Home team nabs opening stage

Chileans top Shimano, Jamis-Sutter Home

The first stage of the Vuelta Chile was set on the northern beach front of La Serena, with the opening time trial comprising of a flat 18.8km along the sea front to Coquimbo and back. There were high hopes ahead of stage one for Gonzalo Garrido, the defending champion, and his Clos de Pirque Trek team. In the end they didn't disappoint and took a comfortable victory, coming home 39 seconds clear from their main rivals, the Colombian Shimano GW Bikes team and their rider Felix Cardenas.

“We have made the first step. Tomorrow, my partner Antonio Cabrera will be leading the race, so of course the focus will be on us,” said Garrido at the finish line.

Felix Cardenas was happy with his team's performance and said that they had plenty to build on. “We know the pressure that the Chileans have put on us. Second spot is a good start in this long race,” he said.

From the early starters, Jamis Sutter Home set the fastest time of, 21:34, taking the leading position for a large chunk of the afternoon. The North American team made a big statement, complementing Tyler Wren's stage win last year in the climb to Farellones. “We are here to do something big - it’s our second year over here, and now we know the terrain we are looking forward to putting our name high up in the GC,” he said.

Tomorrow's stage will start from La Serena, heading to the the white sands of Puerto Velero, and then back to the finish line at downtown La Serena after 137 kilometers, 3 mountain finishes and thre sprint finishes.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Antonio Cabrera (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek0:20:38 
2Patricio Almonacid (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek  
3Luis Mansilla (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek  
4Christofer Mansilla (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek  
5Gonzalo Garrido (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek  
6Oscar Sanchez (Col) Shimano GW0:00:39 
7Felix Cardenas (Col) Shimano GW  
8Jaime Suaza (Col) Shimano GW  
9Daniel Rincon (Col) Shimano GW  
10Fernando Antogna (Arg) Jamis Sutter Home0:00:56 
11Luis Romero (Cub) Jamis Sutter Home  
12Peter Van Dijk (Ned) Jamis Sutter Home  
13Phillip Mooney (USA) Jamis Sutter Home  
14Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis Sutter Home  
15Luis Sepulveda (Chi) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure0:01:00 
16Gustavo Hernandez (Arg) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure  
17Gabriel Brizuela (Arg) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure  
18Ignacio Pereyra (Arg) Argentina0:01:03 
19Sergio Godoy (Arg) Argentina  
20Carlos Ackermann (Arg) Argentina  
21Juan Gaspari (Arg) Argentina  
22Alvaro Argiro (Arg) Argentina  
23Gonzalo Miranda (Chi) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure0:01:04 
24Pablo Gonzalez (Chi) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure  
25Maglio Diaz (Chi) Mostazal - Cycling Adventure  
26Vicente Muga (Chi) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano0:01:05 
27Jonathan Guzman (Chi) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano  
28Camilo Velasquez (Chi) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano  
29Miguel Hidalgo (Arg) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano  
30Luciano Caraccioli (Arg) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano  
31Gustavo Lopez (Arg) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue0:01:10 
32Mauricio Frazer (Arg) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue  
33Jorge Contreras (Chi) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue  
34Miguel Burgos (Chi) Bianchi - R2 - Shimano0:01:16 
35Juan Jose Lobato (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada0:01:18 
36Javier Ramirez (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada  
37Jesus Rosendo (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada  
38Adrian Palomares (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada  
39Allan Quezada (Chi) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue0:01:23 
40Mauricio Ardila (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes0:01:30 
41Stiver Ortiz (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes  
42Camilo Gomez (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes  
43John Martinez (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes  
44Mauricio Neisa (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes  
45Didier Chaparro (Col) Comcel - Coldeportes  
46Wolfgang Burmann (Chi) Scott - Chilemat0:01:34 
47Pablo Seisdedos (Chi) Scott - Chilemat  
48Ivan Sepulveda (Chi) Scott - Chilemat  
49Cesar Oliva (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners0:01:36 
