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Helen Wyman: One to go at the Aviva Women's Tour

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Helen Wyman and her Matrix FItness teammate

Helen Wyman and her Matrix FItness teammate (Image credit: Sean Robinson/Velofocus)
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European Champion Helen Wyman (Kona)

European Champion Helen Wyman (Kona) (Image credit: Dave McElwaine)

Four days down, one to go. Sounds good doesn’t it. Well it does to me anyway. Not that I’m counting down the days or anything……..honest!

Today turned into a pretty wild stage, from what looked on paper to be pretty good. The organisers seemed to find the little roads that I love training on around Hertfordshire, which was a lot of fun, although potholes in a peloton can get a little wild at times. Poor Rich, our mechanic, will be truing a few wheels this evening. Turns out square wheels aren’t as fast! That is after he’s done cleaning the bikes as today was our first rainy day of the race.

Wet days don’t only make hard work for the staff, they also make it a little frantic in the camper post race. I usually hang out outside the motorhome, after all it is summer and warm enough to chill out there along with a few of the other girls. However, on rainy days everyone has to get changed inside and we all want out of our kit ASAP as no one wants to get sick. This basically results in full on carnage. Today to add to this, Kim was on doping control so the chaperone had to come into the camper too so she could watch Kim get changed. (Yes they do that, but then they also watch us pee in a cup, which ultimately is a bit weird).

Steve is one of our loyal helpers and possibly the smiliest man we have ever met. He has the nickname ‘Spangles’ as he really gets into shining everything up from the bikes to the team car. Well today he was helping Martin, our soigneur, with recovery drinks and food and stuff so was in and out of the camper too.

As the girls began arriving he obviously had to leave, mid task. We said we could take over but then as more girls and the doping control officer arrived, the camper got very crowded. Laura was changed and outside signing cards and needed all the girls to sign so opened the door just as I was mid changing. Not a problem. But then she said, 'oh sign this', to which I replied, 'I’m naked', just as my towel dropped while holding only a bottle and pen. She pretty much squealed 'oh god you are naked', just as Steve knocked on the door with ‘can I come in?’ The poor chap has probably never heard six women shout 'no' at the top of their voices before!!!

Needless to say he would’ve got a shock if he hadn’t heard us, ha ha ha!

So tomorrow is the last day and that is something exciting, the weather is supposed to brighten up again so that’s a bonus. Only problem is we actually ride through the Chiltern hills and I know there are some fresh climbing legs in that peloton right now with team leaders not having done too much so far.

My prediction for the Women's Tour final stage will be Emma Johansson for the overall and bodies everywhere for the rest! Till then.

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Follow British 'cross champion Helen Wyman during the 2012-2013 season as the Kona factory team rider competes in both the United States and Europe through to the 2013 world championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

Based in Belgium for seven years, Wyman has won the British 'cross championship seven years running, notched victories in the US and Europe and has stood on the podium at 'cross World Cups.