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Clementz and Moseley claim Colorado round of the Enduro World Series

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Peter Ostroski

Peter Ostroski (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Tracy Moseley atop the EWS podium at the round in Colorado

Tracy Moseley atop the EWS podium at the round in Colorado (Image credit: Winter Park Resort)
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Curtis Keene

Curtis Keene (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Jared Graves

Jared Graves (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Jess Pedersen

Jess Pedersen (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Colton Anderson

Colton Anderson (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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A racer flies by in a blur

A racer flies by in a blur (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Curtis Keene

Curtis Keene (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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Michael Buell

Michael Buell (Image credit: Brad Torchia)
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The trophies for the Colorado Freeride Festival which hosted the latest round of the Enduro World Series

The trophies for the Colorado Freeride Festival which hosted the latest round of the Enduro World Series (Image credit: Winter Park Resort)
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Welcome to the Colorado Freeride Festival

Welcome to the Colorado Freeride Festival (Image credit: Winter Park Resort)
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The numberplate of EWS leader Jerome Clementz

The numberplate of EWS leader Jerome Clementz (Image credit: Winter Park Resort)

Lightning might not strike twice, but the podium at Winter Park's Trestle Bike Park saw a return to the top step of all three winners of the previous round, Jérôme Clementz, Tracy Moseley and Martin Maes, marking the first time in the extremely tight men's series, that a repeat victory has occurred.

It was also the first time that the inaugural Enduro World Series has dealt with lightning. After an overnight storm strike damaged the chairlift systems, organizers cancelled the original stage 4 opting to break stage 3 into two parts.

Riders competing in the Enduro at Colorado Freeride Festival had to be on their game for three days - a challenge, compounded by intense afternoon storms, rocky terrain and the altitude of Winter Park resort, that tested riders' mental fortitude, as well as their physical stamina and equipment management skills.

The continual shifting format across all four rounds of the series so far has tasked even the most experienced athletes, demanding extreme adaptability, and ensuring that the first enduro world champion will truly be the best mountain bike rider in the world.

Former downhill world champion, Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing) continued to dominate the women's contest, consolidating her overall lead with her fourth victory in a row. Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis) won two of the five stages and placed second, with 4X World Champion Anneke Beerten (Specialized) placing third.

In the men's race, despite an influx of some of North America's top enduro racers finishing in the top 20, French riders dominated the podium. Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale OverMountain) took his second consecutive victory of the Series, with Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) in second, and round 1 winner Fabien Barel (Canyon Factory Enduro Team) taking third.

Jared Graves (Yeti) won three of the five stages and finished second to Clementz in stage 3, but suffered a mechanical on stage 2 that dropped him out of podium contention and into 23rd place. Graves' overall points and consistent performances throughout the Series have him currently in third, overall, with Barel just 44 points behind him.

Belgium's Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing) not only dominated the junior contest, but finished seventh fastest overall amongst all the men.

Enduro World Series Managing Director Chris Ball said, "The people standing on the top step at finale will without doubt be the best riders in the world. This Series has tested these athletes from sea level to altitude, from the physical to the technical, through natural backcountry terrain to bike park trails, in bad weather and good. No one rider has been in their comfort zone throughout, and as we head to Crankworx Whistler for round 5, we'll see how they fare against yet another format with a long single day race that will demand a high comfort level with wilderness self-sufficient riding."

