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Fellows and Wall register early wins

A racer during day 1 at the Mt. Buller Bike Festival

A racer during day 1 at the Mt. Buller Bike Festival (Image credit: ChrisOrd / Rapid Ascent)

Crisp blue skies set the summer scene for some high in the sky competitive mountain biking in Victoria yesterday with the Bike Buller Mountain Biking Festival, which attracted over 450 riders to the singletrack slopes of Mount Buller.

Three of the festival's five event line-up got underway, beginning with the 25km cross country course snaking its way up, down and around the flanks of Mounts Buller and Stirling. Riders tackled a highly technical course featuring steep descents and tight switchbacks, the degree of difficulty balanced out by the quality of views across the back ranges, enjoyed mostly by the back-of-packers.

Up the front, the elites were head down, tempo up, Ay Up Team leader Andy Fellows registered a dominating win in a time of 1:13:28 ahead of Tim Wynam (1:16:02) and Michael Crosbie in third (1:16:46).

It was an impressive performance by Fellows, who only this week won the Mountains to Beach five-day stage race in NSW before driving the 12 hours from Narooma to register for Bike Buller.

Alexander Meyland's overall fourth placing was also notable for the fact that he is a junior.

In the women's, it was tragedy for Amity McSwan who suffered multiple punctures while leading Team Torque rider Jo Wall early on, the latter never looking back to eventually take the line in first in a time of 1:32:12. In second place was Giant team rider Jessica Douglas (1:36:00) with Liz Meakin in third 1:52:39.

Most riders then backed up their efforts by taking on an Australian first: the iconic Brake Burner, a race that has competitors lapping as many times around a 7km course - which includes a chairlift ride - for just over three hours before veering off for a fast descent 10km down the mountain to cross the line riverside at Mirimbah. Riders taking it slightly easier but having just as much fun opted for the Super D descent, a super-fast 12km drop down the mountain on the same downhill route as the Brake Burner.

For the elites the aim was to register three fastest laps, which were then added to their descent time for an overall result.

For the rest of the Brake Burner pack, the aim was to register not the fastest, but the most laps in under three and a quarter hours, before screaming down to the finish, their descent times being the decider in the case of an equal amount of laps.


