Bishop scorches Shenandoah to break course record

Two local racers - one a current and one retired pro - won the Shenandoah Mountain 100 near Harrisonburg, Virginia, on Sunday. En route to what would be a record-breaking time in the penultimate round of the 2009 National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series, Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie Cannondale) won the men's race in 6:50:27 by a mere 22 seconds. Sue Haywood (SBC) took the women's race in 8:20:47 after riding the race solo in front of the rest of a talented women's field.

"It's the best field we've had here for this race," said Bishop. "Everyone was cooperative and worked together on the road sections. I can't believe how fast we were going - it was wicked. Guys were sticking their neck out and riding hard."

"Course knowledge was an absolute advantage," said Bishop, who lives nearby in Harrisonburg and trains on the trails featured in the race. "It allowed me to soft pedal some sections and recover when I was cramping or needing to drink or eat."

Bishop's race was his first after a broken back (compression fracture) sustained at the Intermontaine Challenge in late July.

A blazing pace in the men's race

The race started fast and furious on what would be a perfect day with fast conditions. Overcast skies and temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s kept most racers hydrated and free of cramps. Dry conditions made parts of the track lose, but also set the course up for fast times.

Early in the race, a group of five riders formed including Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie Cannondale), Christian Tanguy (Fraser MTB Team), Jeff Schalk (Trek Co-op), Jesse Jakomait (Cannondale), and Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher).

Tanguy disappeared about 15 miles into the race after flatting on the singletrack Wolf descent, and the others may have thought wishfully that he was gone for good. However, the super fit Frenchman, now living in Michigan, chased back up to them within a few miles and soon all five were trading pulls to keep the leaders flying along.

"It was the first time we had five riders hit the Ramsey's Draft section (approaching mile 45) with five riders," said Bishop. "That made a real difference to the race."

"There were five of us together for most of the day. On the flat section leading up to the final big climb (around mile 70), we were trading pulls," said Schalk. The pace was high enough that Sam popped off. Then Jesse popped off, so it was down to three of us. We started going really hard then. It felt like a cross country race pace.

"Once we got above 320 watts and I had to stop pulling on that 15-mile uphill," said Bishop. "Tanguy started pulling through hard on some short, steep sections. I looked down at my powermeter and saw 440 watts.

Bishop knew they were on track for a possible new course record. "I came out and rode 100km last week and got a bunch of time splits for the middle, so I knew what it would take to run a sub-seven hour time. I didn't know if I'd be the person to pull it, but thought one of us might do it. We were running at about seven minutes below the seven-hour barrier the whole race."

"It seemed like aid station five (near mile 75) was never going to come," said Tanguy, who had a plan for the penultimate aid station that would save him time in the crucial later part of the race.

"It seems like I'm always the last ones to get my bottles. That might not be right, but it feels that way," said Tanguy. "I took three bottles at aid station five so I wouldn't have to stop at six. I knew there were only a few miles to go once we got to six, and I didn't want to chase then."

Tanguy's strategy served him well. The three raced out toward Little Bald Knob together and then effectively sprinted for the hole shot to be first going down Chesnut trail.

"Jeff put in a good dig. I tried to come on the inside to get the hole shot, but he got it," said Bishop. "He was riding much better on that descent - it was sort of a role reversal for us."

On that descent, Schalk opened up a small gap of several seconds. Bishop followed and Tanguy sat happily in third. "We did the entire downhill together which I'm satisfied with because in previous races, I always got dropped on the downhill," said Tanguy. "This time, I was maybe 50 yards behind, and every little portion going back up, I'd make it back up to them. It showed improvement for me. We made it to the bottom and I looked at my computer and there were 10 miles left."

Bishop and Tanguy quickly caught up to Schalk on the pavement as they approached the final aid station.

Tanguy blew by them and launched an attack. "We were on the pavement and there was a little climb, so I decided to test everyone's legs," said Tanguy. "I opened a 30-yard gap, and then there was a big descent after and they caught me. I thought 'oh well, too bad, but at least I know they are tired.'"

The trio entered what would be the final big climb of the race, up a fireroad.

