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Co-op bikes from REI: a comprehensive range overview

(Image credit: REI)

REI (Recreational Equipment Inc) is one of the largest outdoor retailers in the US, and in 2016 launched its own in-house bike brand, Co-op Cycles. Established in 1938, the retailer has always defined itself as a member-owned cooperative, with the retailer investing the majority of its profits back into the outdoor community through employee profit-sharing and retirement, donations to nonprofits that are dedicated to the outdoor community, used gear, garage sales and of course member dividends — a kickback for every dollar you spend.

The REI brand already offers bike servicing and a full range of parts and accessories and sells bikes from Cannondale, Ghost and others, but based on member feedback found its previous in-house brand, Novara, came up short. So it rebranded and reimagined the line-up for Co-op Cycles. With a focus on well-designed frames specced with quality parts that don’t break the bank, Co-op Cycles offers everything from all road and adventure bikes to full suspension mountain bikes, even some for the mini-riders in your household.

Scroll down to browse our picks from the range, or head to REI to shop Co-op Cycles bikes

Co-op Cycles' range of bikes


(Image credit: REI)

ADV 1.1

Classic steel touring bike for those with big plans but not much to spend

Frame: Steel | Gears: 3x10 | Price: $1,399.00

Steel frame
Disc brakes
Triple crank adds range but complicates shifting
Bar-end shifters

The ADV 1.1 is a classic steel touring frame ready to take on all your bikepacking gear and help you pedal over many a mountain pass. With a triple crankset on the front and an 11-34t cassette on the back, there is no shortage of range to winch up any incline. Rolling on 700c wheels with 38mm Schwalbe Marathon rubber, it is ready for gravely shoulders and glass strewn urban streets alike. As any touring bike should have, there are mounts galore for racks and fenders to take the weight off your body and support it with the bike.

REI has opted for TRP’s HY/RD brakes, which are actuated by a cable, but with the master cylinder located on the caliper itself offers much of the power and modulation of a hydraulic system, but also makes for more straightforward repairs in the field. 


(Image credit: REI)

ADV 3.1

Multi-surface adventure bike

Frame: Steel | Gears: 2x10 | Price: $1,399.00

Clutched rear mech 
650b wheels
Bar-end shifters

While the ADV 1.1 is pitched more as a tarmac faring option, the ADV3.1 is built for gravel rides and multi-day trips out into the backcountry. Made from double-butted Chromoly steel, the frame is based around 650b wheels and 50mm Donnelly X’Plor MSO rubber tyres. 

At the front, you’ll find a 12-degree flared handlebar to get your hands nice and wide when the road ahead is spicy. A 2x10speed Shimano Deore drivetrain pairs a 38/24t crankset with an 11-36t cassette, bar-end shifters and a clutched rear derailleur guide the chain through the range and prevent it from jumping overboard. Mechanical disc brakes offer decent stopping power while also making for simple road/trailside repairs — especially useful when the nearest services are miles away. 


(Image credit: REI)

ADV 4.2

Big bike for big adventures

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 2x11 | Price: $2,099.00

Thudbuster seatpost
Jones Loop H-Bar
SLX drivetrain
Hydraulic brakes

If you have plans for a self-supported big adventure that sees you navigating technical terrain and dirt roads, while avoiding the tarmac like it's made of lava, the ADV 4.2 might just be the bike for you. Built around 27.5+ tyres and wide rims, the aluminum frame is designed to carry big loads with every conceivable rack mounting point. 

A Jones Loop H-Bar sits at the front, allowing multiple hand positions, and adding a few additional mounting points. REI has specced a full Shimano SLX 2x11 drivetrain, a clutched rear derailleur, and hydraulic brakes. To keep your derriere comfortable over hours of rough trails and washboard rural roads, a Cane Creek Thudbuster Seatpost holds up the WTB Pure V Race saddle. 


(Image credit: REI)

CTY 2.1

Best for pothole strewn commutes

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 3x8 | Price: $749.00

Hydraulic brakes
Reflective details on the frame 
Flat bar
Standard double triangle and step-through available

With a lightweight alloy frame, 3x8 drivetrain, and 700c wheels and tyres, the CTY 2.1 makes quick work of bumpy commutes. At the front is an SR Suntour NEX HLO fork with 63mm of travel and a lockout if you don't need the squish. 

