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Video: Cookson has hectic few first weeks as UCI President

UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson

UCI Presidential candidate Brian Cookson (Image credit:

Brian Cookson is just a few weeks into his new job as UCI President. He said it is going well so far.

"It's been very hectic, and my feet haven't really touched the ground," said Cookson to Cyclingnews. "It's been very productive. We've made a bunch of decisions already."

Cookson has been enjoying support across the cycling community.

"The nice thing about the change is that is has been welcomed by all people from all different communities, whether it's anti-doping agencies, national federations or the Olympic committee. We can use this change to make real progress."

One of his efforts has been on the Truth and Reconciliation process, but Cookson isn't willing to spill any details yet.

"We're going to make some announcements on that next week after the Management Committee [meeting]. I think you'll like what you see. I don't want to say too much more at this moment. We're sure we'll have the support of WADA. They will be on board with what we propose."

Cookson also talks briefly about his top management team and the role of honorary vice presidents.

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