"When we made the turn onto the doubletrack, I said to myself, 'Ok, let's go.' I was surprised that it was Jeremiah following me and not Jeff because Jeremiah did not have such a smooth pedal stroke, and I thought that was a sign that he was more tired."

Bishop saw the gap to Schalk and realized it was decision time and took over the pace-pushing.

"Jeremiah put the hammer down and I could barely stay with him," said Tanguy. "I was having a problem with chainsuck, and I had to pedal backward every so often backward for a short ways." Schalk was done with his role at the front and dropped off the two for good - he would ride solo into a third place, about four minutes back.

"Christian's chainsuck let me catch my breath and I went as hard as I could to the top. We went over together, and I led the downhill trail to the final section of dirt road. Then I went for it, in the big ring, all out, as hard as I could. I was try to put some short track speed into it," said Bishop, who was the 2008 short track national champion.

"He opened up a gap to me which was my fault, I didn't pre-ride," said Tanguy. "I thought we were going up to the campground not down, and my computer said 98 miles so I thought we weren't done yet and that we'd go up one more time and I might get my chance."

Bishop held on for the win, just 22 seconds ahead of Tanguy. Jesse Jakomait, an engineer for Cannondale, finished fourth and Sam Koerber (Subaru / Gary Fisher) was fifth.

With one race to go in the NUE series, the outcome is undecided.

"I have three firsts and a second," said Schalk, who's leading the overall. "Jeremiah now has two firsts and a second so if he goes to the Sierra race next weekend, he could take it." Racers must complete four events to count in the series, and the finale is the tiebreaker.

When asked if Schalk would go to the Sierra-Tahoe 100 final in California, he said, "That remains to be seen." Bishop said he might go, depending on input from his manager, but Tanguy, who has one win and four seconds, will sit out the last race due to travel time and expense.  The final is in just six days.

Each woman for herself

"It was really fun, maybe because I know all the trails," said a smiling Sue Haywood after winning the women's race by nearly half an hour. "It was so fast, going up and down, I felt like I was flying on the downhills, and they kept perking me up. Maybe it was the adrenaline."

Haywood, en route to her fourth Shenandoah Mountain 100 win, left her competition behind in the first mile and never looked back - or saw another woman for the remaining 99 miles. "I didn't feel like I had a good start, but I knew I was in the lead and ended up riding with a couple of people pretty much the whole race."

My record here is 8:15, and my goal was 8:45 (she finished in 8:20:47). I didn't carry a watch, I let my legs dictate the pace. 8:20 without as much training as I had when I did the 8:15 is good. Fitness-wise it's hard to start fast now, but you still just push yourself and want to do your best even if no other girls are around. You're looking for your personal best. That's what makes it fun with having some of these courses the same every year."

Betsy Shogren (Cannondale) finished second to Haywood after a mechanical early in the race. "Last year I had a bunch of flats, but this year I made it through with none. However, my derailleur died just 15 minutes in, so I rode the whole thing in the smaller of my two chainrings. Maybe it was a good thing, my legs are really tired after this season."

Unlike Haywood, Shogren rode mostly alone. "There were long stretches out there where I didn't see anyone." Shogren, who has three wins and a second place in the series, will not travel to California next weekend for the final race.

Carrie Lowery (Outdoor Store) rode to third place with a 9:02:18. Danielle Musto finished fourth while Brenda Simril was fifth.

Musto, a long-time series regular, who said she will sit out the 2010 series, noted the impressive level of women's racing at the Shenandoah. "We had a really tough field this year," she said. "You can't relax for a minute in the 100 milers any more."

More photos coming!