The Enduro World Series moves next to Crankworx Whistler, for round 5, where the Canadian Open Enduro will take place Sunday, August 11.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jerome Clementz (Cannondaleovermountain Team)0:41:12
2Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierrre)0:00:37
3Fabien Barel (Canyon Factory Enduro)0:00:42
4Aaron Bradford0:00:56
5Rene Wildhaber (Trek Factory Racing)0:00:59
6Joey Schusler0:01:04
7Martin Maes (Gt Factory Racing)0:01:21
8Adam Craig (Giant)0:01:29
9Joe Barnes (Canyon Factory Enduro)0:01:33
10Kyle Warner0:01:34
11Curtis Keene (Specialized Racing)0:01:36
12Chris Johnston (The Nomads)0:01:38
13Brian Buell (Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes)0:01:39
14Nicloas Lau (Cube Action Team)0:01:41
15Nate Hills0:01:46
16Jamie Nicoll0:01:54
17Mason Bond0:01:54
18Marco Osborne (Wtb)0:01:54
19Mark Weir (Cannondaleovermountain Team)0:02:19
20Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Trek Factory Racing)0:02:21
21Damien Oton0:02:29
22Dylan Wolsky (Vital MTB)0:02:32
23Ludovic May (Norco Enduro World Team)0:02:34
24Mike West (Yeti)0:02:38
25Jared Graves (Yeti Fox)0:02:40
26Nicolas Quere (Commencal Super Team)0:02:59
27Tom Doran0:03:00
28Lars Sternberg0:03:00
29Yoann Barelli0:03:06
30Lukas Anrig (Norco Enduro World Team)0:03:08
31Trevyn Newpher0:03:09
32Leland Turner0:03:11
33Jeremy Arnould (Commencal Super Team)0:03:12
34Colton Andersen0:03:13
35Dylan Stucki0:03:13
36Casey Coffman0:03:14
37Michael Scharer (Norco Enduro World Team)0:03:20
38Peter Ostroski0:03:24
39Ducan Riffle (Sram Corporation)0:03:37
40Max Schumann (Carver)0:03:45
41Alex Mcguinnis (Sponsors: Juliana Bike)0:03:48
42Brady Kappius0:04:00
43Michael Buell (Team Geronimo)0:04:01
44Alex Cure (Urge)0:04:03
45Derek Bissett0:04:09
46Simon Andre (Orbea)0:04:10
47Mark Scott0:04:12
48Chris Heath0:04:14
49Nathan Riddle (Lake Town Bicycles)0:04:15
50Mint Henk0:04:19
51Evan Turpen0:04:19
52Alex Lupato (Frm Factory Racing)0:04:23
53Cedric Ravanel (Gt-Skoda)0:04:29
54Martin Flano0:04:29
55Eric Landis0:04:30
56Spencer Powlison (Evol Racing)0:04:35
57Miguel Ramos0:04:39
58Nico Prudencio0:04:45
59Nicholas Warn0:04:56
60Johnny Magis0:04:59
61Sean Shuman0:05:08
62Dylan Crane0:05:12
63Joseph Schneider (Ska-Zia)0:05:22
64Antonin Gourgin (Urge)0:05:26
65Andrea Bruno (Transition-Ready2Ride)0:05:29
66Xavier Marovelli0:05:38
67Jerome Conreaux (Spezialized Veloder)0:05:48
68Gary Forrest0:05:50
69Andrew Templin0:05:52
70Remy Absalon (Commencal Super Team)0:05:54
71Kevin Soller0:05:57
72Florian Nicolai (Urge)0:05:59
73Tobias Woggon (Bmc Suntour)0:06:02
74Fritz Bratschie0:06:14
75Jeff Lenosky0:06:16
76Paul Dotsenko0:06:18
77James Richards0:06:21
78Kevin Simard0:06:23
79Timothy Carson (Spokes)0:06:29
80Ryan Campo0:06:39
81Trevor Pratt0:06:40
82Craig Harvey0:06:48
83Matt Boughton0:06:48
84Ben Cruz (Cannondaleovermountain Team)0:06:57
85Nick Truitt0:07:09
86Maurian Marnay (Urge)0:07:12
87Kashi Leuchs (Ibis/Xfusion/Kenda)0:07:21
88Noah Sears0:07:36
89Brad Cole0:07:38
90Jess Pedersen0:07:51
91Andreas Hestler0:07:51
92Mehdi Gabrillargues0:07:56
93Paul Angus0:07:59
94Stevie Cullinan (Tribe Sport Group)0:08:10
95James Hollibaugh0:08:41
96Craig Carlson0:08:44
97Maxi Dickerhoff (Canyon Factory Enduro)0:08:48
98Mike Holme0:09:17
99Dillon Lemarr (Yeti/Urge/Wtb)0:09:29
100Mihai Moga0:10:04
101Joaquin Rodriguez (Vp Components)0:11:20
102Ben Furbee0:11:44
103Felipe Martinez0:13:05
104Botsy Phillips0:14:48
105Carlo Vanbrabant0:15:04
106Brice Liebrechts (Urge)0:16:17
107Jesse Melamed0:16:34
108Andrew Morrison0:16:57
109Shawn Arterburn0:17:22
110Grady James0:17:44
111Jeffrey Kendall-Weed0:17:48
112Ross Milan (Yeti/Fox National Race Team)0:37:18