50Daniel Bretti (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners  
51Sebastian Lazo (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners  
52Pablo Alarcon (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners  
53Pablo Reyes (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico0:01:39 
54Gonzalo Gonzalez (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico  
55Lino Arriagada (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico  
56Mandel Marquez (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico  
57Richard Rodriguez (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico  
58Gonzalo Bastidas (Chi) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films0:01:40 
59Rodrigo Berrios (Chi) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films  
60Freddy Mena (Chi) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films  
61Alejandro Duran (Arg) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films  
62Nelson Nilo (Chi) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films  
63Oscar Osorio (Chi) Arquitectura USM By Triciclo Films  
64Hugo Abarzua (Chi) Scott - Chilemat0:01:42 
65Ricardo Hazbun (Chi) Clos De Pirque - Trek0:01:43 
66Rodeyck Asconeguy (Uru) Uruguay0:02:02 
67Alan Presa (Uru) Uruguay  
68Gonzalo Tagliabue (Uru) Uruguay  
69Jose Miraglia (Uru) Uruguay  
70Diego Gonzalez (Uru) Uruguay  
71Gabriel Ahumada (Chi) Club Ciclista Chacabuco0:02:08 
72Oscar Pachon (Col) Club Ciclista Chacabuco  
73Alvaro Muñoz (Chi) Club Ciclista Chacabuco  
74Maximiliano Richeze (Arg) Team Nippo0:02:16 
75Antonio Testa (Ita) Team Nippo  
76Alexander Zhdanov (Rus) Team Nippo  
77Mauro Richeze (Arg) Team Nippo  
78Kohei Uchima (Jpn) Team Nippo  
79Jonathan Millan (Col) Shimano GW0:02:22 
80Jairo Salas (Col) Shimano GW  
81Murilo Ferraz (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo0:02:24 
82Cleberson De Almeida (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo  
83Renato Aparecido (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo  
84Eduardo De Sales (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo  
85Sidinei Rodrigues (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo  
86Alcide Simôes (Bra) Clube Dataro De Ciclismo  
87Marco Leon (Arg) Club Ciclista Chacabuco0:02:33 
88Andres Silva (Chi) Club Ciclista Chacabuco  
89Jonathan Velasquez (Chi) Club Ciclista Chacabuco  
90Jonathan Avendaño (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners0:02:41 
91Alexander Schrangl (Aut) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer0:02:42 
92Matthias Wieneroither (Aut) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer  
93Lars Pria (Rom) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer  
94Rene Bauer (Aut) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer0:02:44 
95Ignacio Maldonado (Uru) Uruguay0:02:50 
96Vincenzo Garofalo (Ita) Team Nippo0:02:58 
97Carlos Lopez (Mex) Mexico0:02:59 
98Hector Rangel (Mex) Mexico  
99Francisco Matamoros (Mex) Mexico  
100Eloy Ruiz (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada0:03:06 
101Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) Jamis Sutter Home0:03:16 
102Matias Delgado (Chi) Scott - Chilemat0:03:22 
103Antonio Cabello (Spa) Andalucia Caja Granada  
104Ivan Carbajal (Mex) Mexico0:03:24 
105Ricardo Paredes (Chi) Bicy Club Macul0:03:33 
106Christian Abarca (Chi) Bicy Club Macul  
107Anthony Ventura (Chi) Bicy Club Macul  
108Uriel Chavez (Mex) Mexico0:03:47 
109Alexander Dûrager (Aut) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer0:03:58 
110Alvaro Castro (Chi) Scanavini - Fullrunners0:04:14 
111Jose Labra (Chi) Scott - Chilemat0:04:18 
112Rodolfo Fernandez (Mex) Mexico0:05:25 
113Gerson Zuñiga (Chi) Union Ciclista Alvi PF Curico0:05:33 
114Cristian Cancino (Chi) Bicy Club Macul0:05:36 
115Cesar Venegas (Chi) Bicy Club Macul  
116Gonzalo Silva (Chi) Bicy Club Macul  
117Manuel Miranda (Chi) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue0:05:43 
118Daniel Carrizo (Chi) Felix Geraldo - Sali Hochschild Copiapo - Lm Doñihue  
119Leonel Cuni (Arg) Argentina0:05:49 
DNSElmar Hantzsch (Ger) Arbô Gebrûder Weiss - Oberndorfer  
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Clos De Pirque – Trek0:20:38 
2Shimano Gw0:00:39 
3Jamis Sutter Home0:00:56 
4Mostazal – Cycling Adventure0:01:00 
5Selección De Argentina0:01:03 
6Bianchi – R2 – Shimano0:01:05 
7Felix Geraldo – Sali Hochschild0:01:10 
9Comcel – Coldeportes0:01:30 
10Scott – Chilemat0:01:34 
11Scanavini – Fullrunners0:01:36 
12Union Ciclista Alvi Pf Curico0:01:39 
13Arquitectura Usm By Triciclo Films0:01:40 
14Selección De Uruguay0:02:02 
15Club Ciclista Chacabuco0:02:08 
16Team Nippo0:02:16 
17Clube Dataro De Ciclismo0:02:24 
18Arbô Gebrûder Weiss – Oberndorfer (Ktm)0:02:42 
19Selección De México0:02:59 
20Bicy Club Macul0:03:33 
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