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Wagner apologises for misdirection in Vuelta finale

Robert Wagner over the moon with his national title

Robert Wagner over the moon with his national title (Image credit: Elmar Krings)

Robert Wagner of Leopard Trek has apologised for leading other riders astray in the finale of Tuesday's Vuelta a Espana stage in Haro. The German champion went the wrong way at the roundabout shortly before the finish line, with others following him.

“i apoligies (sic) to all the riders behind me in the final...i'm just happy nobody crashed,” he tweeted. “of course the roadbook said left around.”

He defended himself saying, “but I just followed the's not easy to stay clear/cool when you are on the limit and you can't even see the finish.”

Wagner was leading out teammate Daniele Bennati for the sprint, when they came to the roundabout. The riders were to go left, while the right hand lane was open for the team cars and other vehicles to leave the route. Wagner however went to the right and with a few other riders had to turn around and go back. Most riders went the correct direction but in the confusion, many braked and lost momentum and position, and were thus not able to sprint for the win.