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Spaniards to Portuguese teams

By Antonio J. Salmerón

New Portuguese team Benfica already counts 12 of the 14 cyclists wanted for next season, as it has recently signed another three riders: José Antonio Pecharromán (Comunidad Valenciana), Didac Ortega (FC Barcelona), as well as Bulgarian Danail Petrov (Milaneza).

In fact, Portuguese squad Milaneza has found another sponsorship, LA Aluminios, which was co-sponsoring with Liberty Seguros this season. The new Milaneza-LA will be directed by Manuel Zeferino, who renewed the contracts of Portuguese riders Joao Cabreira and Bruno Pires.

Another Portuguese team that welcomes new riders is Vitoria-ASC, which has signed the Spaniard David Bernabeu (Comunidad Valenciana), winner of the Tour of Portugal in 2005. Vitoria ASC is also interested in the sprinter Angel Edo (Andalucia Paul Versan).

Meanwhile, Barbot-Halcon has signed the Spaniard Francisco Pacheco (Comunidad Valenciana), and extended the contracts of Pedro Soeiro and Klaus Möller. Spaniard Joaquín Sobrino (Super Froiz) will make his debut as a pro with Relax-GAM.