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Open men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jeremiah Bishop (
2Christian Tanguy (Fraser / Cannondale)0:00:22
3Jeff Schalk (Trek Racing Cooperative)0:04:20
4Jesse Jakomait (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:29:29
5Sam Koerber (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)0:33:42
6Brandon Draugelis (Cannondale Factory Racing/Lupine)0:36:05
7Greg Kuhn (Team Fraser)0:42:12
8Chris Beck (Subaru / Gary Fisher)0:44:12
9Gerry Pflug (Speedgoat/SPK)0:45:06
10Rob Lichtenwalner (
11Jens Nielsen (Sport Systems MTC)0:55:58
12Garth Prosser (Cannondale )0:56:37
13Andy Gorski (SPK / Speedgoat / Salsa)1:01:06
14Aaron Oakes (Bulldog / Cycle Craft)1:02:22
15Joe Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles)1:03:50
16Jacob Loverich (State College / NMBA)1:12:52
17Bob Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)1:13:52
18Ernesto Marenchin (
19Morgan Olsson (GVC/Cycles de oro)1:16:17
20Ryan McKinney (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyor Volvo)1:20:41
21Kevin Carter (First Descents)1:21:07
22Rich O'Neil (State College / NMBA)1:21:36
23Chas Michaels (Marks Bike Shoo)1:22:59
24Steve Schwarz (Titus Cycles)1:23:21
25Peter Schildt (engin)1:25:06
26Chris Strout (WBR-Siren Bicycles)1:25:27
27Blair Saunders (sht)1:26:26
28Andy Applegate (champion systems / cannondale)1:31:02
29Jed Prentice (Bike Doctor)1:33:12
30Bradley Cobb (Motor Mile Racing)1:35:16
31Ryan Fawley (Gripped Films Kenda)1:42:46
32James Kelly (Sugar Mama Racing)1:43:29
33Zach Morrey (Pita Vera)1:49:08
34Denis Baldwin (Ellicottville Bike Shop)1:49:14
35Alex Hawkins (bikinghawks)1:50:25
36Ryan Heerschap (Team Bulldog/CycleCraft)1:51:29
37Stewart Staton (Plum Grove Cyclery)1:52:32
38Dan LaRocque (Tiger Cycling Foundation)1:53:39
39Dave Tevendale (Bike Factory Racing)1:57:16
40Mike Buchness (The Bike Lane)1:57:50
41Michael Tabasko (Team Tabasko)2:00:36
42Jason Berry (Gripped Racing/ Kenda)2:01:15
43Brian Shernce (Team Bulldog / Cyclecraft)2:02:02
44Paul Buschi (Giro d'Ville)2:08:47
45Thomas Jenkins (Shenandoah Bicycle Co.)2:08:48
46Justin Mace (Motor Mile Racing)2:09:30
47Calvin Cheung (College Park Bicycles)2:13:48
48Joe Fish (Design Physics/Rowletts)2:15:51
49Edward Moreadith (Quantum Mechanics/APB)2:16:42
50Michael Phillips2:18:55
51Chris Nystrom (C3 - Beer Frites Waffles)2:19:20
52Carl Bruggeman (Pedal Power Bike Shop)2:22:33
53Ian Spivack (
54Roberts Moore (Cannondale )2:23:25
55Daniel Williams (None)2:24:07
56Dennis Helton (Biowheels Machine)2:24:47
57Theo Procopos (Engin Cycles)2:24:49
58David Hauber (Louisville Fire Fighters)2:25:22
59Jason Hilimire (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)2:25:43
60Jeremy Kuhlen (Richmond ASR - Goals ARA)2:25:48
61Zach Rogers (540Cycling)2:27:37
62Kevin Hasley (PACC)2:27:38
63Lee Simril2:32:02
64Dave O'Neill (Radical Roots)2:32:41
65Scott Miller (Team Saddleblock)2:33:15
66Zane Wenzel (Horst-Benidorm-PRC Cycling Team)2:33:53
