
2Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel and Sprocket)0:03:31
3Lionel Rocheleau (RACC)0:04:39
4Parker McColl0:05:49
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Cat. 1 Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme)1:14:51
2Moriah Griesbach (Point Pursuit)0:01:44
3Emily Shull (EXPO)0:15:57
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Cat. 1/2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joshua Blum (Team 360 / Mt Borah)1:36:00
2Mark Melton (Kegels)0:00:56
3Doug Bailey (Trek Midwest Team)0:02:07
4Brad Keyes (CarboRocket)0:02:39
5Andrew Peterson (Iowa City Cycling Club)0:03:45
6Zach Giffey0:04:55
7Andrew Wilcox-Hull0:05:43
8Steve Forss (Kegels)0:06:51
9Steven Schaefer0:09:00
10Jeff Dullard (Mercy Specialized)0:10:27
11Steve Jeske (Pedal Moraine)0:11:44
12Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:11:50
13Lowell Johnson Jr0:12:12
14Jesse Jaehning (Bikes Limited)0:19:38
15John Firak (Flatlandia)0:26:26
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Cat. 1/2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heather Stelljes1:17:16
2Cassey Lynn (Kuhl)0:00:55
3Cyndi Ehrike (Safe Wheels MTB Racing Team)0:03:34
4Wendy Gaddey (Alberto's Sport)0:04:16
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Cat. 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Riley (Trek)1:35:43
2Todd Gillihan (Iowa City Mercy Specialized)0:00:46
3Jimmy Toombs (Eriks Bikes n Boards)0:00:54
4Cory Samz (Heavy Pedal)0:00:59
5David Poulton (Activatorng Club)0:01:02
6Christopher Schmidt (Treadhead Cycling)0:01:22
7Ben Schreiber (Team Fond du Lac Cyclery)0:02:17
8Stathy Touloumis (Albertos Sport)0:02:18
9Seth Eckert (Trek Midwest)0:02:26
10Roger Lundsten (360 Reelestate)0:02:31
11Ken Naef (Titletown Flyers)0:02:40
12Stephen Kobs (Team Pedal Moraine)Row 11 - Cell 2
13Joshua Meyer (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:02:57
14Neil Zacharek (Bikes Ltd./Scenic Concepts)0:03:32
15Mike Sherven (Bikes Limited Senic Outlook)0:04:02
16Brett May (Team All Spoked Up)0:04:16
17Phil Fluegel (JVC/ Michaels Cycles)0:04:23
18Christopher Berge (Magnus)0:04:34
19Chris Fellows (Team WORS)0:04:45
20David Studnsr (Team Midwest)0:05:07
21Tony Wagner (Sheboygan Bicycle Co.)0:05:12
22Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:05:13
23Jarrod Kerkhoff (Michael's Cycles/JVC)0:05:20
24Ross Giese (Treadhead)0:05:23
25Jason Gibson (Gear N Up)0:05:47
26Mike Daish0:05:54
27Jason Ruesch (RMC)0:06:08
28Shane Semrow (Element Mobile)0:06:09
29Forrest Smith (Trek Midwest Team)Row 28 - Cell 2
30Ross Lemke (Team Pedal Moraine)0:06:13
31Neil Statz (Overdrive)0:06:30
32Douglas Borden (Wheel + Sprocket/Vision)0:06:36
33Marek Kulesza (TreadHead Cycling)0:07:00
34Tom Babinski (Iron Cycles)Row 33 - Cell 2
35Curtis Bice (Trek Midwest Team)0:07:15
36Mark Morgan (Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team)0:07:36
37Dave Blanke (The Bike Connection)0:07:41
38Krystian Pac (RBIKES.COM)0:07:46
39Tony Damhoff (Ben's Bicycles)0:08:05
40Dan Ellerkamp (Magnus)0:08:50
41Ken Krebs (Village Verdigris)0:08:57
