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Sinkewitz in limbo as time runs out

Patrik Sinkewitz (PSK Whirlpool-Author) on the podium to receive the yellow jersey.

Patrik Sinkewitz (PSK Whirlpool-Author) on the podium to receive the yellow jersey. (Image credit: Patrik Pátek)

Patrik Sinkewitz is still without a cycling team for 2010 and admits that time is running out if he is going to rescue his career as a professional cyclist.

Sinkewitz rode for PSK Whirlpool-Author last year after making a comeback from a doping-related ban. The 29-year-old enjoyed success, winning three races, including stage three of the Vuelta a Portugal. However after the team downgraded from Professional Continental status, Sinkewitz was left in limbo, the team unable to retain his services with a smaller budget.

“Maybe in the next few days I’ll have an option but the teams I’ve tried where there was a possibility, either don’t answer or they don’t have easy contacts. Some just don’t have the money for me,” Sinkewitz told Cyclingnews.

“It’s disappointing for me but every rider has a different situation. I’m optimistic and hope that I’ll be lucky.”

Since his return to the sport after testing positive for testosterone in 2007 Sinkewitz is quick to point out that he has been part of the UCI’s biological passport and that constant checks with the governing body have been made at his request in order to show teams he has been riding without controversy.

“Last year I raced and I’m in the biological passport. I’m 29 and I should be in the best years of my career. I have experience and I want to race so badly. I made a big mistake. I paid for that and I know it had a knock on effects too, but I’m still optimistic. I hope that things will be okay in the next few weeks.”

Sinkewitz has trained over the winter and is unwilling to contemplate a life without the sport. When mentioning retirement, the former Quick Step and Telekom rider quickly dismisses the idea.

“I’ll think about that when there’s no more chance of finding a team. I want to come back and I’m putting all my focus on that.

It was a big year for me last year and I was hoping this year would be a lot easier, but that hasn’t worked out.”