67Douglas Jansen (IBC/Global)2:35:25
68Bradley Schmalzer (Team
69Quentin Beery2:39:02
70Andrew Blatecky (JV Squad)2:39:06
71Eric Welp (Route 1 Velo)2:40:03
72Jason Walder (Conte's Alrington/Bethesda)2:40:05
73Konrad Binder (Great Northern Cycles, Whitefish MT)2:40:36
74Kelly Thompson2:42:11
75Albert Ciesielka ('s)2:42:55
76Tim Covington (none)2:43:12
77Martin Kozera (kozeraczek)2:44:44
78Eric Sauer (GVC/Cycles de Oro)2:45:28
79Spike McLaughlin (Horst)2:47:12
80Matt Smith (Wilderness Voyagers)2:48:44
81Brian Fischer (American Whiskey Aficionados)2:49:03
82Tom Brockman (Louisville Fire Fighters)2:49:28
83Jason Boeckmann (Gripped Racing)2:49:48
84David Bozak (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo)2:50:44
85Joseph Baremore (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo)2:50:45
86Tom Little (Gettysburg Bicycle and Fitness)2:51:04
87Jody Bailey (Spokes Etc.)2:51:49
88Matt Lough (GRIPPED RACING)2:52:07
89David Olsen (Gripped Racing)2:52:09
90Kevin Sherman (Wilderness Voyagers)2:52:37
91Ben Shaklee (Ellicottville Bike Shop)2:57:42
92Gary Morris (First Descents)3:01:03
93Aran Cacciola (Boone Bike & Touring)3:02:01
94Daniel Rapp (MY FAMILY)3:02:03
95Scott Miller (KFO Ellicottville Bike Shoop)3:02:56
96Jason Meidhof (Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo)3:03:24
97Jon Posner (Gripped Films Kenda)3:03:37
98Paul Mica (NCVC/INOVA Health Services)3:05:09
99Christian Quinn (Team Green)3:05:29
100Jamie Webster3:06:47
101Don Gabrielson (US Navy)3:07:46
102Kevin Baird (me, myself and I)3:08:19
103Chris Reynolds ( )3:08:30
104Gary Roach (East Coasters)3:11:27
105Adam Stephens (Marathon Bicycle Company)3:11:47
106Hal Batdorf (D and Q Racing)3:13:21
107Doug Milliken (Team Latitude/ARBT)3:14:57
108Michael DeNino (Blue Competition,
109Erik Steudle (unattached)3:15:58
110Jeff Plassman (Margaret)3:18:58
111Darren Biggs (DCMTB Fueled by Whole Foods)3:22:22
112Scott Davis (Scottie D)3:25:13
113Brian Spring (
114Ian Herring (Team Moonstomper)3:27:00
115Pedro (Gettysburg Cupcake Factory)3:31:14
116Pete Dzirkalis (Just Riding Along)3:31:43
117David Hallman (DMD Racing)3:31:52
118Todd Green (Design Physics / Rowletts)3:32:03
119Ron Spillers (ONE LEGGED HIP REPLACEMENT)3:32:43
120Frank Yeager (Nature's Path/3 Sports)3:33:56
121Steve Toorongian (Ingram Micro)3:34:25
122Ben Bonney (Wheelie Fun Multisport)3:35:04
123John Fennell (Boone Bike & Touring)3:35:57
124Dariusz Maciag (Paul Miller Audi)3:36:58
125Timothy Burgher (My mother)3:37:52
126Dirk Servine (Will Consider All Offers)3:38:20
127Geoff Keenan3:39:06
128Kevin Horvath (Tri-Power)3:39:49
129Frank Dubec (Team VEVLO EEL)3:40:43
130Yuri Eliashevsky (Sycamore Cycles)3:41:38
131Chad Rathbone (Kazane)3:42:55
132Paul Kovalcik (Renee Kovalcik)3:43:54
133Josh Lewis3:44:08
134Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle)3:44:18
135Slow J Grimes (Boone Velo p/b Black Cat)3:44:52
136James Burris (Perro Negro Bicicleta)3:45:35
137Dave Simpson (Bio Wheels)3:48:10
138Talbott Ingram (FLS Energy)3:48:12
