Welcome to the new Cyclingnews

A cycling enthusiast's phone laying on a wooden table and displaying their favourite website
(Image credit: Future/ Will Jones)

Every team needs to refresh their kit design when the time is right, and Cyclingnews is no exception. Having been in the same colours and design for five years, we were overdue a freshen-up to our look and our platform.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already noticed the differences. We have a new logo, new brand colours and our homepage layout has completely shifted.

Peter Stuart

Peter Stuart has been the editor of Cyclingnews since March 2022, overseeing editorial output across all of Cyclingnews' digital touchpoints.

Before joining Cyclingnews, Peter was the digital editor of Rouleur magazine. Starting life as a freelance feature writer, with bylines in The Times and The Telegraph, he first entered cycling journalism in 2012, joining Cyclist magazine as staff writer. Peter has a background as an international rower, representing Great Britain at Under-23 level and at the Junior Rowing World Championships.