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Speedy, Stander win cross country

Nothing was going to stop the pre-race favourites for the first South African MTN cross country event of the year. On Saturday, just outside of Alberton, Burry Stander (Specialized/MR Price) and Yolandé Speedy (MTN-Energade) dominated the national series race, just as they did one year ago.

Not even the fact that Stander suffered from a loss of concentration during the last lap, which caused him to crash twice into trees, or that the pedal of Speedy's bike came loose during the second lap, which caused her to lose nearly four minutes, could prevent them from winning their respective races by more than five minutes.

Stander's winning time for the six-lap (6.28km per lap) race was one hour, 57 minutes and 59 seconds. Philip Buys (Garmin adidas) finished second overall and won the under 23 category in a time of 2:03:17. Marc Bassingthwaighte (Garmin adidas) finished third in 2:03:45 and was second in the elite category.

Stander was full of praise for the course.

"Even though there were no big climbs or downhills, it was still one of the most challenging courses I have ever ridden. The route was so challenging that you had to stay focused all the time. If you read one line incorrectly, you paid the price.

"That was what happened to me during the last lap. On the last climb there was a choice of three lines. I don't know what induced me to make the decision, but I chose what I thought would be the easiest line. It was a mistake. Not knowing what to expect, I twice lost control of my bike and crashed into trees.

"Apparently this was the wake-up call that I needed because thereafter I was focused again."

According to Stander, the big difference between cross country racing and marathon racing is that during a marathon, tactics play an important part in the outcome of the race, while in cross country, every rider has to fend for himself. Usually the rider who can read the course best and makes the fewest mistakes wins.

Looking at Stander's lap times, he was "Mr Consistency". He finished his first lap in 19 minutes and 12 seconds and from then on, he managed to finish the next four laps all in under 20 minutes. During the last lap, his time was 20:04 which means that the time difference between his first and last laps was only 52 seconds.

"I am not surprised by my consistent lap times. I have been focusing on doing stamina work until now, therefore I have adequate endurance but no real speed," said Stander. "However, this will change during the next few weeks."

Bassingthwaighte was also consistent with his lap times. He finished his first lap in 20:23 and his last lap in 20:38. His slowest lap time was 20:44.

Buys surprised everybody when he decided to take the initiative from the moment the starter's gun went. He rode in front, setting the pace, with Stander right on his wheel. This meant that he shared the record for the fastest lap time with Stander.

A muddy Buys said that he surprised himself with the way he raced. "My race was just one big gamble and luckily it paid off."

Yolandé Speedy was quite satisfied with the way her race went.

Her winning time for the four-lap race was one hour, 36 minutes and 56 seconds.

Hungary's Eszter Erdelyi (Jeep), who became a South African citizen after falling in love with race promoter, Max Cluer, finished second in 1:41.12. Mariska Strauss (MTN-energade) was third in the elite category as well as the winner of the under 23 race in a time of 1:42.06.

Caitlin de Wet (Mr Price/Specialized) finished fourth overall and was the second under 23 rider to finish. Her time was 1:46.35.

After her mishap, Speedy said, "I can only blame myself for the fact that my pedal came loose during the second lap. Mistakes like this could cost you the race. I was lucky that they were able to help me in the technical zone. But I still lost four minutes in the process."

"The most important thing that I have learned is not to take things for granted. Next time, before I race, I will do a proper check on my bike. I had to race hard to catch Mariska again."

Asked what motivated her once she was in the lead again, Speedy said it was to set fast lap times. "After a race I like to compare my lap times with those of the men."

Speedy was also very consistent with a time of 23:04 for the first lap and 23:21 for the last lap.

The junior men's race was won by James Reid (Mr Price/Specialized) in 1:48:05 with Luke Roberts finishing second in 1:51:27 and Arno du Toit (Mr Price/Specialized) third in 1:52:41.

Candice Neethling (DCM) won the junior women's race in 1:19:36, and Simone Vosloo was second with a time of 1:21:25.