Stage 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Fellows (Male - Open)1:13:26
2Tim Wynan (Male - Open)0:02:36
3Michael Crosbie (Male - Open)0:03:18
4Alexander Meyland (Male - Junior)0:04:44
5Ben May (Male - Open)0:06:42
6Ashley Hayat (Male - Open)0:06:58
7Duncan Murray (Male - Open)0:09:21
8Merlin Spranz (Male - Open)0:09:26
9Grant Lebbink (Male - Open)0:09:29
10James Collins (Male - Open)0:11:30
11Mark Simpson (Male - Open)0:12:49
12Matt Ligtermoet (Male - Open)0:13:20
13Mathew Gray (Male - Open)0:14:17
14Peter Mckellar Stewart (Male - Junior)0:14:39
15Brent Telford (Male - Veteran)0:14:59
16Mark Hester (Male - Open)0:15:16
17Jason Reyntjes (Male - Open)0:16:15
18Michael Brill (Male - Open)0:16:06
19Mitch Greenway (Male - Junior)0:16:27
20Rodney Farrell (Male - Open)0:16:33
21Carl Maroney (Male - Veteran)0:16:47
22Damian Auton (Male - Veteran)0:17:06
23Adam Kelly (Male - Open)0:17:15
24Tom Macmunn (Male - Open)0:17:51
25Simon Easy (Male - Open)0:17:52
26Lucas Pitt (Male - Open)0:18:01
27Michael Kerkllaan (Male - Open)0:18:11
28Chris Dimbill (Male - Open)0:18:09
29Jo Wall (Female - Open)0:18:46
30Will Geor (Male - Open)0:19:41
31David Macdonald (Male - Open)0:20:27
32Scott Kramer (Male - Open)0:20:58
33Clinton Lemaitre (Male - Open)0:20:56
34Andrew Burke (Male - Open)0:20:36
35Greg Matthews (Male - Open)
36Mark Terrill (Male - Veteran)0:21:21
37Kennet Moore (Male - Open)0:22:26
38Dave Emerson (Male - Open)0:21:54
39Jessica Douglas (Female - Open)0:22:30
40Shaun Wright (Male - Junior)0:22:08
41James Meakin (Male - Open)0:22:11
42Leigh George (Male - Open)0:22:42
43David Woodman (Male - Open)0:22:32
44Richard Eisner (Male - Veteran)0:23:12
45Mark Fay (Male - Open)0:23:39
46Ben English (Male - Open)0:23:54
47Andrew Watson (Male - Open)0:24:02
48John Wright (Male - Veteran)0:24:22
49Jamie Foale (Male - Open)0:24:31
50Cliff Bowden (Male - Open)0:24:40
51Bill Diebert (Male - Veteran)0:25:01
52Chris Herron (Male - Open)0:25:16
53Anthony Breen (Male - Veteran)0:25:11
54Andrew Low (Male - Open)0:25:45
55Trevor Duncan (Male - Open)
56Dean Cowling (Male - Open)0:26:11
57Andrew Walker (Male - Veteran)0:26:02
58Rob Davis (Male - Veteran)0:26:27
59Peter Walker (Male - Veteran)0:26:37
60Dan Macmunn (Male - Open)0:27:01
62Dave Merritt (Male - Open)0:27:42
61Alan Carpenter (Male - Veteran)0:27:41
63Anton Nijhof (Male - Open)
64Alex Kozeniauskas (Male - Open)0:28:57
65Scott Grinter (Male - Open)0:28:47
66Tony Freijah (Male - Open)0:28:53
67Mike Back (Male - Open)0:29:03
68Ben Wilson (Male - Open)0:29:02
69David Potts (Male - Open)0:29:11
70Duncan Macgregor (Male - Open)0:29:47
71Erik Lock (Male - Veteran)0:30:28
72Foley Lachal (Male - Junior)0:30:03
73Ben Chan (Male - Open)0:30:57
74Adam Howell (Male - Open)0:30:59
75Greg Bacon (Male - Open)0:31:17
76Simon Ross (Male - Open)0:31:21
77Angus Rodwell (Male - Veteran)0:32:12
78Vaughan Sketcher (Male - Open)0:32:34
79Stephen Fortuyn (Male - Veteran)0:32:47
80Jason Hatzimihail (Male - Open)0:32:36
81Samuel Warden (Male - Open)0:33:09
82David Randabel (Male - Open)0:33:25
83Rhys Collins (Male - Open)0:33:39
84Matthew Barron (Male - Open)0:34:19
85Clive Workum (Male - Open)0:34:31
86Adrian Whitworth (Male - Open)0:35:20
87Dylan Brezovec-Ryding (Male - Open)0:35:52
88Ross Wilkinson (Male - Open)0:36:16
