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Fuji-Servetto out of Paris-Nice

CAS has ruled on the case of Fuji-Servetto trying to participate in various races, with the team losing its quest to start Paris-Nice this Sunday. The team will however be able to ride Tirreno-Adriatico and Milano-Sanremo.

G.M. Bikes SA, owner of a UCI ProTour license for the team Fuji-Servetto, filed the case before CAS against Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), organiser of Paris-Nice, and RCS Sport, organiser of the Italian events.

The involved parties were unable to settle at a meeting on March 5, requiring a quick interim decision by CAS.

The two organisers had different reasons for excluding Fuji-Servetto. ASO fears an affect of the race's the image, while RCS Sport said it has a discretionary choice to select the participants.

The arbitration procedure will continue shortly so that the CAS can proceed on the merits and render a final decision.