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Medals galore at final session in Adelaide

Full Results

Men Team sprint qualification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Ellis (Australia)0:00:44.811
Jason Niblett (Australia)
Scott Sunderland (Australia)
2Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:44.930
Ethan Mitchell (New Zealand)
Sam Webster (New Zealand)
3Alex Bird (Australia)0:00:45.495
Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
Peter Lewis (Australia)
4Mitchell Bullen (Australia)0:00:46.262
James Glasspool (Australia)
Andrew Taylor (Australia)
5Matthew Archibald (New Zealand)0:00:46.305
Nathan Seddon (New Zealand)
Simon Van Velthooven (New Zealand)
6Jonathan Bathe (Australia)0:00:48.203
Duane Johansen (Australia)
Alexander Trumble (Australia)
7Alexander Bubner (Australia)0:00:49.089
Nathan Corrigan-Martella (Australia)
Patrick Norton (Australia)

Elite men Madison finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leigh Howard (Australia)21pts
Cameron Meyer (Australia)
-1lapAaron Gate (New Zealand)24pts
Myron Simpson (New Zealand)
-1lapAlexander Edmondson (Australia)8pts
Mitchell Benson (Australia)
-2lapsGeorge Tansley (Australia)7pts
Caleb Ewan (Australia)
-3lapsDamien Howson (Australia)6pts
Phillip Mundy (Australia)
-3lapsRobert-Jon Mccarthy (Australia)
Miles Scotson (Australia)
DNFJack Cummings (Australia)
Evan Hull (Australia)
DNFRick Sanders (Australia)
Alexander Morgan (Australia)

Under 19 men team pursuit finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Benson (Australia)0:04:15.676
Alexander Edmondson (Australia)
Evan Hull (Australia)
Alexander Morgan (Australia)
2Jacob Junghanns (New Zealand)0:04:18.744
Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)
Hayden Mccormick (New Zealand)
Pieter Bulling (New Zealand)
3Robert-Jon Mccarthy (Australia)
Phillip Mundy (Australia)
Miles Scotson (Australia)
George Tansley (Australia)

Under 19 men Keirin finals
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Zac Deller (Australia)
2Jaron Gardiner (Australia)
3Timothy Mcmillan (Australia)
4Luke Zaccaria (Australia)
5Jacob Schmid (Australia)
6Nathan Hart (Australia)
1Emerson Harwood (Australia)
2Tom Beadle (New Zealand)
3Luke Parker (Australia)
4Jack Ward (Australia)
DNSEdward Coad (Australia)
DNSBen Fergusson (Australia)

Men team sprint finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel Ellis (Australia)0:00:44.713
Jason Niblett (Australia)
Scott Sunderland (Australia)
2Edward Dawkins (New Zealand)0:00:44.967
Ethan Mitchell (New Zealand)
Sam Webster (New Zealand)
3Alex Bird (Australia)0:00:45.698
Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
Peter Lewis (Australia)
4Mitchell Bullen (Australia)0:00:46.975
James Glasspool (Australia)
Gary Ryan (Australia)

Under 19 men Omnium: 1000m time trial round
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rick Sanders (Australia)0:01:06.020
2Alexander Edmondson (Australia)0:00:00.265
3Mitchell Benson (Australia)0:00:00.644
4Jack Cummings (Australia)0:00:00.810
5Tirian Mcmanus (Australia)0:00:01.213
6Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)0:00:01.620
7Kristoff Ford (New Zealand)0:00:01.826
8George Tansley (Australia)0:00:02.476
9Robert-Jon Mccarthy (Australia)0:00:03.234
10Lachlan Glasspool (Australia)0:00:03.420
11Patrick Jones (New Zealand)0:00:05.037
12Miles Scotson (Australia)0:00:05.221
13Phillip Mundy (Australia)0:00:05.384
14Samuel Croft (Australia)0:00:05.480
15Fraser Northey (Australia)0:00:05.526
16Jack Mcculloch (Australia)0:00:05.716
17Matthew Witts (Australia)0:00:09.340
18Alexander Morgan (Australia)0:00:09.575
19Michael Astell (Australia)0:00:10.520
20Oliver Anderson (Australia)0:00:11.996
21Justin Gassner (Australia)0:00:13.240
DNSCaleb Ewan (Australia)
DNSEvan Hull (Australia)