89Mark Beech (Male - Open)0:36:21
90Nigel Paroissien (Male - Open)0:36:52
91Josh Glover (Male - Junior)0:37:20
92Adam Steer (Male - Open)0:37:49
93Keith Mckellar Stewart (Male - Vintage)0:38:47
94Liz Meakin (Female - Open)0:38:31
95Michael Tyrrell (Male - Vintage)0:39:16
96Kate Heynes (Female - Open)0:39:11
97Hieu Nguyen (Male - Open)0:39:10
98Cameron Lachal (Male - Open)0:39:17
99Kent Warby (Male - Open)0:39:56
100George Mattar (Male - Open)0:39:57
101Benjamin Culton (Male - Open)0:40:09
102Leigh Parsons (Male - Veteran)0:40:13
103John Dawe (Male - Open)0:40:54
104John Coghlan (Male - Veteran)0:41:11
105Jill Cameron (Female - Open)
106Lance Cupido (Male - Open)0:41:47
107Adam Llewelyn (Male - Open)0:42:09
108Steve Wright (Male - Veteran)0:42:55
109Nick Gooding (Male - Open)0:42:57
110David Bell (Male - Open)0:42:44
111Adam Wynd (Male - Open)0:42:53
112Richard Bruce (Male - Open)0:43:12
113Steve Mccabe (Male - Veteran)0:43:13
114Phillip Timpano (Male - Veteran)0:43:47
115Richard Smyth (Male - Open)0:43:30
116Stewart Gault (Male - Open)0:43:40
117Garry Lewis (Male - Veteran)0:43:37
118Richard Ovesen (Male - Vintage)0:44:30
119Josie Simpson (Female - Open)0:44:43
120Paul Justus (Male - Open)0:44:33
121Patrick O'reilly (Male - Open)0:45:27
122Nic Marton (Male - Open)0:44:46
123Adrian Giblett (Male - Open)0:45:00
124Jiri Sklenar (Male - Open)0:45:11
125Rowan Jennion (Male - Open)0:45:17
126Grant Rieger (Male - Open)0:45:54
127Darren Rubens (Male - Veteran)0:47:21
128Cam Quirke (Male - Open)0:47:25
129Simon Braunthal (Male - Veteran)0:48:34
130Jacob Stanford (Male - Junior)0:48:03
131Mick Beeson (Male - Veteran)0:47:53
132Mick Sheehen (Male - Open)0:48:39
133Richard Davies (Male - Open)0:48:15
134Mary Fien (Female - Open)0:49:28
135Peter Lorimer (Male - Veteran)0:49:31
136Peter Mayne (Male - Veteran)0:49:39
137Carter Bloom (Male - Veteran)0:49:33
138Claire Stevens (Female - Open)0:50:22
139Adam Johnston (Male - Open)0:50:25
140Craig Baylis (Male - Open)0:51:23
141Harry Irvine (Male - Junior)0:52:01
142Nick Irvine (Male - Veteran)
143Michael Mcmullen (Male - Open)0:52:02
144Scott Sloan (Male - Open)0:51:33
145Clive Jackson (Male - Vintage)0:52:53
146Tony Heron (Male - Vintage)0:52:54
147Andrew Hilton (Male - Open)0:52:03
148Bryan Alley (Male - Open)0:52:23
149Mark Armstrong (Male - Veteran)0:52:15
150Chris Schultz (Male - Veteran)0:53:01
151Gerard Pike (Male - Open)0:54:15
152Courtenay Lee Shoy (Male - Open)0:54:29
153Adam Fuller (Male - Open)0:54:59
154Paul Humphrey (Male - Open)0:55:36
155Mick Ross (Male - Open)0:55:46
156Oliver Kristevic (Male - Open)0:55:42
157Chris Southwood (Male - Open)0:55:44
158Nicolas Baisin (Male - Open)0:56:11
159Mike Stephens (Male - Veteran)0:56:34
160Sean Dixon (Male - Open)0:56:04
161Andrew Ferguson (Male - Open)0:56:12
162Rishi Fox (Female - Open)0:56:45
163Dave Musgrove (Male - Open)0:56:46
164Ross Marett (Male - Veteran)0:56:07
165Adrian House (Male - Veteran)0:56:06
166Ryan Lindsay (Male - Veteran)0:56:08
167Anthony De Monte (Male - Open)0:56:11
168Steve Mowle (Male - Veteran)0:56:17
169Dennis Druve (Male - Open)0:56:49
170Scott Smith (Male - Veteran)0:56:16
171Garthbruce Mcgregor (Male - Veteran)0:56:12
172Philippe Rouillon (Male - Open)0:56:59
173Drew Hamilton (Male - Open)0:57:40
