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Sydney Body Art Ride to raise money for cancer

A rolling rainbow

A rolling rainbow (Image credit: CN)

The first Sydney Body Art Ride will take place on February 13, 2005. The ride will involve a large group of people, adorned with body art, riding their bikes from Randwick to Maroubra Beach (approximately 30 minutes) to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Institute Australia and promote healthy, sustainable living. The ride is also supporting the Lord Mayor of Sydney's proposal to create a true alternative transport system for Sydney through the construction of cycle ways along all major railway lines.

The organisers will also attempt to break the world record for the largest ever group of painted people, and have free paint and a large team of trained make-up artists to apply it. The painted riders will be followed by riders wearing various other forms of body art, bike clothes, uniforms, swimwear, costumes, fancy dress, jewellery etc., and there will be prizes in all categories. The event is sponsored by FBI Radio and GT bikes, two of which can be won as prizes.

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