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Sportful clothing range overview 2019: range, details, pricing and specifications

Sportful clothing
(Image credit: Sportful)

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Sportful was founded in 1973, built on the roots of Italian underwear manufacturing house Manifattura Valcismon. Initially, the brand produced cross-country ski clothing after company founder Giordano Cremonese was left unsatisfied by the XC skiing kit that was available.

After establishing Sportful as a ski wear brand, the company began to develop cycling clothing in 1985, finding its way onto riders from Ceramiche Ariostea, Maglificio Bianchi and Mapei.

In the 1990s, Manifattura Valcismon acquired fellow Italian clothing brand Castelli; both are now produced under the same roof along with Karpos, an outdoor brand specialising in climbing, hiking and ski mountaineering gear.

Nowadays you'll find Sportful kit on the backs of riders from Bora-Hansgrohe and Bahrain-Merida.

Sportful range explained

As with any other cycling clothing brand, Sportful clothing covers a range of performance levels, from the lower end of the spectrum all the way up to the gear Bora-Hansgrohe and Bahrain-Merida race at the highest level. 

BodyFit Pro - the kit designed for Sportful's pro teams. It’s tight, aero and technical.

Fiandre - the ‘ready for anything range’ comprising versatile clothing to battle changing weather conditions.

Protection - rain and wind jackets to stave off the elements.

Giara - Sportful's gravel and adventure range, usually a bit more relaxed fitting, comfort is the name of the game with lots of pockets.

SuperGiara - Still gravel kit, but with performance taking president over comfort.

Sportful clothing you can buy today

Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket

(Image credit: Sportful)

Fiandre Pro Jacket

Highly breathable rain jersey

Price: Short Sleeve £190 / $260 / AU$350, Long Sleeve £210 / $300 / AU$380 | Gender: Men

Polartec fabric 
Taped seams
Drop tail
On the bike only fit

Sportful's version of the rain jersey is the Fiandre pro jacket made from Polartec’s NeoShell laminated wind and waterproof fabric — not the Gore fabric used by Castelli. It’s highly breathable, stretchy and, most importantly, it keeps the rain on the outside with fully taped seams and a waterproof YKK vislon zipper. 

Available in both short and long sleeve versions, the short sleeve ‘jacket’ sees the lower cuff stop just above the elbow with grippers to seal out the elements and a high-cut collar prevents the cold from sneaking in the top of the jacket.

Both have three external pockets and a pronounced drop tail to prevent the spray from your rear tyre saturating your chamois. The jersey features an articulated cut; standing up it’s not all that comfortable, however when you reach for the bars, the shoulder hem falls into place, and the jersey hugs your form. 

Sportful NoRain Bib Tights

(Image credit: Sportful)

Fiandre NoRain Team Bib Tights

Rain-shedding tights

Price: £110 / $160 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men and women

Rain shedding protection
Not actually waterproof

Sportful’s NoRain fabric isn’t a laminated three-layer textile with a waterproof membrane in the middle; instead, it gets a 'proprietary nanotechnology treatment' — translation, DWR.

The bib tights are made from fleece-lined lycra, which sees the DWR exterior treatment which causes water to bead and runoff. They aren’t waterproof and won’t keep you dry like the Polartec fabric used in the Pro jacket, but they will keep the elements at bay for a while. Sportful has also used as few seams as possible, not only to prevent chafing but also to keep more moisture out. 

At the bottom, these tights see ankle zips to prevent them from creeping up. Inside, the NoRain Team bibs employ a Sportful BodyFit Pro chamois so you can sit pretty for hours on end in the rain. 

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Bib Shorts

(Image credit: Sportful)

Fiandre NoRain Pro Bib Shorts

Keep your thighs dry and your core warm

Price: £120 / $150 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men and women

Top-end chamois 
Brushed interior 
DWR exterior
No coverage for knees

Chop the Fiandre NoRain bib tights off at the knee and upgrade the chamois and you basically have the Fiandre NoRain bib shorts. The Pro version also gets the brands lay flat bib-straps which work as the name suggests, and are perforated for added breathability.  

They are a pro-level race-fit bib with a raw cut leg band, and the bulk of the short is made from the fleece-lined DWR treated NoRain fabric. Instead of the BodyFit Pro pad, the Pro version of the shorts has the Total Comfort (TC) Pro Chamois, which is lighter on the padding and features extended flaps to help prevent irritation in your nether regions on long base mile rides. 

Sportful NoRain warmers

(Image credit: Sportful)

NoRain Warmers

Budget friendly rain protection from the cold and rain

Price: Arm £30 / $50 / AU$TBC, Leg £45 / $60 / AU$TBC, Knee £35 / $50 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men and women

DWR treatment causes rain to bead and run off
They will wet out eventually

Available in arm, knee and leg flavours, all three are made from the same DWR treated, fleece-lined fabric as the NoRain shorts and tights. They only use a single seam to limit chafing and pinching and see silicon grippers to prevent the warmer from falling down. 

All three come in four sizes and feature reflective piping and logos.  

Sportful BodyFit Pro Jacket

(Image credit: Sportful)

Bodyfit Pro Jacket

WorldTour-level insulated jacket

Price: £165 / $205 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men and women

Exterior pockets
Race fit
 No vents

Claimed to be comfortable down to 8-degrees Celcius, the BodyFit Pro jacket is made with a three-layer construction for maximum warmth with minimal bulk. The innermost layer is a fast-wicking mesh, in the middle is Thermore lightweight insulation, and the outer layer is a wind- and water-resistant face fabric.

According to Sportful, the cut of the Bodyfit Pro Jacket has seen input from WorldTour pros and features a body-hugging cut to slip through the wind with minimal resistance. A silicon waste band on the bottom keeps the rear of the jersey in place, and three back pockets keep your snacks easily accessible. 