174Andrew Browne (Male - Open)0:57:42
175Phil Mathewson (Male - Vintage)0:58:07
176Gary Whalley (Male - Veteran)0:57:39
177Jason Tod (Male - Veteran)0:57:58
178Robert Guseli (Male - Vintage)0:59:11
179George Kettle (Male - Junior)0:58:42
180Llewellyn Cameron (Male - Open)0:59:08
181Kylie Smyth (Female - Open)0:59:36
182Sam Bruce (Male - Open)0:59:33
183Su-Ann Burke (Female - Open)0:59:31
184Campbell Rule (Male - Open)0:59:40
185Chris Callow (Male - Open)0:59:46
186Adrian Thuell (Male - Open)1:01:29
187Haydn Chapman (Male - Veteran)1:02:16
188Shane Malcolm (Male - Open)1:02:24
189Rodney Keenan (Male - Veteran)1:02:31
190Keith Mobbs (Male - Vintage)1:02:37
191Sue Tripney (Female - Veteran)1:02:19
192Bryan Larkins (Male - Veteran)1:03:37
193Bernard Murphy (Male - Veteran)1:03:27
194Neil Sinclair (Male - Veteran)1:04:58
195John Macfarlane (Male - Open)1:04:40
196Tony Dos Santos (Male - Open)1:06:25
197Colin Burton (Male - Open)1:06:27
198Heather Lane (Female - Open)1:07:01
199Greg Thompson (Male - Veteran)1:06:56
200Michael Nanos (Male - Open)1:07:55
201Stuart Cornell (Male - Open)1:07:50
202Thomas Hansen (Male - Veteran)1:08:11
203Andrew Stone (Male - Veteran)1:08:01
204Peter Gallagher (Male - Veteran)1:08:48
205Cris Harris (Male - Vintage)1:10:03
206Chris Taylor (Male - Veteran)1:09:46
207Jack Nicolas (Male - Junior)1:10:58
208Andy Turner (Male - Veteran)1:10:39
209Michaela Powell (Female - Veteran)1:11:11
210Howard Smith (Male - Vintage)1:12:34
211Jane Kingston (Female - Veteran)
212Andy Sinnett (Male - Veteran)1:13:41
213Peter Milne (Male - Veteran)1:13:44
214Bruce Whitling (Male - Veteran)1:15:06
215Harry Smiles (Male - Open)1:16:05
216Darren Harvey (Male - Veteran)1:17:41
217Rebecca Plant (Female - Open)1:16:48
218Jason Edwards (Male - Open)1:17:39
219Clare Murphy (Female - Open)1:17:53
220James Collins (Male - Open)1:18:18
221Jana Langhorst (Female - Open)1:19:13
222John Pudney (Male - Vintage)1:20:03
223Kriss Heimanis (Male - Open)1:20:14
224David Johnson (Male - Veteran)1:22:04
225Greg Asher (Male - Open)1:23:20
226Dylan Bowman (Male - Open)1:24:33
227Damian Verschoor (Male - Veteran)1:23:43
228Jamie Nipperess (Male - Open)1:23:45
229Chris Harp (Male - Veteran)1:24:23
230Courtney Stevens (Female - Veteran)1:24:11
231James Kelly (Male - Open)1:26:15
232Charles Stewart (Male - Open)1:27:03
233Craig Alford (Male - Open)1:27:41
234Gavin Dunk (Male - Open)1:27:52
235Callum Shelley (Male - Junior)1:30:20
236Doug Burgess (Male - Open)1:30:22
237Robby Williams (Male - Open)1:39:50
238Anthony Muirson (Male - Veteran)1:39:19
239Alan Clark (Male - Veteran)1:39:49
240Wayne Lording (Male - Open)1:40:24
241Deianne Hibberd (Female - Open)1:41:20
242Ian Kettle (Male - Vintage)1:41:32
243Derek Trikarso (Male - Open)1:42:11
244Cameron Begg (Male - Veteran)1:49:37
245Anthony Hart (Male - Veteran)1:54:04
246Bruce Shelley (Male - Vintage)2:02:01
247Stuart Dent (Male - Veteran)2:05:43
248Diane Bloom (Female - Veteran)2:10:54
249Rafx Hamilton (Male - Veteran)2:18:25
DNFMichael Honey (Male - Veteran)1:06:46
DNFAmity Mcswan (Female - Open)
DNFDavid Leach (Male - Open)
DNFAndrew Spencer (Male - Open)
DNFTroy Mansell (Male - Veteran)
DNFJudy Puurand (Female - Veteran)
DNFCharlie Ebeling (Male - Junior)
DNFJohn Solah (Male - Open)

