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Marinangeli stopped for high hematocrit

Marinangeli at the 2006 GP Beghelli

Marinangeli at the 2006 GP Beghelli (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

By Gregor Brown

Sergio Marinangeli of Pro Continental team Aurum Hotels was declared unfit to start in stage two of the Giro d'Abruzzo.

The 26 year-old Italian from Gualdo Tadino, second in Stage 1, was subject to a pre-race doping control that revealed a high hematocrit level and will not be allowed to race for 15 days.

This was not the first time for Marinangeli, professional since 2003 and winner of the 2006 GP Beghelli, has returned a high hematocrit reading; in March 2005, the then Naturino rider was stopped from competing in the Coppi e Bartali.