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing)0:45:46
2Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis Team)0:00:39
3Anneke Beerten (Specialized)0:01:54
4Ines Thoma (Canyon Factory Enduro)0:02:28
5Rosara Joseph (Yeti)0:02:29
6Heather Irmiger (Trek Factory Racing)0:03:17
7Anita Gehrig0:03:19
8Kelli Emmett (Giant)0:04:39
9Krista Park0:04:42
10Anka Martin0:05:02
11Pauline Dieffenthaler (Cannondaleovermountain Team)0:05:09
12Carolin Gehrig0:05:12
13Lorraine Truong (Norco Enduro World Team)0:05:27
14Alisha Gibson0:06:40
15Susan Haywood0:07:12
16Jill Behlen0:07:40
17Teal Stetson-Lee (Luna Pro Team)0:08:05
18Jackie Swider (Team Bacon)0:08:20
19Rachel Throop0:08:39
20Ana Rodriguez0:09:30
21Sarah Rawley0:09:42
22Julie Krasniak (Velo Vert Magazine)0:09:52
23Cecile Ravanel (Gt-Skoda)0:11:15
24Katie J. Melena0:13:51
25Christine Dern (Go-Ride)0:14:33
26Alison Zimmer (Xprezo MTBut)0:14:38
27Julia Hofmann (Marin Bikes)0:14:52
28Meghan Korol0:15:11
29Kim Godfrey0:15:44
30Cait Dmitriew0:18:07

Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Lofstedt (Rude Boy)0:46:03
2Kevin Simons0:00:46
3Michel Chene0:00:52
4Martin Quinn0:00:57
5Curtis Cole (The Wheatridge Cyclery)0:01:13
6Jesse Selwyn0:01:25
7Stephen Oliver (Wtb/Cannondale/Shimano/Fox)0:01:36
8Robert Garcia0:01:37
9Matt Pacocha0:02:12
10Jason Moody0:02:23
11Zach White0:02:24
12Andrew Vavro0:04:12
13Benjamin Lann0:04:25
14Dustyn Ladewig (Shimano/Pearl Izumi)0:04:38
15Cole Trout0:05:00
16Adam Price (Turin Bike Shop)0:05:05
17Tim Kelton0:05:06
18Parekr Moore0:05:24
19Erik Saunders0:05:53
20Craig Skinner0:06:00
21Kris Baughman0:07:14
22Jeff Wu (Bike Radar)0:07:18
23Rodrigo Nuno0:07:18
24Justin Serna (Oregon Enduro Series)0:07:51
25Chris Mathis (Luna Pro Team)0:07:52
26Alex Clark0:08:03
27Anthony Carcella0:08:42
28Chad Robbins0:09:13
29Jason Boitnott0:09:16
30Andrew Peery (A Culture Of Speed)0:10:51
31Alex Neuschaefer (Tribe Sport Group)0:11:02
32James Fisher0:11:43
33Thomas Piper0:12:25
34Eric Mckeegan0:13:37
35Chris Bianco0:14:28
36Eric Lemond (Tribe Sport Group)0:17:46
37Eric Andrew0:22:45
38Mike Power0:44:49

Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Newman (Santacruz Nz)0:46:59
2Daniel Delli-Colli (Pedal Pushers Cyclery)0:00:20
3Brandon Turman0:01:51
4Gerry Signorelli0:02:07
5Bennett Colburn (Pedal Pushers Cyclery)0:02:57
6Josh Gaube0:03:11
7Jake Logan0:05:15
8Cole Shephard (Mojo)0:06:00
9Casey Swanson0:06:21
10Jonathan Litton0:06:38
11Brian Haffner0:06:49
12Julian Mendez0:07:28
13Adam Saplin (Pedal Pushers Cyclery)0:14:18
14Erik Mcdonald0:20:40

Women 19+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tig Moore1:08:17
2Sandra Ramirez0:00:10
3Margaret Lea0:10:00

Junior men 16-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ivo Erben0:52:58
2Parker Brown0:01:16
3Dan Kates0:04:44
4Justin Zilling (Redstone Cyclery)0:18:28

Junior men 15 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chase Willie (Mrpstg/Smith Optics)0:53:58
2Dylan Gressett (Team Geranimo)0:02:38
3Miles Wells0:30:39

Enduro World Series Standings after round 4

Men's standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz1940pts
2Nicolas Vouilloz1726
2Jared Graves1296

Women's standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley2400pts
2Cecile Ravanel1475
3Ines Thoma1320

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