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BC Bike Race sold out again

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A rider in the BC Bike Race

A rider in the BC Bike Race (Image credit: BC Bike)
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Favorites at the BC Bike Race presscon

Favorites at the BC Bike Race presscon (Image credit: BC Bike)

The 2012 edition of the BC Bike Race has again sold out for what will be its sixth year. Five hundred participants will start the race on July 1 in Cumberland, British Columbia. New for 2012 are 12 time gravity enduro sections and an entirely new day 7 featuring Whistler.

"To provide the best quality experience both on and off the bike and to ensure an intimate full service event is executed at a premium level we must limit the numbers," said race director Dean Payne.

"Each of the other events in this (mountain bike stage race) category has its own flavour and its own capacity, but we don't foresee being able to or interested in hosting more than 500 each year. It's simply the most sustainable number for the quality of event we wish to host, getting to know each and every person is our goal." The BC Bike Race is known for having a large amount of singletrack relative to other weeklong off-road epics.

BC Bike Race draws a range of athletes from pros to everyday Joes; this year is no exception.

The race will run through July 7. Registration for 2013 will open July 8th one day after the completion of this year’s event.

Chris Sheppard and Jennifer Schulz won the 2011 BC Bike Race.

For more information on the BC Bike Race, visit

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