139Charles Buki (Johnny Utah)3:48:38
140Marc Calderone (Gold's Gym Glen Burnie Md.)3:50:23
141Kent Baake (DCMTB/Continuum Energy)3:51:14
142Collin Snyder (MCG Trails-Edge Plymouth, MI)3:51:50
143Vas Vlcek (Gripped Racing)3:52:58
144Greg Kastner (Giro d'ville)3:53:35
145Wade Newell (na)3:56:58
146Keith Principe (Team Evergreen Racing)3:59:22
147Jimmy James (Team Forty OZ)4:01:54
148Ken Tankersley (Bike Factory Racing)4:01:56
149Pete Fraker (Plum Grove Cyclery)4:03:06
150Robbie Bruce (Blackwater Bike Shop)4:04:05
151Connor Bell (Gripped Racing Kenda)4:10:18
152Angus Mackenzie (
153Ryan Nathman (The Wooly Nammoth)4:12:44
154Bryan Burns (Haymarket Bicycles)4:13:20
155Terry Anderson (Haymarket Bicycles)4:13:21
156Bryan Wender (None)4:14:15
157Joseph DeGaetano (Huh? (Grit & Gumption))4:14:24
158Jason Mahokey ( Bikes/Salsa Cycles)4:14:40
159Steve Tetreault (BIKES UNLIMITED - WILLIAMSBURG, VA.)4:16:43
160John Claman (The Bike Lane)4:17:24
161Stephen Harp (Marathon Bicycle Company)4:18:15
162Kevin Diamond (Race Pace Bicycles)4:19:47
163Ken Clark (Team Marty's)4:19:50
164Brad Jacobs (Team Saddleblock)4:20:14
165David Phlegar (GVC/Cycles de Oro)4:22:26
166Johan Nel (Team Marty's)4:24:00
167Mark Walters4:24:24
168Sam Lindblom4:25:22
169Michael Bonsby (MBHVAC)4:25:54
170Tony Combs (Team Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo)4:26:13
171Jeff Olson (Wife and Kids)4:27:28
172John Griffiths (NYCMTB-Peak Bikes)4:28:33
173Eric Werner (
174Jason Pilato (Marty's)4:29:43
175Peter Devries (Team Mutton Heads)4:30:55
176Chris Sams (Luv Cycles)4:32:36
177Lucas Brown (Team Lift)4:33:55
178Andy Bacon4:34:30
179Kevin Cox (Design Physics)4:36:13
180Josh Krider (Richmond ASR)4:36:14
181Andrew Jones (none)4:37:34
182Gregory Klein (Adams Ave. Bicycles)4:38:26
183Jon Arnold (Team poptartsnbacon)4:38:56
184Jay Pelletier (Bag Balm)4:39:11
185Yueqing Xie (YH)4:39:14
186Chris McMillan (Hefler Performance Coaching)4:39:28
187Paul Livornese (Team Darkhorse Racing)4:39:32
188Ben Brown (Team Moonstomper)4:41:08
189Jeffrey Sheehan (Bike Doctor)4:41:19
190David Sanders (Saddleblock/Cycletherapy)4:41:59
191Vance Middleton (None)4:43:57
192Greg Deignan (Leigh, Maggie & Mary)4:44:23
193Josh Neider (
194Christopher Fidler (Darkhorse Cycles)4:47:18
195Ron Witcher (NA)4:47:25
196Russ Adams (The Bike Lane)4:47:48
197Brian Spring (Team Bums)4:49:19
198Todd Henson (Queen City Wheels)4:50:13
199Paul Panetta (My Lovely Wife and Great Kids)4:50:38
200Chris Willis (Blackwater Bike Shop)4:50:40
201Bill Wright (none)4:50:44
202Mac Dodge (Wifey)4:52:27
203Luther Papenfus (Hammer Nutrition)4:56:34
204Rob Riddell (West Liberty Cycles)4:56:54
205Alex Kurland (Blue Ridge Bud)4:57:06
206Brian Lancaster (NCVC/Inova Health System)4:57:11
207Paul Morris (Gripped Racing)4:57:48
208Andrew Jasper5:00:06
209Peter Morris5:00:07
210Bill Scoggins (Karen, Katie & Nick)5:00:10
211Taylor Martin (East Coast Bicycles)5:00:38
212Allen Moore (Team Onehit)5:01:32
213Victor Lin (Trail's End/Team Halfway There)5:03:34
