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Stage 4 - Wednesday, July 11: Villers-Cotterêts - Joigny, 193km

Stage four is a classic early Tour de France stage run in the countryside to the east of Paris that traverses the rolling hills of the Champagne region, the wide plains of Brie before the final hills across the Yonne. Once again, an early break will certainly escape before the sprinters' teams pull it back in the final 50 kilometres before the finish in Joigny.

Km 23.5: Côte de Veuilly-la-Poterie: 1.0 km climb @ 5.2% avg. grade / 4th Cat.
Km 62.5: Côte de Doucy: 1.9 km climb @ 4.9% avg. grade / 4th Cat.
Km 144: Côte de Galbaux: 2.4 km climb @ 3.8% avg. grade / 4th Cat.
Km 148.5: Côte de Bel-Air: 1.3 km climb @ 5.4% avg. grade / 4th Cat.

Km 69: La Ferte-Gaucher
Km 122.5: Soligny-Les-Etangs

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