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Canadian Cycling confirms Agreda EPO positive

Fans wonder if riders are on EPO or not.

Fans wonder if riders are on EPO or not. (Image credit: AFP Photo)

The Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) confirmed today that Miguel Agreda, who already confessed to taking the banned blood booster EPO, tested positive for the substance at the Québec Provincial Road Race Championships. He was given a two-year ban and is cut off from any future funding by Sport Canada.

Agreda confessed to using the drug shortly after his teammate Arnaud Papillon tested positive and made his own admission, although Agreda insisted his doping was independent of Papillon's. However, the CCA wasn't able to make a formal announcement at the time because it "had to await the formal resolution of the matter before commenting on the matter".

The CCA President John Tolkamp emphasised the seriousness of the incidents. "This recent second case of doping highlights the need for continued vigilance. We must be vigilant, not only in exposing those who cheat, but also in continuing to build a culture where short cuts in performance are not even contemplated," Tolkamp said. "Mr. Agreda's behavior is appalling and no confession lessens the travesty he committed against fair play, fellow competitors and his team."