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UCI Road World Championships 2016: Elite Women - Road Race


Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the women's race at this year's World Championships. The start is around 30 minutes away but right now riders are mulling around, signing on and preparing for one of the biggest days on the racing calendar. We will be here throughout the day to bring you complete coverage of the race. 

We'll warm up as well, with this video preview of the women to watch in this year's race. 

You can also find the complete start list for the race, right here. It's up to date but of course we might see one or two non-starters later in the morning. Around 25 minutes to go until the start of the race. 

As we've said, there's such a stacked start list. Defending champion Elizabeth Deignan is here to defend her title. She's not in the best of form, missed out the Olympics, and has faced questions after missing doping tests, but she's here on the start line with a young but strong GB team. 

The Dutch come into the race with arguably the most talented team - certainly in terms of proven leaders. Wild is their best option though and has been incredibly successful in Qatar during her long career. She's won the GC at the Tour of Qatar on four separate occasions, the last of which was in 2014. She won a stage in Doha this year, a stage in California and of course Ride London, another big sprint friendly race. She's many peoples' favourites for the rainbow jersey.

Around 15 minutes now until the start of the race. Weather update? It's 35 degrees but there's not a lot of wind out there. The riders are in a for a long, hot but flat haul today. It's a complete contrast to the Worlds last year in Richmond. The course there had a couple of hills, a few cobbles, and fans. 

Don't forger you can listen to and/or download the latest CN podcast. It features interviews from both the men's and women's TT races, as well as previews of this weekend's road races. 

In the build up to the race we also spoke to Tiffany Cromwell. She's here to work for Chloe Hosking, another major favourite for today and Australia's leader.

Just a few minutes until the start of the race. Riders are on the start line, Deignan at the front looking focused. We start at the Qatar foundation and then 20 km before reaching the Pearl. 7 laps of 15.2km, before the finishing sprint. 134 km in total. 

And we hear that Bronzini is sick and will not start the race. Apparently she came down with a bug in the last 24-48 hours and will not start. That's a huge blow to her and the Italian team. 

The riders have started and gone through the neutralized zone. Easy, gentle pace for now with riders wearing ice vests, even as they ride. The Dutch are on the front at the moment. 

Compact peloton at the moment as we continue through the neutralized zone. Still not much breeze out there. It will be interesting to see who takes this up from the get-go. 

An update on tomorrow's men's race. This just in from Brian Cookson: 

And our leader has also spoken about the heat in Qatar and report of riders suffering from heat exhaustion:

The women are still in the neutralized zone, with around another 3-4km to go until we're officially racing. 

And the flag has been dropped. We are racing in the women's elite road race at the 2016 World Champsionships. 

Eri Yonamine is the rider who attacked. She only has about 100m on the peloton and it looks like she will be brought back soon enough. 

Scrap that, the gap has grown and Eri Yonamine has around 15-20 seconds. I think she was waiting for company but none came so she's pressing on alone. 

127km remaining from 134km

Meanwhile the national champion of Japan ploughs along alone. She has 34 seconds on the peloton. 

And here come Great Britain. Early in the race and they've strung out the bunch as we go onto the Pearl for the first time. Belgium also come up and start to work to as Neben drops her chain and stops.

Eri Yonamine still leads the race and has 19 seconds on the bunch. 120km to go. An injection of pace there from GB who are looking to try and make something of this race before the bunch sprint. 

The pace remains high as the bunch lines out and more teams look to push to the front and protect their leaders. 

113km remaining from 134km

We head through the feedzone for the first time in the race. GB have come off the front and France, Canada and Germany move up.

A number of tight corners see a few riders almost run out of road but there's no fall as they slow just in time. The lone leader has 27 seconds. 

Germany put a rider on the front and control the pace for the time being as Eri Yonamine comes over the line having completed the first circuit. We have seven laps to go. There really has been little action since the first attack. There are few spectators out there too. 

Neben again is at the back of the bunch and she's collecting ice and bottles for her teammates. She has another rider drop back to help her.

South Africa, Norway and Australia have also moved up and started to set the pace. The gap is still at 31 seconds with 101km to go. The Dutch so far, with their impressive team, have had an easy ride so far. To be fair, so have most teams.

A number of riders fail to pick up bottles in the feedzone. No such problem for Deignan though. 

Canada and Poland move to the front but there's really no hunger to race out there. The weather, the flat course, it all negates attacking racing. 95km to go and the gap to the lone leader is 95km. 