214Hans Schmidtl (The Whistlestop Bike Shop)5:03:37
215Joshua Cohen (Cohen and Associates, Dirty Harry's)5:05:19
216Jason Harris (Conte's Alrington/Bethesda)5:05:24
217Jim Kutz (Me)5:05:27
218Steve Simmons (Conte's of Arlington)5:05:46
219Mike Francis (BW Cycling Studios)5:06:07
220Jeff Cheng (East Coasters/Moonstompers)5:06:44
221Mark Jackson (Just Riding Along)5:06:48
222Roger Stanton (Bike Doctor / Bayside Velo)5:06:59
223Olen Ackman (None.)5:07:22
224Stephan Godlewski (Saratoga Mountain Bike Association)5:08:49
225Trevor Miller (Family Bike Shop, Crofton MD)5:08:53
226Tim Parham (Family Bikes)5:08:55
227Sean Schmitt (ABRT/Latitude)5:08:56
228John Myers (Team BEMA)5:09:00
229Julian Malcolm (Team Tenderfoot)5:09:04
230Mick Lynn5:10:00
231Billy Raynor (none)5:12:35
232James Paul (Team Stuart Ave)5:12:36
233Clair Walizer 4 (Bike Beat)5:12:47
234Eric Lovins (ChronoTrack Systems)5:15:30
235Art Spivy (Team Mephisto)5:15:35
236William Pitchford (VECTARE)5:15:36
237Matt Trybus (Black Dog Bikes)5:15:48
238Kurt Maxberry (Evansville Bike Club)5:19:31
239Mike Lang (Browtown Water Co.)5:19:36
240Edward Hill (Need More Cowbell)5:20:01
241Chris Matkins (Team WeldNRB)5:20:44
242Robert George5:21:00
243Chris Webb (Dark Horse Cycles Racing)5:22:13
244Quinn Hershberger (Blackwater Bike Shop)5:23:23
245Lil' Kevin Quinn (Conte's Alrington/Bethesda)5:24:20
246Whit Zirkle (Blue Ridge School)5:26:03
247John Mossmiller5:26:29
248Jay Catlett (Team Nature's Path 3 Sports)5:26:36
249Clyde Biers (penn. unemployment)5:28:17
250Mark Drajem (DCMTB)5:29:18
251Roy Rojas (DCMTB Fueled by Whole Foods)5:29:19
252Raul Rojas (DCMTB-Family Bike Shop)5:29:21
253Robert Maye (BikeBeat Inc.)5:29:40
254Bryan Findley (EVMA Old School)5:29:44
255Travis Blalock (Team Endo)5:30:21
256Paul Lara (Jen and Olive)5:31:01
257Brad Showalter (Still Ford's Mom)5:34:01
258Paul Leeger (Richmond ASR)5:34:01
259James Anderson (Scud Fries)5:34:02
260Jim Seguin (Bike Factory Racing)5:34:16
261Steve Wells (Haymarket Bicycles)5:36:52
262Chad Motz5:37:21
263Eric Magrum5:41:11
264Erik Spahr (The Wallet)5:41:53
265Jeff Claman (Pedal Shop/ODBC)5:46:11
266Brent Beauseigneur (Widowmaker)5:49:04
267Gabe Smith5:49:06
268Shaun Strippel (EVMA)5:49:08
269Mike Davis (Conte's Alrington/Bethesda)5:50:34
270James Wimmer (Princeton Sports)5:50:56
271Tyler Newby5:52:21
272Sean Norville (Marty- King of the Giro')5:58:32
273Eric Brooks (Don Emery Family Night Dinner)5:59:27
274Jere Dearing (Rug Runner, Inc.)5:59:34
275Paul Croft (JRVS/Casey Auto Group)6:00:22
276Mike Bender (Potomac Velo Club)6:00:47
277Damien Talese (your mom)6:06:02
278Michael Johnson6:07:03
279Chris Bayne6:07:32
280Bob Houska (Wife, Kids & Dog)6:11:43
281Lukas Eklund ( / Spokes Etc.)6:14:54
282Sean Quinn (Team Green)6:19:05
283Andy Ickes (Cape Fear Cyclists)6:19:42
284Brandon Vincent (Pedal Shop/ ODBC)6:19:44
285William Wheeler (Annapolis Riders)6:20:26
286Steve Sauve (Annapolis Riders)6:20:28
287Keith White (cadet)6:21:10
