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100-mile mountain bike racing spreads north to Canada

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The long and winding road.

The long and winding road. (Image credit: Substance Projects)
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On the start line in Ontario

On the start line in Ontario (Image credit: Substance Projects)
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Racers may find themselves on the rivet at the new Victoria's 100

Racers may find themselves on the rivet at the new Victoria's 100 (Image credit: Substance Projects)

Canada will get its first 100-mile (160km) mountain bike race on May 22, 2011. The Victoria's 100 will take racers on two 50-mile laps in southern Ontario.

Mansfield Outdoor Centre, which has hosted 24-hour, eight-hour, marathon and Ontario Cup cross country racing over the years, will be the site of the start/finish line for this 100-mile journey. The course winds through singletrack and doubletrack, covering four properties in two counties, all with less than 1km of gravel road. Designers have worked to make the course fast and fun. It will feature a few short, steep climbs, for a total of 750m climbing per lap, and it boasts many features of the acclaimed 2010 Ontario MTB Marathon Championship track.

Victoria's 100 is expected to attract some of the top endurance racers, while also offering amateurs an attainable challenge. A shorter, 80km option is available as is a 4x40km MTB Relay. On the previous day, Saturday, May 21, there are also 10km and 20km events for enthusiasts.

The race will be run rain or shine, and participants are invited to attend pre-race trail maintenance days to finish readying the course.

Proceeds from the race will go to IMBA Canada.

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