The peloton knock 10 seconds off the lone leader's advantage but Yonamine continues her individual time trial. 

6 laps to go and there's an attack from a Russian rider. 

The attack is quickly brought back but there's another acceleration, this time from Switzerland.

There's an attack and Wild is down. She's back up in no time at all but that's a blow for the race favourite. They weren't going too fast but still, that's a knock. 

87km remaining from 134km

Wild is looking for assistance. She has a problem with her front wheel and has a change. No one waits for her though, even though she had a teammate right with her at the back of the bunch.

Nicole Hanselmann (Switzerland) who attacked earlier has made it up to Eri Yonamine (Japan) and the pair push their lead out to 40 seconds with 84km to go. Knetemann is waiting for Wild. 

46 seconds now for the leaders as the peloton pass through the feedzone. 

Four or five Australians move to the front with Hosking tucked in at the back of their train. They have a huge chance today in Hosking who has targeted Qatar ever since the route was announced. 

Germany also show interest at the front as we see more of the major nations start to organise their efforts and bring their leaders to the front. That Wild crash has woken a few riders up. 

Attack! Amy Pieters (Netherlands) has put in a dig. It doesn't work but it raises the pace for a short space of time. 

5 lap to go and the two leaders have 38 seconds. There's another attack, this time from Israel. 

It's Paz Bash from Israel who has a small gap on the bunch as we go through another feedzone. And there's a crash. Two riders are down but quickly back on their bikes. 

Bash continues to chase down the two leaders but there's no time gaps at the moment. The gap was 35 seconds at the last count.

Germany and Great Britain are trying to mount some form of chase with 73km to go.

72km remaining from 134km

The attacks have brought the break down to 14 seconds and the Dutch accelerate again. The response is quick. The Dutch want to eliminate some of the weaker riders and start to split the race. 

Deignan is looking to race as well. She's on the front and wants more riders to attack because she wants a selective race. Parkinson has a wheel change as Vos digs again and Italy respond. 69km to go and the race is starting to come alive.

69km remaining from 134km

And another attack from the Dutch. It's Vos once more and Johansson and Deignan go with her. There's an Italian rider there too. That's the strongest move we've had so far. It's brought back but the peloton is on the rivet. 


It's all back together but the pace has increased. It's hard to see them remaining so intense for the remaining 66km and as such the pace slows and the bunch spread over the road once more. Will they attack on the same place of the circuit on the next lap?

Zabelinskaya had a bike change but is coming back. With the lull in pace, she shouldn't have too much trouble. 

All together - 4 laps to go. 

And again it's Vos who attacks once more. 59km to go. Each attack is creating a bit more damage than the last. At some point this race will split. Great Britain react to Vos but the Dutch go once more. This time Italy mark it.

Is that the 15th attack from the Dutch as they go once more. Australia are trying to close the gap with Garfoot. Each attack is taking a little longer to close down as riders start to tire out there. 

Australia and Italy have sat back so far, just responding to moves. The British seem intent on keeping it together although we have seen Deignan respond to one major attack. 

The pace drops but there are a few more tired legs out there as we approach the final hour and a bit of racing. 52km to go.

Belgian have moved up now, as they look to assert some control but Annemiek Van Vleuten then puts in a huge acceleration at the front of the peloton. She has the entire field strung out with a hugely impressive move. 

The Dutch have gone again and Cromwell has a mechanical. It will take a huge effort for her to come back now. Inside the final 50km of racing now.

Anna Van Der Breggen is the next one to go.

That move has created some gaps but it's slowing going to come back together. 

More tired riders and there's a crash in the feedzone. One rider down but quickly back on their feet. It's all together with 44km to go. 

41km remaining from 134km

Neben has 40 seconds now with 39km to go. They can't allow Neben to ride away from them, not on such a TT-friendly course. Vos goes again but it just pulls the favourites along. Will the Dutch need to change tactics because this isn't going to bring Neben back.

The Belgians take an aggressive approach too but it's just more measured as they put two riders on the front. That's what will nullify Neben, not the stop start attacks. 

35km remaining from 134km

Zabelinskaya has been disqualified for an illegal bike change. We saw the race jury call the Russian team car over a few moments ago and the rider was at the back of the bunch. Her race is over. 

Neben looks over to the chalk board and sees 47 seconds before taking a sweeping right hand bend. She still has a long way to go but this is playing into the US hands. They have Coryn Rivera hiding in the bunch and waiting for a sprint.