288Phil Haun (haun environmental)6:21:11
289Philip LoVerde (HCMFS)6:28:38
290Steve Bourque (Log Posse Racing)6:28:41
291Steve Rogers6:31:55
292Milton Rojas6:33:16
293Dave Doyle6:47:01
294Roberto Galindo (Galindo Consulting Group, Inc.)6:47:03
295Jeremy Kinsell ( Etc)6:47:23
296Alex Rapavi (MORE)6:47:35
297Roger Cooper (Greensboro Fat Tire)6:58:46
298William McQuate (d&b)7:03:35
299Joe Surina7:03:40
300Carlo Alfano (Team GabnAlex)7:04:59
301David George (Team Screechy Beast)7:05:01
302Greg Husemeier (My Family)7:05:40
303Eric Blomquist (Rosaryvillians)7:10:02
304Edward Rangel (Wilderness Medicine
305Chris James (More)7:19:55
306David Snapp (MHE&Twins)7:57:21
307Nick Pendleton (Conte's Alrington/Bethesda)8:01:00
308Randy Larrison (Lynn Kieran & Mika)8:02:09
309Justin Plymale (East Coasters)8:02:20
310Sean Sharff (Cycles Ed)8:02:50
311Jason Gull8:02:52
312Peter Rajcani (TORC)8:10:28
313Bo Pham (Whoever's willing)8:10:38
314Carlos Espinoza (South America)8:16:24
315Nathan Cherry (WGAS)8:30:00
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Open women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sue Haywood (Turner Mo'chine)8:20:47
2Betsy Shogren (Cannondale )0:28:37
3Carey Lowery (Specialized/Outdoor Store)0:41:31
4Danielle Musto (Kenda-Tomac-Hayes)0:55:14
5Brenda Simril (SCU Krystal)1:01:40
6Carolyn Popovic (Bike Line)1:16:05
7Denelle Grant (29er Crew/ Bike Factory Racing)1:27:41
8Johanna Kraus (Velo Bella)1:41:19
9Karen Potter (
10Katie Patrick1:47:56
11Emily Brock (Faster Mustache)2:11:01
12Misty Tilson (Shenandoah Mtn Touring Chicks)2:20:10
13Anna Seno (Athens Bicycle)2:49:18
14Lindsay Bayer (Log Posse Racing)2:50:35
15Christy Tankersley (Bike Factory Racing)2:55:37
16Whitney March (Shenandoah Bicycle Co.)3:00:40
17Lisa Vible (Henry's Bikes)3:05:45
18Emily McDonald (Gripped Racing/ Kenda)3:07:20
19Amy Mace (Scott's Bikes/Velo Vixens)3:07:59
20Meredith Erlewine (Shenandoah Mtn Touring Chicks)3:26:43
21Sara Dallman3:38:38
22Deborah Leedale-Brown (Team DRT/Deep Blue)3:41:23
23Denise Sauerbrey (Sycamore Cycles)3:45:57
24Stacey Seidel (Me)3:47:46
25Kim Theodore (Art of Massage)4:18:26
26Kristen Wimmer4:20:37
27Susan Lottridge (This will probably hurt)4:44:21
28Kristin Wilson4:44:24
29Michelle Faucher (TeamHalfWayThere/Spokes)4:44:40
30Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag Magazine)5:03:45
31Jane Hayes (JRA)5:06:43
32Beth Fulton (NA)5:06:48
33Stacia Brooks6:41:30
34Blair Anderson (Plum Grove Cyclery)6:46:00
35Kerry Combs (Shenandoah Mtn Touring Chicks)6:46:08
36Angela Paterna (none)6:46:59
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Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Montalbano (Darkhorse Cycles)8:02:02
2Gunner Shogren (Cannondale )0:14:49
3Matt Ferrari (Freeze Thaw Cycles)0:19:39
4Mike Ramponi (IF)0:28:02
5Justin Pokrivka (Probikes / Cohen & Associates)0:30:43
6Ron Sanborn (Mclaw's Cycle & Fitness)0:32:52
7David Yacobelli (
8Roger Masse (Trek Racing Cooperative)0:41:38
9Nathan Kraxberger (Sid's-Cannondale)0:42:17
