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Four rounds for 2011 German MTB Bundesliga International series

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Just after the start of a short track race in Saalhausen

Just after the start of a short track race in Saalhausen (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück / Philipp von Ditfurth)
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Julien Absalon wins in Heubach

Julien Absalon wins in Heubach (Image credit: Armin Küstenbrück / Philipp von Ditfurth)

The 2011 MTB Bundesliga International will feature four rounds of two races per round in Münsingen, Saalhausen, Heubach and Bad Salzdetfurth. For each round of the German national series, racers will contest a conventional cross country and a short format-type event.

This year's series features just four venues compared to seven in 2010. In part, this is because potential host Albstadt switched to putting on the German National Championships instead of the national series. Furthermore, another unspecified venue, which was considering coming onboard, will sit out this year while it sorts out some local circumstances. Unlike last year, the small size of the series is not being attributed to tough financial conditions, according to organizers.

To augment the one cross country race per venue traditional series format, results from a short format-type event held with each round will also be counted in the series standings.

At the opener in Münsingen on April 16-17 and at the final in Bad Salzdetfurth on September 24-25, an eliminator sprint will fill the short format bill, similar to what is new for the World Cups in 2011. However, instead of four riders per heat, the Bundesliga will continue running its eliminator events with six riders per heat. Number one and number two move on to each next round plus the two riders with the best time of all heats.

Bundesliga round two in Saalhausen on May 14-15 is planning a short track race to go along with its cross country. Expect the race to include 10 laps of competition on a short lap. Heubach, which will host the third round on September 10-11 may feature a hill climb time trial for its short format event, but that is still to be confirmed.

The German national series will continue, for the third consecutive year, racing its under 23 men and elite men separately. The UCI has adopted this approach, too, for the first time in World Cups for 2011.

"We had about 140, 150 riders in an elites race, and the young guys had no chance to get points and to develop," said a spokesperson for the series to Cyclingnews. "You only can get points if the U23 riders are riding in a separate race. We have them in the morning before women's race."

The under 23 women will continue to race with the elite women.