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BMC Team wins Giro di Friuli Venezia TTT

BMC training

BMC training (Image credit: Mark Adkison)

The BMC Professional Cycling team recorded its first win as an all-American team at the Giro di Friuli Venezia in Italy Thursday.

Jonathan Garcia, Scott Nydam, Jackson Stewart, Ian McKissick, and Ken Hanson rode a near-perfect 24.2 km team time trial that resulted in the win and catapulted Jonathon Garcia to the top of the general classification. Scott Nydam jumped up to second place overall, and the BMC Team moved into first on the team GC.

"I spoke to Gavin Chilcott right after the race and he told me that our boys rode a near flawless race. We didn't know what to expect given that this was our first ever TTT, so you can well imagine how pleased we are. It's especially rewarding given that we have four neo-pros in the race. It's a significant result for the BMC and for USA Cycling," said team representative Charlie Livermore.

Gavin Chilcott was especially thankful to guest team director John Lelangue. "John's contribution to today's strategy was pivotal. His knowledge is invaluable."

The short stage wasn't without incident, however, as the final three teams to start (A.C.S. Gruppo Lupi, Finauto Neri Lucchini and Radenska Powerbar) were beset by punctures, apparently caused by a series of sharp objects being deliberately scattered across the road.