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Serrano recovers in hospital after nose surgery

Spaniard Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Contentpolis-Ampo)

Spaniard Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Contentpolis-Ampo)
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Spaniard Rafael Serrano Fernandez (Contentpolis-Ampo) is recovering from successful surgery in Murcia, Spain, today on his nose. Doctors corrected a nasal septum deviation caused in a crash at Delta Tour Zeeland in June.

"With the season over, it was time to solve the problem that made breathing difficult for me," Serrano told Europapress.

Serrano crashed with Kenny Van Hummel (Skil-Shimano) in the second stage of the Delta Tour Zeeland June 13. He abandoned the stage race, but returned to competition soon after. He finished 28th in the World Championship time trial in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Doctors will release Serrano from the hospital in two days.

Serrano, 22, said that, after two seasons of progression as a professional, he is ready to take a big step ahead in 2010. "Taking into account my age, it's gone well for me," he said.