Full Results

Elite / Under 23 (*) women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yolande Speedy1:36:56
2Eszter Erdelyi0:04:16
3Mariske Strauss*0:05:10
4Caitlin De Wet*0:09:39
5Janneke Leask0:10:48
6Heletje Van Staden*0:11:39
7Julia Colvin0:12:03
8Amy-Jane Mundy0:12:11
9Karien Van Jaarsveld0:13:28
10Melanie Palframan*0:14:20
11Hilana Marais0:18:22
12Carmen Bassingthwaighte0:22:00
13Alexis Zorab*0:25:51
14Amy Mc Dougall*0:28:08
15Tamryn Taylor0:32:14
-1lapNicole Murphy
-1lapNicolene Van Der Sandt*
-1lapClaudia Von Tutschek

Elite / Under 23 (*) men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Burry Stander1:57:59
2Philip Buys*0:05:18
3Marc Bassingthwaighte0:05:46
4Oliver Munnik0:09:18
5Benmelt Swanepoel0:09:29
6Renay Groustra0:09:36
7Craig Paul0:09:49
8Matthys Beukes0:12:02
9Paul Cordes0:15:22
10Dominic Calitz*0:16:14
11Brandon Stewart0:17:37
12Adriaan Louw*0:18:18
13Andrew Warr0:19:00
14Adrien Niyonshuti0:21:59
15Justin Porteous0:23:00
16Hilton Frost*0:27:54
-1lapShaun Silver*
-1lapDwayne Klingbiel*
-1lapFrans Stander
-1lapJustice Makhale
-1lapLouis-Bresler Knipe*
-1lapMark Bridges*
-1lapJ P Jung*
-1lapJan Withaar
-1lapArmand Swanepoel*
-1lapGuylin Van Den Berg*
-1lapDarryn Purtell*
-1lapNick Porteous
DNFRourke Croeser*
DNFMax Knox
DNFCraig Boyes*
DNFJustin Victor
DNFReuben Van Niekerk
DNFBrandon Whiteley*
DNFRoan Exelby
DNFDavid Nel
DNSEtienne Le Roux
DNSDario Scilipoti
DNSMannie Heymans

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Candice Neetling1:19:36
-1lapSimone Vosloo

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Reid1:48:05
2Luke Roberts0:03:22
3Arno Du Toit0:04:36
4Adam Reyneke0:06:08
5Ryan Ellis0:07:02
6Gert Heyns0:07:59
7Michael Casey0:09:06
8Travis Walker0:10:25
9Xander Botha0:11:52
10Ruan Du Toit0:12:33
11Warwick Waldeck0:13:07
12Brendon Davids0:13:54
13Allan Britnell0:14:49
14Wayne Gerber0:15:03
15Michael Hughes0:17:05
16Stephan Reyneke0:17:38
17Patrick Reimers0:20:44
18Kyle Wood0:22:33
19Slahde Seale0:24:02
20Lee Penderis0:24:41
21Ruan Van Staden0:25:15
22Ruan Pretorius0:29:11
-1lapGraham Chrystal
-1lapDavid De Backer
-1lapHeinro Malan
-1lapJason Meaton
-1lapDonovan Van Niekerk
-1lapStefan Janssen
-1lapEduan Kruyswijk
DNFBradley Mitchell
DNSBert Pauw

Nipper Boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Wright0:49:33
2Matthew Dinham0:00:14
3Aaron Michell0:07:16
4Cian Leveridge0:07:17
-1lapKian Victor

Nipper Girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ceiara Mac Nair1:42:10

Sprog Boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Mac Nair1:07:13
2Thomas Jessop0:01:13
3David Botha0:02:57
4Sharjah Jonsson0:09:37
5Murray James0:10:43

Sprog Girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lynette Benson1:42:29
2Saffron Vosloo0:06:41

Sub junior girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mikaela Jonsson1:04:04
2Emily Chalmers Banks0:05:34
3Danielle Rheeder0:08:34
4Yvonne Botha0:13:19
5Michelle Benson0:24:04

Sub junior boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Robinson1:17:28
2Ivan Venter0:03:38
3Joel Hieber0:07:01
4Ryan Heukelman0:10:20
5Vincent Leygonie0:10:21
6Carlo Marzoppi0:11:50
7Dieter Blom0:14:53
8Julian Jessop0:19:56
9Dustin Osborne Starr0:31:36
10Jonathan Criaghead0:38:42
DNFBrandon Venter
DNSChris Rigby

Youth women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Hayley Smith1:26:13
2Tarryn Brent0:06:16
3Linda Van Wyk0:07:45
4Savannah Vosloo0:17:35
5Tayla Odendaal0:20:12
DNSIlze Kriel

Sub Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carla Rowley1:22:50
2Nicky Booyens0:00:38
3Andrea Von Holdt0:01:14
4Catherine Roberts0:03:54
5Suzanne Assenmacher0:06:02
6Helen Squirrell0:06:45
7Laura Eicker Harris0:14:15
8Dorette Crous0:18:55
9Annelize Ferreira0:20:15
DNSMichelle Harris
DNSChristi Pienaar

