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A day to recover

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A close up of the four legged friend

A close up of the four legged friend (Image credit: Manny Goguen)
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Fun on the rollers

Fun on the rollers (Image credit: Manny Goguen)
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The castle at Vorselaar

The castle at Vorselaar (Image credit: Manny Goguen)
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The group visits the castle at Vorselaar

The group visits the castle at Vorselaar (Image credit: Manny Goguen)
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Fun on the rollers

Fun on the rollers (Image credit: Manny Goguen)

It is our eighth day here in Vorselaar Belgium, and the day after the Zolder Wolrd Cup. Tomorrow we race the famous race with the whoops, Loenhout! I'm getting super pumped for this race, if I remember correctly I had my best ride in Loenhout last time I was here in 08/09 as a Junior. With a World Cup yesterday and a Bpost Bank series race tomorrow that makes today one to rest and recover.

This is a much needed day off for me, yesterday I got pretty banged up with a couple hard crashes in the pre race laps trying to test the course limits... Actually as much as I'd like to say course limits I should really say my limits because after watching Sven Nys on tv fly through sections smoothly, faster than I went through them crashing I clearly wasn't getting close to the course limits... It's amazing watching how fast the veteran pros rip around these courses!

Today's rest day started off with a quick trip to castle Vorselaar for team pictures. On our way back a couple of us stopped to get some pictures of this massive horse near by. Curtis said it was Bob Marley reincarnated haha. I was happy to get back and get on the rollers, nothing feels better than lightly spinning yesterdays hard race out of my legs. We manage to have just as much fun training indoors on rainy days as we do outside on the 'cross course in town.

After everyone rides, the rest of the day we just try to stay off our feet as much as possible. Recovering is just as important as training hard, there's no pick up football games or outdoor activities today. Most of us spend out free time watching some tv shows online, reading a book or taking a nap; there's also bit of pool played, a fun and easy activity.

But we can't be to lazy, before dinner I've got to go through my bikes and makes sure they are race ready for tomorrow's super fun race. I'm pretty sure after yesterdays race with all the sand on the course I may need to change a couple cables. Keeping your bike in tip top shape is very important for any elite racer and with these muddy courses it can be a challenge but luckily we have great help over here from Dave our mechanic. Geoff has set up an excellent program for us here, it helps us to race at our best while staying relaxed and really have the opportunity to soak in the European racing scene and learn a lot from it.

I'd like to take this time to thank, Geoff, Jim, Dave and all the staff for their ceaseless support and assistance. And I would also like to thank NEBRA and all of our great friends and family back home who made it possible for Peter and I to make this trip!

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Euro 'Cross Camp Director Geoff Proctor will lead the tenth annual cyclo-cross camp that will run through late December and early January. Nine juniors, six U23s and one elite rider will make the journey to Belgium to train and race over the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

What's new for this year is the location of the Euro 'Cross Camp, which will be in Vorselaar, Belgium. Racing for the campers will begin on December 23 at the Namur World Cup and run through the Baal Bpost Bank Trophee on January 1. A few of the Euro 'Cross Campers will stay a bit extra so that they can also compete in the Rome World Cup on January 6.

The camp has previously helped the careers of racers like current US National Champion Ryan Trebon, Jeremy Powers and Jamey Driscoll. Read these diaries for hints of who may emerge from this year's crop of three elite, eight U23 and eight junior racers as America's future 'cross stars? Coach Proctor and his riders will take turns contributing diary entries.

2012-2013 Euro 'Cross Camp X Roster

Justin Lindine (Redline Bicycles), 28, New Salem, MA

Under 23s
Manny Goguen (C.F. Racing P/B Trek Portsmouth), 21, Hopedale, MA
Danny Gerow (Wolverine Racing Elite CX, 21, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Josh Johnson (Bissell-ABG-Nuvo), 20, Fort Wayne, IN
Skyler Trujillo (Boo/Enve/Challenge), 20, Fort Collins, CO
Andrew Dillman (Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross), 18, Fairdale, KY
Tobin Ortenblad (Cal Giant Berry Farms/Specialized), 18, Santa Cruz, CA

Logan Owen (Redline Bicycles), 17, Bremerton, WA
Curtis White (Hot Tubes Development Team), 17, Duanesburg, NY
Nate Morse (Hot Tubes Development Team), 17, Cohasset, MA
Stephen Bassett (Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross), 17, Knoxville, TN
Nick Torraca (Mad Duck Cyclery), 17, Grapevine, TX
John Francisco (Red Zone Cycling) 17, Louisville, KY
Peter Goguen (C.F. Racing P/B Trek Portsmouth), 16, Hopedale, MA
David Lombardo (Verdigris-Village Cyclocross), 16, Crystal Lake, IL
Josey Weik (ISCorp), 16, Wrenshall, MN