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Breck Epic shifts to August for 2010

Defending champion Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie/Cannondale) is the race favorite.

Defending champion Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie/Cannondale) is the race favorite. (Image credit: Dave McElwaine/

After a successful first edition of the Breck Epic mountain bike stage race in Breckenridge, Colorado, concluded last weekend, the race organizer announced that the second edition would slide to a later, less crowded spot on the 2010 calendar.

"Next year, we will run the race from August 22 to 28," said Promoter Mike McCormack. "We'll also add some mileage, and we'll make it six full stages."

In addition, the race will shift its headquarters, moving the venue to a location that is more centrally located and closer to the host town of Breckenridge.

Jeremiah Bishop (MonaVie / Cannondale) and Jennifer Gersbach (Spot Bikes / Dale's Pale Ale) won the men's and women's races, which wrapped up last Friday. Gersbach took all of the women's stages, and Bishop won all but the final stage.

"It came down to the very end," said Bishop to Cyclingnews. On the final stage, Jorge Espinoza (Horizon Organic Cycling) launced a bold attack and got a significant advantage on Bishop and eventual runner-up Travis Brown.

"He almost got too much time," said Bishop, "and we thought there was more downhill at the end where we could reel him back in, but in fact, the whole race was a good one. Travis Brown challenged me the whole time. I didn't realize how much he'd been training for this event."

Bishop noted that the Breck Epic was the only race he's done where he's had to race with an emergency space blanket. It was part of the equipment for the race, which was run at high altitudes, often above the tree line and at times across snow fields.

The new date will move the race away from other established events on the calendar such as the US marathon national championships, the BC Bike race and the US cross country national championships.