Under 19 men omnium: 10km scratch race round
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Mitchell Benson (Australia)
2Jack Cummings (Australia)
3Rick Sanders (Australia)
4Alexander Edmondson (Australia)
5Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)
6Tirian Mcmanus (Australia)
7Robert-Jon Mccarthy (Australia)
8Phillip Mundy (Australia)
9Kristoff Ford (New Zealand)
10Patrick Jones (New Zealand)
11Evan Hull (Australia)
12Jack Mcculloch (Australia)
13George Tansley (Australia)
14Miles Scotson (Australia)
15Fraser Northey (Australia)
16Caleb Ewan (Australia)
17Alexander Morgan (Australia)
18Lachlan Glasspool (Australia)
42Samuel Croft (Australia)
43Michael Astell (Australia)
44Justin Gassner (Australia)
45Oliver Anderson (Australia)
46Matthew Witts (Australia)

Men 4000m Team pursuit finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Bobridge (Australia)0:04:02.270
Michael Hepburn (Australia)
Leigh Howard (Australia)
Cameron Meyer (Australia)
2Aaron Gate (New Zealand)0:04:08.280
Cameron Karwowski (New Zealand)
Myron Simpson (New Zealand)
Jason Allen (New Zealand)
3Edward Bissaker (Australia)
Jordan Kerby (Australia)
Mitchell Lovelock-Fay (Australia)
Mitchell Mulhern (Australia)

Women 3000m Team pursuit finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katherine Bates (Australia)0:03:27.856
Sarah Kent (Australia)
Josephine Tomic (Australia)
2Kaytee Boyd (New Zealand)0:03:28.638
Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)
Jaime Neilsen (New Zealand)
3Georgia Baker (Australia)0:03:35.433
Allison Rice (Australia)
Jessica Mundy (Australia)
4Sequoia Cooper (New Zealand)0:03:38.089
Gemma Dudley (New Zealand)
Alexandra Neems (New Zealand)

Women keirin, round 2, heat 1
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Anna Meares (Australia)
2Imogen Jelbart (Australia)
3Emily Rosemond (Australia)
4Stephanie Morton (Australia)
5Paige Paterson (New Zealand)
6Henrietta Mitchell (New Zealand)

Women Keirin round 2, heat 2
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)
2Holly Williams (Australia)
3Taylah Jennings (Australia)
4Cassandra Kell (Australia)
5Stephanie Mckenzie (New Zealand)
6Catherine Culvenor (Australia)

Women Keirin finals
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Anna Meares (Australia)
2Emily Rosemond (Australia)
3Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)
4Taylah Jennings (Australia)
5Holly Williams (Australia)
6Imogen Jelbart (Australia)
7Cassandra Kell (Australia)
8Henrietta Mitchell (New Zealand)
9Stephanie Morton (Australia)
10Paige Paterson (New Zealand)
11Catherine Culvenor (Australia)
12Stephanie Mckenzie (New Zealand)

Men omnium finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Archbold (New Zealand)9pts
2Myron Simpson (New Zealand)16
3Aaron Gate (New Zealand)19
4Brent Nelson (Australia)25
5Jason Allen (New Zealand)31
6Stephen Hall (Australia)36
DNFEdward Bissaker (Australia)
DNFScott Law (Australia)

Women omnium finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melissa Hoskins (Australia)15pts
2Isabella King (Australia)16
3Sarah Kent (Australia)26
4Megan Dunn (Australia)29
5Katherine Bates (Australia)31
6Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)32
7Annette Edmondson (Australia)32
8Laura Mccaughey (Australia)46
9Gemma Dudley (New Zealand)56
10Elizabeth Georgouras (Australia)63
11Carly Light (Australia)65
12Nikolina Orlic (Australia)73
13Georgia Baker (Australia)75
14Jessica Mundy (Australia)76
DNFRebecca Werner (Australia)
DNFCatherine Culvenor (Australia)
DNFBelinda Goss (Australia)

Under 19 men omnium final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Benson (Australia)16pts
2Alexander Edmondson (Australia)18
3Jack Cummings (Australia)28
4Rick Sanders (Australia)31
5Tirian Mcmanus (Australia)36
6Dylan Kennett (New Zealand)45
7Robert-Jon Mccarthy (Australia)54
8George Tansley (Australia)57
9Alexander Morgan (Australia)65
10Phillip Mundy (Australia)65
11Kristoff Ford (New Zealand)72
12Patrick Jones (New Zealand)72
13Miles Scotson (Australia)76
14Jack Mcculloch (Australia)89
15Fraser Northey (Australia)92
16Lachlan Glasspool (Australia)97
17Samuel Croft (Australia)124
18Matthew Witts (Australia)138
19Oliver Anderson (Australia)141
20Michael Astell (Australia)149
21Justin Gassner (Australia)177
DNFEvan Hull (Australia)
DNFCaleb Ewan (Australia)

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