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Team Saxo Bank ready to open talks with two potential sponsors

Fabian Cancellara celebrates on the podium.

Fabian Cancellara celebrates on the podium. (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Saxo Bank team director Trey Greenwood is ready to begin serious negotiations with two companies who might be willing to take over when the bank stops its sponsorship at the end of this year.

“We are optimistic and not just in general. I am very optimistic about a few specific companies, two global companies, although of course we still keep all doors open to potential sponsors, " Greenwood told the Danish website

”We are not in concrete talks with the two yet, and things have been a bit quiet over Easter,” he added. “But actual negotiations are the next step, and my impression is that they are quite close. Whether it ends up that one run with the whole sponsorship, or they both come on board as co-sponsors, I don't know. But both solutions are certainly possible and each has their strengths,”

Greenwood finds the situation so encouraging that he added, “I believe that we have an agreement before the Tour. It is certainly our goal.”

It is even possible that the new sponsorship could start with the Tour de France this summer. That would not only give the new sponsors exposure at the Tour, but enable the team to work on extending rider contracts as early as possible.

The recent wins by Saxo Bank riders, including Cancellara in the Tour of Flanders on Sunday and JJ Haedo in Rund urn Köln on Monday, are having their effect on Greenwood's work. “Let me say this, that it is both easier and more fun to call the two companies and other potential sponsors again this week,” he said.