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GreenEdge finally unveil official kit

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The GreenEDGE kit.

The GreenEDGE kit. (Image credit: Mark Gunter)
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The Tour Down Under GreeEDGE team line up.

The Tour Down Under GreeEDGE team line up. (Image credit: Mark Gunter)
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Shayne Bannon at the unveiling of the GreeEDGE team in Adelaide.

Shayne Bannon at the unveiling of the GreeEDGE team in Adelaide. (Image credit: Mark Gunter)

It was the moment everyone had been waiting for. After what seemed an almost interminable wait which included the launch of a prototype kit to whet the appetite of fans for the Jayco Bay Classic series, and the recent Mars Cycling Australia Road National Championships, GreenEdge finally produced the colours the team will be riding in for the 2012 WorldTour.

There had been several hypotheticals, but the result lived up to expectation in every way, with a simple but distinctive look being unveiled at an official ceremony in Adelaide today.

To the tune of the team’s official song ‘I Won’t Back Down’ the full Tour Down Under team as well as director Matt White were presented on stage, with the kit officially launching ahead of the opening WorldTour event.

More green than the prototype kit, the official strip continues on the "green and gold theme" combined with some black which Robbie McEwen joked "will keep New Zealander Julian Dean happy."

"We think we look pretty good," said McEwen. "But the best way to look good is to have the hands in the air across the finish line. We look the part, now we just need to walk the walk."

The two national champions in attendance, Simon Gerrans and Fumiyuki Beppu also showed off their unique kits. Gerrans was beaming in his freshly earned Australian jersey, with the simplicity of the traditional green and gold stripe on a white background the fitting symbol of his achievement.

"I’ve been dying to put it on all week since the win last weekend," said Gerrans.

Beppu’s meanwhile pays homage to the Japanese red and white with a subtle green colouring on the shorts.

All about the brand: GreenEdge still insistent on no rush to find sponsor

In the lead-up to the kit unveiling, rumours had started to circulate that the launch would also coincide with a headline sponsor announcement. Indeed, in the official press invitation to the event the phrase "and other major announcements" had led many to believe that a sponsor – the one thing GreenEdge seemed to lack – had been found.

Alas, no such announcement eventuated, and Shayne Bannan coolly played down the necessity of the sponsor search with a line he has time and time repeated.

"We’re happy to focus this year on building the brand. That’s been the plan from day one. That’s not to say we don’t expect to announce a sponsor before the Giro or Tour – we’d welcome that opportunity, but for now – it’s about the GreenEdge brand."

Back in October, Bannan had previously stated to Cyclingnews that a sponsor for the GreenEdge team in its first year had been unlikely, and the search for one had "not been as aggressive because of the team’s focus on building the brand."

"We don't want to be desperate and go and knock on everyone's doors. Gerry, in his generosity, is really keen to develop the brand, develop the team which I think will put us in a good situation this time next year."

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Alex Hinds, Production Editor

Sydney, Australia

Alex Hinds is a graduate of Economics and Political Science from Sydney University. Growing up in the metropolitan area of the city he quickly became a bike junkie, dabbling in mountain and road riding. Alex raced on the road in his late teens, but with the time demands of work and university proving too much, decided not to further pursue full-time riding.

If he was going to be involved in cycling in another way the media seemed the next best bet and jumped at the opportunity to work in the Sydney office of Cyclingnews when an offer arose in early 2011.

Though the WorldTour is of course a huge point of focus throughout the year, Alex also takes a keen interest in the domestic racing scene with a view to helping foster the careers of the next generation of cycling.

When not writing for Cyclingnews Alex is a strong proponent of the awareness of cyclists on the road in Sydney having had a few close run-ins with city traffic in the past.