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Australian Track World's team announced

Cycling Australia has announced the Cyclones team to contest the 2006 Track Cycling World Championships being staged in Bordeaux, France from April 13-16.

For the Sprint events, the following riders have been selected:

Ryan Bayley (WA 09.03.1982)
Shane Kelly (VIC 07.01.1972)
Ben Kersten (NSW 21.09.1981)
Joel Leonard (VIC 22.07.1981)
Anna Meares (QLD 21.09.1983)
Kerrie Meares (QLD 04.09.1982)
Shane Perkins (VIC 30.12.1985)

For the Endurance events, the following riders have been selected:

Katherine Bates (NSW 18.05.1982)
Simon Clarke (VIC 18.07.1986)
Peter Dawson (WA 04.02.1982)
Sean Finning (VIC 22.01.1985)
Matthew Goss (TAS 05.11.1986)
Ashley Hutchinson (QLD 09.05.1979)
Mark Jamieson (TAS 04.05.1984)
Katie Mactier (VIC 23.03.1975)
Miles Olman (QLD 23.02.1986)
Stephen Wooldridge (NSW 17.10.1977)