42Steve Pribek (Mill Street Brewhaus)0:09:07
43Taylor Kimberly0:09:15
44Robert Schlegel (JVC/Michael's Cycles)0:09:16
45Rick Walls (Muddy Cup \\ Twin Six)0:10:28
46Greg Clausen (Treadhead Cycling)0:10:35
47Nathan Tock (BIkes Ltd / Scenic Concepts Ra)0:10:39
48Scott Howse (Kegels)0:10:55
49Donald Carr (IS Corp)0:11:39
50Ben Marchewka (Team Pedal Moraine)0:12:17
51Gary Ehrike (Safe Wheels MTB Racing Team)0:12:21
52Patrick Fasse (Team Bicycle Heaven)0:12:50
53Ryan Rollins (Diablo Cycling)0:12:51
54Thomas Kabacinski (XXX Racing)0:13:32
55Michael Jeschke (Eriksen Cycles)0:14:45
56Sean Shields (Team Pedal Moraine)0:15:03
57Oscar Corona0:15:09
58Brandon Murphy (Kinky Llama Racing)0:15:24
59Kyle Discher0:18:12
60Gary Meader (Team 360)0:18:13
61Brad Tennis (Sharks)0:18:20
62Neil Jurgella (Erik's Bike Shop)0:18:42
63Larry Reimer (JVC / Michael's Cycles)0:18:47
64Mark Balkenende0:24:54
65Michael Slade0:26:15
66Frank Strong0:33:28
67Joe Lintl (Trek Bicycle)0:36:08
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Cat. 2 Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Schmidt1:00:24
2Michael Carney0:00:52
3Mark Adams0:01:12
4Preston Bernsteen0:01:16
5Josh Rupnow0:01:17
6Connor McColl0:01:35
7Paul-Brian McInerney0:01:42
8Kelly Skinkis0:01:53
9Scott Nyland0:02:14
10Brendan George0:02:28
11Chris Harold0:02:54
12Christopher Rodriguez0:02:55
13Benjamin Anderson0:02:59
14Jeremy Ostrowski0:03:02
15Tomasz Kapusciak0:03:03
16Nathan Schneeberger0:03:05
17Christopher McArdle0:03:09
18Darrell Scheppman0:03:14
19Todd Fletcher0:03:28
20Janusz Ragski0:03:30
21Mark Schultz0:03:35
22Andy Summers0:04:22
23Mitchell Dreher0:04:23
24Mike Williams0:04:34
25Matthew Paterson0:04:43
26Mark Kitral0:04:46
27Steve Reichel0:04:48
28Cory Marty0:04:49
29Chris Roddick0:04:50
30Jim Willett0:05:02
31Ben Leach0:05:05
32Martin Reza0:05:07
33Ashley Anderson0:05:16
34Larry Hipps0:05:29
35Payson Partridge0:05:30
36Chuck Girkins0:05:33
37Michael Owens0:05:44
38Brayden Schott0:05:48
39Brian Paterson0:05:55
40Jesse Kruit0:06:03
41Don Iwen0:06:18
42Jody Arlen0:06:27
43Pero Michael0:06:30
44Emmanuel, Jr. Tinga0:06:38
45Brian Coppock0:06:48
46Wade Flisram0:06:53
47Bill Schultz0:07:06
48Ken Bozych0:07:09
49Jeremy Drake0:07:17
50Joe Moore0:07:25
51Edward Piontek0:07:27
52Erik Backhaus0:07:30
53Salvatore Virgilio0:07:36
54Kevin Lisowe0:07:38
55Patrick Blakeslee0:07:50
56Joe Vanderpuy0:07:56
57Joshua Wood0:08:09
58Cody Gunst0:08:24
59Marcus SteeleRow 58 - Cell 2
60Kenneth Ramm0:08:34
61Rod Capps0:08:47
62Steve CumminsRow 61 - Cell 2
63Andrew Douglass0:08:55
64Michael Laufenberg0:08:56
65Troy Sable0:09:33
66Mike Sealey0:09:36
67Mike Roethel0:09:46
68Scott Palmersheim0:09:50
69Steve Drecoll0:09:51
70Guy McDermott0:10:03
71Rick Schopp0:10:07
72Steve Davidson0:10:16
73John Ryan0:10:37
74Ron Smith0:10:49
75Aaron Fleming0:10:54
76Don Freitag0:11:00
77Keith Westendorf0:11:05
78Rob Hofmann0:11:07
79Jeffrey Hatton0:11:10
80Curt Villadsen0:11:11
81Jon HolcombRow 80 - Cell 2
82Dan Clasen0:11:15
83Dave Diamond0:11:30
84Rich Baumgarten0:11:32
85David CarignanRow 84 - Cell 2
