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Gerolsteiner replaces Montgomery with Scholz

Gerolsteiner will be sending Ronny Scholz to the Giro d'Italia in place of the injured Sven Montgomery. The Swiss rider crashed in the Tour de Romandy and broke his collarbone. "So far this spring, Paris-Nice is the only longer tour that Ronny has ridden," said team Sport Director Christian Henn, "so the Giro fits right in with his preparations for the Tour de France." Scholz is looking forward to the Giro: "I feel good and the Giro is a great race."

The change in the Giro team actually makes it something special, the team notes. Five of the nine riders live within 30 km of each other: Scholz, Sven Krauss, Stefan Schumacher, Volker Ordowski and Matthias Russ. "Sure, we all train together as often as we can," said Scholz, "but we've never all ridden together in one race before."

Courtesy of Susan Westemeyer