Stage 2
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Duncan Murray (Male - Open)
2Dan Macmunn (Male - Open)
3Ashley Hayat (Male - Open)
4James Collins (Male - Open)
5Grant Lebbink (Male - Open)
6Merlin Spranz (Male - Open)
7Adrian Whitworth (Male - Open)
8Will Geor (Male - Open)
9Andy Fellows (Male - Open)
10John Wigg (Male - Open)
11Michael Kerkllaan (Male - Open)
12Norm Douglas (Male - Veteran)
13David Macdonald (Male - Open)
14Jason Reyntjes (Male - Open)
15Jeremy Edwards (Male - Open)
16Tim Wynan (Male - Open)
17Callum Mcnamara (Male - Open)
18Richard Eisner (Male - Veteran)
19Damian Auton (Male - Veteran)
20Trevor Duncan (Male - Open)
21Rohan Grace (Male - Open)
22Lucas Pitt (Male - Open)
23Mark Hester (Male - Open)
24Vaughan Sketcher (Male - Open)
25Carl Maroney (Male - Veteran)
26Damian Rosenthal (Male - Open)
27Brent Telford (Male - Veteran)
28Tom Macmunn (Male - Open)
29Michael Brill (Male - Open)
30Dean Cowling (Male - Open)
31Mark Beech (Male - Open)
32Craig Baylis (Male - Open)
33Mathew Gray (Male - Open)
34Sebastian Munoz (Male - Open)
35Rodney Farrell (Male - Open)
36Adam Wynd (Male - Open)
37David Randabel (Male - Open)
38Jessica Douglas (Female - Open)
39Chris Mucha (Male - Open)
40Michael Nanos (Male - Open)
41Jo Wall (Female - Open)
42Stephen Fortuyn (Male - Veteran)
43Michael Filardo (Male - Open)
44Ben May (Male - Open)
45Angus Watson (Male - Veteran)
46Chris Herron (Male - Open)
47Peter Walker (Male - Veteran)
48Greg Matthews (Male - Open)
49Jason Hatzimihail (Male - Open)
50Samuel Warden (Male - Open)
52Chris Dimbill (Male - Open)
51John Wright (Male - Veteran)
53Michael Crosbie (Male - Open)
54Kent Warby (Male - Open)
55Ben Exton (Male - Open)
56Darren Southwell (Male - Open)
57Phil Mathewson (Male - Vintage)
58Ross Wilkinson (Male - Open)
59Doug”Thedoctor” Greenall (Male - Open)
60Hieu Nguyen (Male - Open)
61Andrew Rundle (Male - Open)
62Dylan Bowman (Male - Open)
63Leigh George (Male - Open)
64Simon Ross (Male - Open)
65Scott Jones (Male - Open)
66Andrew Byrne (Male - Open)
67Jamie Ryan (Male - Open)
68David Leach (Male - Open)
69Shane Prentice (Male - Open)
70Paul Justus (Male - Open)
71John Coghlan (Male - Veteran)
72Daniel Mosdenyi (Male - Open)
73Daniel Davies (Male - Open)
74Doug Putnam (Male - Open)
75Adrian Giblett (Male - Open)
76Mark Armstrong (Male - Veteran)
77Greg Thompson (Male - Veteran)
78Scott Arnold (Male - Veteran)
79Amity Mcswan (Female - Open)
80John Dawe (Male - Open)
81Katie Mckie (Female - Open)
82Aaron Siggers (Male - Veteran)
83Alan Carpenter (Male - Veteran)
84Alex Dunkerley (Male - Open)
85Mark Simpson (Male - Open)
86Mark Terrill (Male - Veteran)
87Grant Rieger (Male - Open)
88Dave Merritt (Male - Open)
89Bill Diebert (Male - Veteran)
90James Medved (Male - Veteran)
91Kate Heynes (Female - Open)
92Dylan Brezovec-Ryding (Male - Open)
93Campbell Rule (Male - Open)
94Erik Lock (Male - Veteran)
95Ben Buchanan (Male - Open)
96Kylie Smyth (Female - Open)
97Clinton Lemaitre (Male - Open)
98Victoria Dance (Female - Open)
99Greg Clifford (Male - Open)
100Simon Easy (Male - Open)
101Ben Wilson (Male - Open)
102Scott Kramer (Male - Open)
103Adam Kelly (Male - Open)
104Dave Moore (Male - Open)
105Nick Gooding (Male - Open)
106Simon Braunthal (Male - Veteran)
107Rob Davis (Male - Veteran)
108Phillip Timpano (Male - Veteran)
109Mark Fay (Male - Open)
110John Dickson (Male - Veteran)
111Kennet Moore (Male - Open)
112Mary Fien (Female - Open)
113Peter Lorimer (Male - Veteran)
114Mike Stephens (Male - Veteran)
115Josie Simpson (Female - Open)
116Ben Chan (Male - Open)
117Courtenay Lee Shoy (Male - Open)
118Steve Wright (Male - Veteran)
119Gary Whalley (Male - Veteran)
120Benjamin Culton (Male - Open)
121Robert Guseli (Male - Vintage)
122Jamie Foale (Male - Open)
123James Mcmillan (Male - Open)
124David Potts (Male - Open)