Looking after the gears is a mix of Shimano Tourney, Acera, and Altus components, with an 11-34T 8-speed cassette at the back and a 48/38/28 triple chainring at the front. With the 700x40mm Kenda Kick Back tyres, the bike will be efficient over lengthy commutes, and Shimano M315 two-piston hydraulic brakes allow you to keep your speed in check with one-finger braking. REI also offers this as a step-through frame in the same configuration.


(Image credit: REI)

CTY 1.1

Budget-friendly and efficient hybrid city bike

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 3x18 | Price: $549.00

Rigid fork means less maintenance and weight
40mm tyres
Rack and fender mounts
Narrower range cassette than CTY 2.1

The CTY 1.1 is based around the same frame (standard and step-through) as the CTY 2.1, albeit with a few key component swaps which bring the price down a touch. The most obvious is the swap from suspension fork to a rigid one. While you may lose some of the bump absorption, it also means one less moving part which requires maintenance and can wear out or fail. The drivetrain is identical, albeit with a slightly reduced gear range sporting an 11-32t cassette at the back. 

The brakes change from Shimano hydro to Tektro M300 mechanical, which still offer quite a bit of stopping power and modulation. There are more rack and fender mounts than you can shake a stick at, and the 700x40mm Kenda K-1024 tyres have a reflective sidewall, and enough puncture protection to stave off all manner of sharp pokies. 


(Image credit: REI)

CTY 1.2

Pimped-out commuter

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 3x9 | Price: $899.00

Clutched rear derailleur 
Hydraulic brakes 
Front and rear thru-axle
No step-through

The CTY 1.2 is Co-Op Cycles' top-end hybrid commuter bike. With hydraulic disc brakes, the rear brake hose is routed inside the frame to clean up the look, while the rest of the cables which will need to be replaced more often are external. The cranks spin a 3x9 drivetrain that is a mix of Shimano Altus, Acera, and Alivio — including the clutched Alivio rear derailleur, which will keep the chain quiet and prevent it from bouncing off the chainrings. The bike also sees front and rear thru-axles, ensuring the wheels are in the frame straight and tight. 

The frame has reflective decals and so do the sidewalls 700x35mm Kenda Kwick Trax rubber.  


(Image credit: REI)

DRT 2.2 bike

Hardy hardtail that won't break the bank

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x12 | Price: $1,799.00

1x12 drivetrain
Tubeless-ready wheels and tyres
125mm dropper post

Hardy hardtails are some of the most fun bikes around. They’re not as comfortable and are a bit more of a handful to control compared to their full-sus counterparts with similar geometry and travel, which is why we’d wager a hardtail like this will leave a bigger smile on your face. 

The alloy frame is shod with a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle Groupset, and see the massive 10-50t cassette on the rear. At the front, you’ll find a RockShox Recon RL fork with 120mm of squish, and between the stays, you’ll find 27.5in ST i35 TCS 2.0 tubeless-ready wheels mated to 2.8in WTB ranger rubber. Beyond solid geometry and some suspension, the key to the hardy hardtail experience is a dropper post, as it doubles the capability of the bike; here on the DRT 2.2, you’ll find an X-Fusion Manic dropper with 125mm travel.

Kids' bikes


(Image credit: REI)


Perfect bike to get your mini shredder out on the trails

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x9 | Wheel size: 24in | Price: $459.00

Hydraulic brakes
1x8 drivetrain
Standover height
2.6in rubber

With an 80mm SR Suntour XCT JR24 fork on the front, Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes, and a 1x8 Shimano drivetrain, the REV DRT kids' bike is the perfect way to introduce the groms in your household to singletrack. The frame is made from aluminum and sees a low-slung top tube to allow for plenty of standover height so your little one can gracefully dismount. 

The 1x8 speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain keeps shifting simple and uses grip shifters to make changing gears easy for little hands. The chainguard on the 30t front ring will also prevent drop chains. Rolling on 24in wheels, the REV DRT sports Slant Si Sport 2.6in wide tyres. 