Veteran women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mene Olivier1:24:12
2Helen Gibbings0:03:31
3Rose Mackintosh0:08:46
4Gail Killian0:26:39
- -Lynette Adlem

Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tessa Conte1:34:30
2Bridget O' Meara0:06:00
3Sue Rault0:18:32
4Ann Pearton0:20:50
DNSCarol Irwin

Youth men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Richardt Ferreira1:30:07
2Ryan Gibbons0:01:49
3Evan Van Der Spuy0:03:13
4Kyle Dorkin0:05:00
5Ruan Erasmus0:07:20
6Ferdi Botha0:07:27
7Patrick Belton0:07:29
8Channing Smith0:07:41
9Werner Van Heerden0:10:14
10Murray Starr0:10:17
11Schalk Botha0:11:46
12Luke Dinkel0:12:33
13Jaco Pelser0:15:06
14Frans Grotepass0:17:00
15Dylan Rebello0:19:42
16Devin Kruger0:23:26
-1lapRobert Oosterlaak
DNFCalvin Van Wieringen
DNSIzak Botha

Sub veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Geddan Ruddock1:52:14
2Dion Froneman0:02:35
3Brandon Moore0:06:16
4Hennie Kriek0:06:22
5Gerard Dirks0:06:34
6Adrian Ilsley0:07:48
7Jeroen Swart0:09:38
8Rob Blatch0:10:58
9Rynard Van Hoven0:11:10
10Sean O' Flynn Madden0:11:36
11Ruan Louw0:12:35
12Piers Morgan0:17:44
13Abraham Meyer0:22:58
14Wayne Bursey0:25:18
15Dawid Ferreira0:28:06
16Martinus Victor0:28:43
17Stuart Carliell0:32:13
-1lapNeal Bloom
-1lapDarren Wilson
-1lapAdrian Cooney
-1lapLouis Mulder
-1lapGrant Dekker
-1lapDuane Kritzinger
-2lapsMartin Snyders
-2lapsBrian Herlihy
DNFFritz Pienaar
DNFJustin Newcombe-Bond
DNFManus Grobler
DNSKenneth Mortimer
DNSMotlatsi Mutlanyane
DNSBarend Jordaan
DNSGarth Flanders

Veteran men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Francois Ebersohn1:33:30
2Daniel Paul0:02:54
3Chris Nel0:03:43
4Sean Badenhorst0:05:30
5Charl Joubert0:07:05
6Frederick Benson0:11:38
7Casper Badenhorst0:11:41
8Johann Wykerd0:12:02
9Gary Neethling0:12:25
10David Gibb0:15:44
11Rudi De Wet0:15:46
12Leon Prinsloo0:20:30
13Graham Berry0:23:44
14Brett Coates0:24:38
15Conrad De Beer0:30:00
16Craig Jessop0:35:37
-1lapPeter Constan-Tatos
-1lapBrandon Doyle
DNFLouw Gerber
DNFThomas Blom
DNSLeon Prinsloo
DNSBeyers Rossouw
DNSGrant Lottering
DNSDanie Marais
DNSJaco Liebenberg
DNSFred Leygonie

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Brand1:14:49
2Paul Furbank
3Kim Phillips0:02:18
4Tim James0:03:57
5David Cochran0:03:58
6Tony Stark0:04:00
7Bryan Strauss0:06:27
8Colin Gibbings0:07:09
9Neil Fourie0:07:21
10Rob Hamlyn0:07:42
11Denis O' Grady0:08:55
12Gavin Mackintosh0:09:47
13Cobus Slabbert0:10:34
14Pierre Klingbiel0:10:35
15Michael Frost0:13:08
16Charles Stander0:14:59
17Mark Rault0:16:22
18Pierre Durandt0:16:55
DNFPierre Nel
DNSGerhard Kruger
DNSCraig Brown

Grand master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aubrey Higgs0:59:56
2Wendell Bole0:01:11
3Clifford Barker0:04:43
4Gerhard Degener0:10:44
5Cobus Du Plessis0:11:31

Sport women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sunet Dercksen1:27:09
-2lapsSheelagh Constan-Tatos

Sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Hanmer1:13:45
2Peter Zazias0:08:00
3Morne Badenhorst0:34:50
-1lapAndre Valentin
-2lapsDewald Keyser
-2lapsPeter Constan-Tatos


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