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CeramicSpeed's new UFO Drip lube drops price, improves efficiency, speed

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip
(Image credit: Ceramicspeed)

CeramicSpeed has unveiled an all-new UFO Drip chain lube formula that replicates melt-on waxes in an easy-to-apply drip on formula. 

According to the brand, the new chain lube is over 15 per cent faster than the outgoing UFO Drip, but more importantly, it claims to be faster than any of its rivals on the market. The graph below outlines CeramicSpeed's findings from a five-hour friction test. Throughout the test, the new UFO drip consistently matched or outperformed its contemporaries, with losses of between 2.5 and 3.5 watts over the five-hour period. This performance trumped competitors by up to 3.5 watts and was matched most closely by AbsoluteBlack's GraphenLube

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip

(Image credit: CeramicSpeed)

10,500km per bottle

In addition to this increase in efficiency, the lubricant is said to be 50 per cent longer-lasting than its predecessor, with CeramicSpeed claiming a lifespan of up to 300km per application. The 180ml bottle is said to offer more than 35 applications, which equates to 10,500km. 

Despite this increase in both efficiency and longevity, CeramicSpeed has also taken the step to reduce the price from €70.00 to a more attainable €40.00. This still dwarfs many everyday chain lubes we've tested, but it's far from the most expensive on the market - AbsoluteBlack takes that crown. 

The application works similarly to any other drip lubricant, however, once applied, it will need to stand overnight to allow it to harden. Once dry, the chain is clean to the touch and is said to offer protection against the elements for riders of all disciplines, on- or off-road. 

If CeramicSpeed's claims are to be believed, then this bottle looks like a good investment for those looking to optimise their drivetrain efficiency without the headaches of application.