Neben comes over the line with 2 laps to go. The gap has come down to 45 seconds with the Dutch putting in a more sustained chase this time. King, Deignan and a few other GB riders are well placed near the front. 

28km remaining from 134km

The Australian riders are trying to get the British to work but they're met with a shake of the head. 25km to go and the gap is 46 seconds. Rowney has blown after a huge amount of work earlier in the race.

Small has a wheel change and it's another slow change. That's been the form for today in the race. The gap to Neben is now 29 seconds with 23km to go so the bunch have the lone leader under control for now.

A number of teams have joined the chase with just over a lap and a bit to go. The gap to Neben holds at 29 seconds. 

Neben takes a drink but ti's almost all over for the World TT champion. The gap is at 17 seconds as the Australian team lead with the Dutch in contention at the front. 18km to go.

Ellen Van Dijk patrols the front of the bunch and almost encourages riders to try and attack. There was a small crash and Ting Ying Huang is down. She's back on her bike and chasing but it will be tough to come back from here.

16km remaining from 134km

Just one  lap to go now and Neben is on fumes. She's about to be caught.

Neben is caught after a huge effort. The bunch all back together as the Germans move up and now Dani King attacks. They've waited all day but finally Great Britain attack.

That's a huge move and it's split the race. the Dutch have tried to mark it and Deignan looks to be coming over too. 

We have two leaders and then a small chase group. The bunch line out but it should still come together out there.

Great Britain go again and this is Hannah Barnes. That means they're working for Deignan today. Barnes is caught but the British team are looking to split this for the end. 

Just over 11km to go and Johanson and Deignan and Vos all go. The bunch are on the limit now. That was a huge move from the Swede rider.

It's all back together once more as Deignan finds herself on the front of the race. The pace slows... who will attack next?

We Rivera move up and find her leadout rider, around 6six riders back. The Dutch lead the peloton with the Olympic road race champion setting the pace.

The Dutch gather on the right with Wild at the back of their train. The Germans look a bit split, the Italians too. Denmark set the pace on the front.

Now the Dutch gather momentum and move in numbers right to the front. It's all for Wild who crashed earlier in the race. The rest of the bunch seem to have accepted that this race will end in a sprint. Vos is going to lead out Wild. Give her the jersey now?

5km remaining from 134km

King brings Deignan to the front on the other side of the road. They're going to try and take on the Dutch. Canada are also in the mix as well.

Hosking has dropped back a bit. She needs to move up.

Deignan is now on her own.

Wild has three riders left with 3km to go.

It's getting a but messy now as more teams try and get involved in the sprint. The Dutch still lead 1.9km to go.

Almost a fall but somehow they all stay upright. Here come Italy on the outside, 1.1km to go.

Deignan is 6th. 1000m to go. The Dutch still lead.

Vos leads out.

Here comes Wild. 

She's leading with 100 to go but here comes Dideriksen

This is going to be so close. Wild is tightening up.

Dideriksen! The Dane is the World Champion. Wild can't believe it.

Wild thought she had that but maybe the Dutch went from too far... Dideriksen was on Wild's wheel and then came around the left to just edge out the Dutch rider.

We mentioned the Danish once in the race but they were at the front when it mattered most. Dideriksen is with her teammates, she can't believe it. 

Dideriksen even crashed earlier in the race. A huge surprise today but well deserved. 

Lotta Lepisto claimed the bronze. Deignan fourth. Hosking down in 7th. 

Denmark started the race with three riders but Leth and Ludwig perfectly looked after Dideriksen. The new world champion won the first battle, forcing her way onto Wild's rear wheel, but then had enough to come around th pre-race favourite and win her first elite world title. Really well deserved. 

1 Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) 03:10:27
2 Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
3 Lotta Lepisto (Finland)
4 Elizabeth Deignan (Great Britain)
5 Marta Bastianelli (Italy)
6 Roxane Fournier (France)
7 Chloe Hosking (Australia)
8 Sheyla Gutierrez Ruiz (Spain)
9 Joelle Numainville (Canada)
10 Jolien D'hoore (Belgium)

The medal winners are now on the podium with the Danish nation anthem playing. A huge moment for Dideriksen and her country. The 20-year-old is beginning to realise what she has achieved. 

You can find our brief reports, results and photos, right here.

Our new world champion:

For Wild there was only heartbreak: “I am actually pretty disappointed. We rode a very good race, we had it under control," the Dutch rider said before admitting she had sprinted too soon.

Thanks for joining us today. You can find our full report, images from the race and results, right here. Tell us what you think about the racing at Worlds, under the race report. 

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