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Skil-Shimano's Asian roster complete

The Skil-Shimano pro cycling team has completed its Asian line-up for the coming season. The 2008 edition of the team roster includes four new signings, three from Japan – Yoshinori Iino, Shinri Suzuki and Yusuke Hatanaka – and one from China – Ji Jianhua. The quartet replaces Kaoru Ouchi, Masamichi Yamamoto, Takamitu Tsuji, Masahiro Shinagawa and Fang Xu at the squad.

The squad had already announced the arrival of Fumiyuki Beppu from Discovery Channel at the team. Beppu will ride a European program, as will his fellow countrymen Hatanaka, Iino, Yoshimasa Hirose and Yukihiro Doi and Chinese riders Jianhua, Jin Long and Ji Cheng.

One of the main goals of Skil-Shimano's Asian contingent in 2008 is participation in the Beijing Olympic Games.