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Contentpolis-Murcia: new sponsor and riders

Team Contentpolis-Murcia will bring on AMPO, an industrial metal company, as a second sponsor for 2009. The Spanish Professional Continental team also expects the edition of four riders.

The team, expected to be called Murcia-AMPO, will bring on board Aitor Pérez Arrieta (ex-Extremadura rider), Mikel Gaztañaga Echeverria (Agritubel), Dionisio Galparsoro (Euskaltel-Euskadi) and Gorka Izaguirre (neo-pro).

Team Managers Manuel López and José Antonio Ortuño announced last month their search for additional sponsors. With AMPO's backing, they could meet their goal for 2009 and see their team race the Vuelta a España.

AMPO S COOP was started in 1964 and is based in the Basque country.