125Josh Glover (Male - Junior)
126Tony Green (Male - Veteran)
127Rebecca Dunning (Female - Open)
128Scott Grinter (Male - Open)
129Justin Dunning (Male - Open)
130Richard Smyth (Male - Open)
131Gerard Pike (Male - Open)
132Adrian House (Male - Veteran)
133Michael Debono (Male - Open)
134Adam Howell (Male - Open)
135Nic Marton (Male - Open)
136Adrian Thuell (Male - Open)
137Richard Cook (Male - Open)
138David Bell (Male - Open)
139Andrew Spencer (Male - Open)
140Steve Mccabe (Male - Veteran)
141Lachlan Beveridge (Male - Open)
142Nigel Paroissien (Male - Open)
143Rowan Jennion (Male - Open)
144Michael Tyrrell (Male - Vintage)
145Adam Llewelyn (Male - Open)
146Jamie Hunter (Male - Open)
147Adam Fuller (Male - Open)
148Chris Schultz (Male - Veteran)
149David Breen (Male - Open)
150Greg Pitt (Male - Vintage)
151Ryan Lindsay (Male - Veteran)
152Anthony Breen (Male - Veteran)
153Ross Marett (Male - Veteran)
154Ben English (Male - Open)
155Scott Smith (Male - Veteran)
156Tim Mcdonnell (Male - Open)
157Claire Stevens (Female - Open)
158Oliver Kristevic (Male - Open)
159Andrew Watson (Male - Open)
160Nicolas Baisin (Male - Open)
161Andrew Ferguson (Male - Open)
162Sue Tripney (Female - Veteran)
163Lance Cupido (Male - Open)
164Frank Gasperic (Male - Veteran)
165Sam Bruce (Male - Open)
166Chris Hibberd (Male - Open)
167Jacob Stanford (Male - Junior)
168Dave Musgrove (Male - Open)
169Patrick O'reilly (Male - Open)
170Andrew Hilton (Male - Open)
171Dennis Druve (Male - Open)
172Cris Harris (Male - Vintage)
173Chris Southwood (Male - Open)
174Andrew Day (Male - Open)
175Patrick Kinsella (Male - Open)
176Matthew Sotirakis (Male - Open)
177Travis Rich (Male - Open)
178Darren Rubens (Male - Veteran)
179Paul Humphrey (Male - Veteran)
180Richard Davies (Male - Open)
181Thomas Sullivan (Male - Junior)
182Clive Workum (Male - Open)
183Sam Hayward (Male - Vintage)
184Rishi Fox (Female - Open)
185Angie Miller (Female - Open)
186Kriss Heimanis (Male - Open)
187Kyle Rickard (Male - Junior)
188Andrew Brown (Male - Open)
189Su-Ann Burke (Female - Open)
190Chris Sumner (Male - Veteran)
191James Challis (Male - Open)
192Andrew Browne (Male - Open)
193Alan Wasono (Male - Open)
194Andy Sinnett (Male - Veteran)
195Mick Ross (Male - Open)
196Peter Milne (Male - Veteran)
197Peter Gallagher (Male - Veteran)
198Michaela Powell (Female - Veteran)
199Nathan Fong (Male - Open)
200Andy Turner (Male - Veteran)
201Mick Beeson (Male - Veteran)
202Jason Tod (Male - Veteran)
203Jason Edwards (Male - Open)
204Neil Sinclair (Male - Veteran)
205Emmett Doggett (Male - Open)
206George Kettle (Male - Junior)
207Chad Sully (Male - Open)
208Matthew Barron (Male - Open)
209Darren Harvey (Male - Veteran)
210David Mason (Male - Open)
211Peter Guiver (Male - Open)
212Bryan Alley (Male - Open)
213Jonathon Medder (Male - Veteran)
214Jack Nicolas (Male - Junior)
215Andrew Nicolas (Male - Veteran)
216Rhys Collins (Male - Open)
217Adam Steer (Male - Open)
218Kevin Kennedy (Male - Veteran)
219Trudy Nicholas (Female - Veteran)
220Eddie Longford (Male - Open)
221Walter Drack (Male - Veteran)
222Adam Johnston (Male - Open)
223Janek Janski (Male - Open)
224Dale Barker (Male - Open)
225Martin Rogers (Male - Vintage)
226Robby Williams (Male - Open)
227Robert Karczag (Male - Open)
228Cameron Day (Male - Open)
229Anton Nijhof (Male - Open)
230John Eisner (Male - Veteran)
231Damian Verschoor (Male - Veteran)
232Chris Taylor (Male - Veteran)
233James Kelly (Male - Open)
234Tom Basterfield (Male - Open)
235Derek Trikarso (Male - Open)
236James Collins (Male - Open)
237John Jehu (Male - Open)
238Lorne Dennis (Male - Open)
239Matt Holmes (Male - Open)
240Beau Brammall (Male - Open)
241John Macfarlane (Male - Open)
242Scott Sloan (Male - Open)
243Luke Siggers (Male - Veteran)
244Nicholas U'ren (Male - Open)
245Lawrence Prenoergast (Male - Junior)

