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Tyler Hamilton to lose 2006 Mt Washington record

Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing)

Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Tyler Hamilton and Genevieve Jeanson have been stripped of their Mt Washington climbing records after race organisers ruled that their results no longer had legitimacy. Both cyclists have admitted to taking drugs during their careers and this prompted the annual bike race to re-write the race record books.

According to AP, director Mary Power felt that the in the wake of Hamilton’s admissions on CBS the organisation needed to make a decision.

"These races are held independent of any other governing body, and we have never conducted drug testing for them," Power said. "However, following the revelation by Tyler, as well as Genevieve's earlier confirmation that she used banned drugs from the age of 16 until her retirement 10 years later, we are respecting the rulings of national and international cycling federations, and we are no longer recognizing any of their times here as records."

Hamilton’s record will be passed back to the previous record-holder (in the Masters category) Mike Engleman. Jeanson’s record meanwhile now belongs to cycling veteran Jeanie Longo of France, who posted the now quickest time in 2000.