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Speedplay returns with four pedals and a power meter

Wahoo Speedplay Nano pedals
(Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Wahoo has today announced the rebirth of Speedplay pedals, launching four new pedal systems, as well as confirming the impending release of a power meter pedal. 

The Wahoo Speedplay range now comprises four pedals, the Comp, Zero, Nano and Aero. All of which continue to use the same iconic lollipop shape for which Speedplay is known. The fifth pedal, which will house power meter technology in a pod built onto the spindle, will be known as the Powerlink Zero. 

All but the Aero will feature Speedplay's popular dual-sided entry, with the Aero itself following in its forebear's footsteps by utilising a dimpled cover on the bottom, that will interact with the cleat for a smooth finish when clipped in.

The range will start at $149.99/£134.99/€149.99 with the Comp, rising to the featherweight Nano, priced at $449.99/£379.99/€449.99, all with immediate availability. 

Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the Powerlink Zero, with the official launch date set for some time in Summer 2021.

The main refinements to the pedals include sealed bearings, which Wahoo claims removes the need for regular maintenance; updates to the pedal body which are said to increase durability; and refinement of the spindle sees the removal of wrench flats in favour of hex key adjustment. 

Unlike Wahoo's competition in the pedal space, the tension of the pedal-cleat interaction cannot be adjusted, so alongside the pedals, the new range will comprise two cleat options with 'standard' and 'easy' tension options. However, where Wahoo outperforms the competition is that the float - the amount of free movement while still clipped in - can be adjusted on the cleat. Each of the two cleat options will retain the 0-15 degrees of available float. 

The cleats themselves will lose their iconic yellow colour, with the standard-tension cleat now being black, while the easy-tension cleat will be finished in grey. They will all feature the dimpled design for aerodynamic efficiency, as well as a rubberised surface for safer and easier walking. They are both compatible with either three- or four-bolt shoe configurations. 

The Comp will come with easy-tension cleats, while the rest in the range will come with standard-tension. 

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Wahoo Speedplay range

Speedplay Comp

Speedplay Comp

Price: $149.99/£134.99/€149.99
Weight: 232g
Spindle: Chromoly steel
Cleat: Easy tension

Speedplay Zero

Speedplay Zero

Price: $229.99/£199.99/€229.99
Weight: 222g
Spindle: Stainless steel (choice of four lengths)
Cleat: Standard tension

Speedplay Aero

Speedplay Aero

Price: $279.99/£239.99/€279.99
Weight: 224g
Spindle: Stainless steel
Cleat: Standard tension

Speedplay Nano

Speedplay Nano

Price: $449.99/£379.99/€449.99
Weight: 168g
Spindle: Stainless steel
Cleat: Standard tension



Price: TBC
Weight: TBC
Spindle: Stainless Steel
Cleat: Standard tension

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