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Torq team diary: Launched into action

The team poses at a photo shoot

The team poses at a photo shoot (Image credit: Adam MacLeod / Freewheel)

By Tory Thomas & Jo Wall

It's hard to believe it's already December. It's well and truly race season in Australia, with weekdays and weekends crammed full of riding, travel and racing. Life in the Torq team is very full - in the month since our last diary entry, we've had our team launch, competed in a few road and local mountain bike events, and last weekend we participated in the second round of the National Cross Country mountain bike series in Illinbah, Queensland.

Being part of the team is proving to be an enriching experience. I'm not sure yet of my "role" in the team - sometimes I feel like a mother hen (nagging the boys about wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated...!), and other times I feel a sense of sheer relief that I have my team to help me - I can ask teammate Robbie Hucker to help take my pedals off my bike and cry on Assistant Team Manager's Dean's shoulder at the end of a disappointing day.

Also, it's difficult to take yourself too seriously when there are so many personalities crammed in to the one team - one minute I'm crying, and the next minute I'm laughing.

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