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Record year of fundraising for NICA

Scott Tedro of Sho-Air topped the NICA Booster Club individual contributor’s list in 2013.

Scott Tedro of Sho-Air topped the NICA Booster Club individual contributor’s list in 2013. (Image credit: The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA))

Cycling enthusiasts and leaders across the United States are demonstrating increasing support for youth development through cycling programs by making individual contributions to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association's (NICA) Booster Club.

NICA's 2013 Booster Club fundraising campaign culminated in the "Strong Finish" drive, which netted $36,000 in the month of December and brought the year's total to over $100,000.

Scott Tedro of Sho-Air topped a distinguished list of cycling leaders contributing during the "Strong Finish" campaign. Others who made outstanding contributions include former pro mountain bike racers and Booster Club Honorary Board members Nat Ross, Ned Overend and Jimena Florit Dolzadelli, who actively promoted the Strong Finish campaign.

"Not only is NICA good for the sport of cycling - as more kids are riding than ever before - but also NICA programs are motivating kids to get outside, experience the great outdoors and become both mentally and physically strong young adults who are going to be leaders in whatever they do," said Tedro. "I am proud to support NICA's efforts as an event promoter, business owner and Booster Club member."

Austin McInerny, NICA's executive director, said, "I am grateful and proud of the way mountain bikers have come forward, from leaders to casual riders, to make financial contributions to the future of mountain biking and cycling in the USA. Our ability to meet the growing demand for high school cycling will be met in years to come by Booster Club members. Simply put, this is about mountain bikers supporting the growth of mountain biking."

The NICA Booster Club is a fundraising program that provides equipment subsidies to families in financial hardship, travel expenses to coaches, bursaries to leagues, and a range of other expenses needed to maintain and grow the high school mountain biking movement.

Membership in the Booster Club is open to anyone. NICA encourages donors to contribute within their means with an aim to have every cyclist in America join the Booster Club.

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