10Russel Henderson (Industry Nine)0:52:55
11Daniel Atkins (Bike Doctor)0:56:23
12Rich Dillen (Moots)1:01:36
13Michael Coco (Half-Assed Racing)1:01:45
14Nick Pence (JMU Cycling Club)1:02:21
15Robert Lochner (Iron City Bikes)1:07:13
16Gary Chambers (Team Ed Racing/Bike Zoo)1:11:42
17David Penney (Yeti)1:18:23
18Buck Keich (Independent Fabrication)1:20:37
19Watts Dixon (Revolution Cycles, NC)1:20:45
20Kevin Murray (Bike Factory)1:25:42
21Jason Maddocks1:28:12
22Les Leach1:31:50
23Gordon Wadsworth (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)1:35:15
24Sam Allin (llikzzub)1:35:47
25Tomi McMillar (Tomi Cog/ Cupcake Factory)1:37:00
26Matt Briskie (Trek Bicycles of Raleigh,)2:01:03
27Craig Dupree (milk pail racing)2:02:01
28Shane Cusick (Bike Walk Virginia)2:05:05
29Mike Stevens (Bike Line)2:05:25
30Chad Miller (X)2:12:07
31Albert Greene (Yellow Breeches Racing)2:18:47
32Joe Penano (The Bike Lane)2:22:57
33Brett Wyckoff (memyselfandi)2:23:51
34Michael Vanderberg (Team Dirt / Twin Six)2:28:10
35Cliff Hatchett (Cheeta print underwear)2:41:04
36Dr. Jon (velo club moulin)2:44:40
37Brandon Knotts (Team GDR)2:48:38
38Johnny Youngdahl (nation of chrisscottistan)2:52:34
39Paul Lottridge (nature's Path/3 Sports)Row 38 - Cell 2
40Matt Hoey (Monger)2:54:39
41Geoffrey Lenat (Team Marty's)2:56:55
42Jereme Noffke (East Bound and Down Racing)2:57:42
43Scott Olmsted (WCCC/Iron Hill)2:57:50
44Todd Smith (West Chester Cycling Club-WCCC/Iron Hill)2:57:51
45Larry Camp (MeeChauxSlow)3:02:46
46Craig Foster (Phat Nancy's)3:17:11
47Ryan Kleman3:23:58
48Lance Shelley (Team Granny Gearless)3:26:03
49Jason Fritzsche (FUJI MTB)3:32:18
50Josh Hepler (zebra print underwear)3:36:37
51Adam Blumenthal (West Liberty Cycles/A Circle Squared)3:44:55
52David Hawkins (Hawkins Machine)3:44:56
53David Tompkins (East Coasters Bike Shop)3:56:11
54Antony Bright (Dark Horse Cycles)3:58:20
55Jay Cullen (Endorphin Fitness)4:00:37
56Robert Briskie (flying monkeys/trek bicycles of raleigh)4:07:59
57Bill Blandford (Adventures for the Cure)4:38:58
58Chris Coulter (Cycletherapy)5:01:25
59Joey Lim (MANILAPHIL)5:03:21
60Jimmy Kim (LUCAYA)5:05:45
61Robert Clifford (Jolly Roger Racing)5:27:10
62Bryan Racine (Bike Doctor)5:29:28
63Paul Lee (Lucaya)6:58:57
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Master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Williams (Bike Line of Newark, DE)9:20:32
2Paul Speranza (Tioga Velo / Bean's Bikes)0:09:19
3David Kelnberger (Fisher29ercrew)0:23:15
4Chris Honness (Oswald Cycle Works)0:24:24
5Chris Wurster (Independent Fabrication)0:33:41
6James Wilson (HumanZoom)0:42:03
7John Wyrick (Bio Wheels)0:46:32
8Richard Pence (Van Dessel Factory Team)0:59:44
9Mike Johnson (Dark Horse Cycles)1:10:49
10Ed McCalley (TEAM ED)1:23:43
11Matthew Davies (HUDSON VALLEY VELO CLUB)2:17:05
12Paul Worley2:18:23
13Scott Schekman2:53:17
14David Witt (self-sustained)2:57:01
15Steve Mangiacapre (cape fear cyclists)3:29:25
16Bill Tilson (Iron Mountain Trail Riders / SWVAC)4:17:27