86Jacob Heldt0:11:37
87Corwin Spaetti0:11:39
88Gerald Sorce0:11:49
89Joe Stout0:11:56
90Demetrius Banks0:12:22
91Robert Groshek0:12:28
92Nicholas Armstrong0:12:33
93Andrew Richter0:12:35
94Tim Fiedler0:12:37
95John Senkerik0:12:49
96Ed Bagley0:12:54
97Mike Mennenoh0:13:06
98Steven Janiak0:13:10
99Darrin Kolka0:13:20
100Steve Ericksen0:13:36
101John Starich0:14:08
102Michael Gordon0:14:11
103George Doty0:14:30
104Nick Low0:14:31
105Brad Swenson0:14:44
106Brian LouisRow 105 - Cell 2
107Dale Freund0:14:55
108Jason White0:15:03
109Dale Crowell0:15:04
110Tony Marcianelli0:15:09
111Elginn CordesRow 110 - Cell 2
112Warren Heise0:15:29
113Matt Claybourn0:15:36
114Timothy Wateski0:15:37
115Nate Andrews0:15:38
116Rich Mennenoh0:15:43
117Dirk Racine0:15:49
118Reed Griffiths0:15:59
119Bryan Reed0:16:07
120Mases Movsessian0:16:27
121Mike Miller0:16:36
122Julian Coupland0:16:39
123Frank Sniadajewski0:16:45
124Mike Sherman0:16:47
125Michael Campbell0:17:32
126David Lieck0:17:38
127Daniel Braun0:18:16
128Jason Ferguson0:18:29
129Warren Fowler0:18:47
130Christopher Osborne0:19:35
131Albert Weigel0:20:04
132James Grenier0:20:19
133Brian LoscheiderRow 132 - Cell 2
134Ian Lindahl0:20:20
135Randy Feuillerat0:20:37
136Ryan Derkson0:20:55
137Frederick Estoesta0:21:03
138Kenny Dretzka0:21:09
139Adam Handt0:21:23
140Thomas Tuton0:21:34
141George Boznos0:21:37
142Jacek Schudoba0:21:45
143Ben Freas0:22:31
144Louis Briones0:22:47
145Rusty Deperalta0:22:51
146Nic Mianecki0:22:54
147Kevin Polaski0:22:56
148Mike Brauer0:23:05
149Ed Gierlach0:23:11
150Dennis Malmanger0:23:13
151Frank Lobello0:23:19
152Brian Torrevillas0:23:22
153Erick Braaksma0:23:51
154Juan Arteaga0:23:54
155Scott Noffke0:24:09
156Dmitro Voinorovich0:24:26
157Greg Dechant0:25:08
158Troy Olm0:25:11
159Todd Nutter0:25:25
160Jason Gautier0:25:49
161Matthew Knowles0:26:14
162Chad Hoppe0:26:17
163Jeff Beck0:26:33
164Joel Kruppa0:27:22
165Michael Calonia0:27:45
166Andy MeyerRow 165 - Cell 2
167Ken Sounthala0:27:48
168Gregory Molnar0:28:27
169Allan Else, Jr0:29:08
170Tom Wendland0:29:38
171Chad Neff0:31:02
172Erik Newboe0:32:40
173John Mahr0:33:33
174Gary Bowman0:34:23
175John Remi0:37:07
176Michael Kaspar0:37:12
177Paul Traeger0:37:18
178Andy Best0:46:36
179Matthew Forst0:54:05
180McCloud MRow 179 - Cell 2
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Cat. 2 Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sheri Van Epps1:09:27
2Emma Swartz0:03:28
3Jeanne Hornak0:05:27
4Sonni Klipp0:05:39
5Brittany Nigh0:05:48
6Nancy Heymann0:06:31
7Christine Hojnacki0:06:59
8Mary Hable0:07:31
9Christine Griesbach0:09:40
10Jenaiya Stolper0:09:47
11Helmy Tennis0:10:16
12Rachel Drake0:10:38
13Kelli Piotrowski0:11:28
14Grace Prewitt0:11:29
15Becky Rands0:11:34
16Lynne Senkerik0:12:37
17Michelle Scanley0:18:10
18Sarah Richter0:18:14
19Jennifer Clark0:19:01
20Heather Marty0:19:37
21Karrie Ozyuk0:19:48
22Maja Holcomb0:20:03
23Pam Piotrowski0:22:35
24Cheryl Post0:23:27
25Melinda RoachRow 24 - Cell 2
26Nina Fortune0:28:41
27Candy Hofmann0:42:19

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