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Capelle appeals

Belgian rider Ludovic Capelle, who was given an 18 month suspension by the disciplinary commission of the Flemish Community for testing positive for EPO, has decided to appeal his ban. "Because he has the right and because he is certain of his innocence, Mr Capelle has instructed his lawyers to lodge an appeal," read a statement from his lawyer. "Since the Beke affair and the dropping of the cases against two Spanish triathletes suspected of EPO doping in September 2005, the validity of the EPO tests is clearly questionable. Capelle sees himself as one of the innocent victims of the system. The way that he was tested and punished, is also contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights."

Capelle tested positive for EPO on June 7 after a pro kermis in Gullegem, Belgium. He had been to the dentist the previous day, and according to La Derniere Heure, his lawyers will also argue that his red blood cell count increased as a result of the dental treatment.