Stage 2B
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cliff Bowden (Male - Open)0:47:30
2Alex Kozeniauskas (Male - Open)0:00:39
3Tony Freijah (Male - Open)0:01:45
4Nicholas Smee (Male - Veteran)0:02:30
5Stewart Gault (Male - Open)0:05:26
6Chris Smee (Male - Veteran)0:05:31
7Stefan Quinn (Male - Open)0:06:49
8David Woodman (Male - Open)0:07:06
9Michael Mcmullen (Male - Open)0:09:35
10Andrew Stone (Male - Veteran)0:10:32
11Harry Irvine (Male - Junior)0:10:36
12Garthbruce Mcgregor (Male - Veteran)0:11:56
13Grant Swanepoel (Male - Open)0:12:44
14Charlie Ebeling (Male - Junior)0:19:35
15Thomas Hansen (Male - Veteran)0:20:27
16Rebecca Plant (Female - Open)0:21:20
17Harrison Smith (Male - Junior)0:30:31
18Tina Mc Donnell (Female - Open)0:35:07
19Collis Couper (Male - Open)0:35:12
20Narelle Rademaker (Female - Open)0:36:00
21Kathryn Haley (Female - Open)0:40:50
22Cherie Worthington (Female - Open)0:43:26
23Thomas Kh (Male - Junior)0:51:45
24Kevin Lowther (Male - Vintage)0:53:14
25William Lowther (Male - Junior)0:59:14
26Anthony Hart (Male - Veteran)1:01:42
27Zoe Stephens (Female - Open)1:04:02
28Rachael Dobson (Female - Open)1:06:05
29Shannon Rademaker (Female - Open)1:06:06
30Oliver Hart (Male - Junior)1:07:41
31Vlad Younger (Male - Veteran)1:08:18
32Christopher Hermann (Male - Veteran)1:26:45
33Georgie Ebeling (Female - Junior)1:32:29
34Tonia Kh (Female - Veteran)1:38:46
35Jerry Kh (Male - Junior)2:11:32
36Frank Itnatjuk (Male - Veteran)2:11:33
37Scott Dinnage (Male - Open)2:14:08
38Dennis Druve (Male - Open)3:05:34
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