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Spanish federation proposes to shelve Gonzalez case

The Spanish cycling federation (RFEC) has proposed to shelve the doping case involving Aitor González (Euskaltel-Euskadi), who allegedly tested positive for an anabolic agent in the Vuelta a España last year. According to Europa Press, the RFEC said it accepts the arguments put forward by González, who claimed that the positive was a result of a contaminated legal supplement called Animal Pack.

The Biochemistry Department of the University of Extremadura obtained and analysed 11 tablets of Animal Pack, and determined that they were indeed contaminated with other products. Thus, González arguments carried more weight with the RFEC, even though under WADA rules, the athlete is solely responsible for what he or she puts in his body.

If the case is dismissed, González will likely meet with Euskaltel manager Miguel Madariaga to discuss a continuation of his contract.