(Image credit: REI)

REV 24 Plus

Get your kids out on the trails for cheap

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 3x7 | Wheel size: 24in | Price: $379.00

1x7 Shimano Tourney drivetrain
24in wheels with 2.6in tyres
Standover height

The REV 24 Plus is based around the same frame as the above, but swaps the suspension fork for a rigid alloy version, and changes a few key components to knock almost 100 bucks off the retail price. 

This version of the REV 24 Plus sees a 1x7 sped Shimano Tourney drivetrain, complete with grip shift, and Logan mechanical disc brakes in lieu of hydro stoppers. It still rolls on 24in wheels shod with 2.6in Slant Six Sport rubber and has a low-slung frame to maximize standover height for your pint-sized pedaller.


(Image credit: REI)


All-rounder for the little rider

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 3x7 | Wheel size: 24in | Price: $349.00

Step-through and standard frame
3x drivetrain adds complication to shifting

Available in standard and step-through version, the 24in REV CTY bike is perfect for rides to school and weekend excursions along the local bike path. 

A 3x7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain provides plenty of gear range to help your little one make their way up the hill at the end of your street, and Logan linear-pull rim brakes allow them to slow down on the other side. 


(Image credit: REI)

REV 20

Stopping power regardless of hand strength

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x1 | Wheel size: 20in | Price: $209.00

Coaster brake and linear pull brake 
BMX style bars
20in wheels

Based around a BMX frame, the REV 20 is perfect for little riders who are just on the verge of having the hand strength to use bar-mounted brake levers. Rolling on 20in wheels and tyres, REV 20 has both a coaster brake and a Tektro linear-pull rim brake on the rear wheel.

At the front is a BMX-style handlebar, and Co-Op includes a sticker pack so your mini shredder can make their bike their own. 


(Image credit: REI)

REV 20 6-speed Plus

Light, simple and stable with plenty of traction

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x6 | Wheel size: 20in | Price: $339.00

Disc brakes
Grip shifters
2.6in tyres

Rolling on 20in wheels, this version of the REV 20 sees 2.6in Slant Sport rubber. It has a six-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain with grip shifters and Logan cable-actuated disc brakes to keep your little one’s speed in check.

The 6061 aluminum frame is light and robust, with a low-slung top tube to allow for plenty of standover clearance.


(Image credit: REI)

REV 16

Best for the beginner riders

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x1 | Wheel size: 16in | Price: $189.00

Removable training wheels
Standover height
Sticker pack

For the kidlets who aren’t quite ready to leave the training wheels in the dust, the REV 16 has removable supports to foster a smooth transition and a lot of standover height for easy on and offs. 

The frame is made from aluminum, rolls on 16in wheels and tyres, and utilizes a coaster brake. The bike comes in Blue Breeze and Red Sparkle and comes with a sticker pack so your little pedaller can customize their ride. 


(Image credit: REI)

REV 12

Beginner bike for the riders yet to hit their growth spurt

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x1 | Wheel size: 12in | Price: $159.00

Two colour options
Rear coaster brake
Carry handle

The REV 12 kids' bike has 12in wheels and removable training wheels for the rider just getting started with a pedal bike. The frame is made from aluminum, and a rear coaster brake allows you to teach them epic skids. To make your life simpler, Co-Op has chosen a saddle with a handle on the back for easy carrying and to help you keep them upright for those first pedal strokes without the training wheels. 

The REV 12 is available in Ultra Lilac or Electric Blue and comes with a sticker pack for full customization.


(Image credit: REI)

REV 12 Balance

Best for building balance and coordination

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: 1x1 | Wheel size: 12in | Price: $139.00

Carry handle
Three colour options
Durable frame

Balance bikes teach kids the basics skills and coordination needed to pick up the foundation of riding a bike without worrying about pedalling. Rolling on 12in wheels, the minimum standover height is just over a foot, the aluminum frame is lightweight and will withstand a good deal of abuse. It comes in Spring Green, Fireglow Orange, and Lime Blast, and there is a handle behind the seat to make the bike easy to carry when your mini shredder decides they’ve had enough of riding for one day.