Sportful BodyFit Pro Tight

(Image credit: Sportful)

BodyFit Pro Bib Tights

Tights tailored to provide warmth in all the right places

Price: £18 / $14 / AU$25 | Cuff height: 6in | Gender: Men and women

Total Comfort Prod pad
Multi-weight fabrics

The BodyFit Pro bib tights don’t see the durable water-repellent fabrics used in the NoRain gear, instead, Sportful uses high-stretch heavier fabric in areas vital for warmth, and thinner fabrics help your body dump excess heat. This means you stay warm without overheating or getting overly sweaty.

Inside the BodyFit Pro Tights see a Total Comfort Pro Chamois pad and lay-flat bib straps at the top.

Each leg sees a 360-degree reflective leg band and Camlock zips at the ankles.

Sportful SuperGiara Thermal Jersey

(Image credit: Sportful)

SuperGiara Thermal Jersey

A wind vest and a jersey in one

Price: £110 / $195 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men

Windproof front
Dual-layer thermal fabrics
It looks like there is a plastic bag stuck on the front

Based loosely on Sportful’s Giara Thermal jersey, the SuperGiara adds a bit of protection from the cold, while still keeping aerodynamics high on the list of design priorities. While the Gaira jersey is a looser fitting garment designed for long days on gravel roads, the SuperGiara sees a slimmer cut.

Combining a long-sleeve jersey and a wind vest into a single garment, the SuperGiara is made from twin layer thermal fabrics to trap additional heat and has a windproof front panel. The rear of the jersey is made from mesh serving as an exhaust for excess warmth and also features three pockets.

Sportful SuperGiara bib tights

(Image credit: Sportful)

SuperGiara Bib Tights

Bib tights for riding past where the tarmac ends

Price: £135 / $195 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men

Storage galore
Cushy pad
Chamois may not suit aggressive riding position

The SuperGiara bib tights are what you get if the BodyFit tights grew a moustache, started drinking IPA beer and traded 700cx25m tyres for 650bx55mm rubber. 

With a thigh pocket for keeping extra tools and snacks at hand, the tights have double thickness fabrics over the knees to keep your joints warm and happy. In areas like the lower leg where less insulation is needed, lighter weight materials are utilised. 

The SuperGaira bib tights have a DMS seat pad which is designed with a bit of extra shock absorption built in for riding over rougher roads. Even though gravel riders tend to err more on the side of baggies, the SuperGiara tights offer as Sportful puts it, a ‘painted-on’ fit. 

Sportful Sotto Zero Glove

(Image credit: Sportful)

Sotto Zero Gloves

Deep winter gloves to keep your hands toasty when the mercury drops

Price: £55 / $60 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men

Primaloft Silver insulation 
Silicon palm
Might be overkill depending where you live

With 60g Primaloft Silver insulation the Sotto Zero Gloves will keep your hands warm even when the temperature dips below freezing. The back of the glove is made from a water-resistant softshell fabric, and the interior is fleece-lined for maximum comfort.

The Clarino palm doesn't inhibit bar feel and features silicone detailing for added purchase on wet bar tape. Sportful has also finished the index finger and thumb with touch-screen friendly fabric, so you won’t need to use your nose to answer a call. The thumb features a microfiber nose wipe to prevent you from resembling Rudolf, and the cuff sees a velcro closure to seal the warmth inside. 

Sportful Toe Cover

(Image credit: Sportful)

Pro Race Toe Cover

Neoprene toe warmers

Price: £20 / $25 / AU$TBC | Gender: Unisex

Simple and warm

Sometimes full booties are overkill, but the weather is still chilly enough that the cold begins to nip your little piggies, which is where toe covers come in handy. Sportful Pro Race Toe Covers are made from 3mm Neoprene to block the wind and water, and they can even be left on your shoes through the entirety of shoulder season. 

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Cap

(Image credit: Sportful)

Fiandre NoRain Cap

Keep your noggin rain-free

Price: £40 / US$50 / AU$TBC | Gender: Unisex

Waterproof yet breathable

An oft-overlooked aspect of riding in the rain is your head. While some helmets have aero/rain covers, for the most part, your best defence is a cotton cap. While cotton is great for leisurewear, in terms of keeping warm it’s arguably the worst thing you can wear; soaking up moisture like a sponge and hanging onto it until you’re chilled to the bone.

The NoRain Cap features a waterproof membrane to prevent rain from soaking through while still allowing moisture to escape. 

Sportful Race Winter Socks

(Image credit: Sportful)

Race Winter Socks

Merino Socks

Price: £20 / $25 / AU$TBC | Gender: Unisex

Soft on the skin

Merino wool socks are a godsend for winter riding, and the Race winter socks offer a well-fitting tall option for keeping your feet warm. They come in Black or Grey, so you won’t ruin them if you get stuck out in the wet.

Sportful 2nd Skin Long Sleeve Base Layer

(Image credit: Sportful)

2nd Skin Long Sleeve Base Layer

Multi-fabric winter base

Price: £65 / $70 / AU$TBC | Gender: Men and women

More than just a wicking layer
Clever use of texture fabric to generate warmth
Long sleeve base layers aren’t for everyone

Layering for a winter ride is essential to staying warm, and a good base layer can make all the difference. Sportful's 2nd Skin, Long Sleeve base, is made from a mix of polypropylene and polyester, called Dryarn, and features textured fabrics throughout to increase warmth and comfort. 

The main body sees a fabric with a pique structure ideal for moisture-wicking and providing some warmth, while the shoulder and elbow inserts are made from textured material designed to create loft and trap warm air. The rear and underarms are made from mesh to help your body thermoregulate without overheating.

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