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Bettini closes his six day season

Paolo Bettini in day 4 of Munich

Paolo Bettini in day 4 of Munich (Image credit: Birke Ulrich)

Italian Paolo Bettini closed out his short six day season yesterday in Munich. The Italian paired with compatriot Marco Villa for two winter six day events; first the Grenoble Six Day and then the 43rd Six Days of Munich. The total of 12 days of racing brought Bettini an immeasurable amount of experience that could serve in next winter's events or, although recently denied, a possible run on the track in the 2008 Olympics.

"This is one hellish atmosphere," joked the 32 year-old, who was paid €100,000 for his participation in the six-day German race. "It is a party, a spectacle. For us [in Italy] it would be enough to have one-fourth of what Munich has to help relaunch our track tradition. And the public is qualified, who are aware if you make a mistake during a change and they'll hiss at you."

Bettini took his second victory in a side derny event, but did not live up to his road standards for the six day competition. Bettini and Villa finished eighth after six days, 11 laps back.

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