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August 15, Elite Men Criterium:

Pipp pips the rest in Crit champs curtain raiser

Kirsten Frattini
August 16, 2009, 15:30 BST,
August 16, 2009, 18:39 BST

Bissell rider triumphs from massive field

Frank Pipp (Bissell) just edges out Carl Menzies (OUCH) for the win.

Frank Pipp (Bissell) just edges out Carl Menzies (OUCH) for the win.

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Frank Pipp (Bissell) played the perfect tactical game in a late-race, three-man break to capture victory at the Downers Grove ‘warm up’ criterium held on the eve of the US Pro Criterium Championships. He outpaced Tasmanian, Karl Menzies (OUCH p/b Maxxis) and Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly) in third place.

"I know a lot of people in this area so it was nice to win in front of these crowds," said Pipp who has spent a lot of time racing in the Chicago area. "Jeremy was in the wind for the last half a lap and I was fresh from sitting on Karl’s wheel."

Pipp attacked a mid-race break of some 20 riders during the final three laps of the race. He was quickly followed by Powers, a savvy cyclo-cross rider keen to make a debut podium in a criterium.

"This is the first time I’ve ever had a podium at a big race on the road so it’s awesome and I’m so happy," said Powers, who captures plenty of podium time during the cyclo-cross season. "Danny Van Haute, our directeur, said to do what we wanted tonight and I moved forward to start covering moves. I was psyched because I saw Frank go and I knew that was the move."

Menzies jumped out of the chase group in pursuit of the two escapees on the last lap. He successfully made it across, however, it was so close to the finish line that his effort to connect may have come at the cost of his notoriously snappy sprint. Power attacked with half a lap to go and Pipp played his cards right again, looking at Menzies, the strongest sprinter in the group, to chase.

"He’s [Karl Menzies] not the kind of rider you want to bridge across to the break," said Pipp. "He’s a great friend of mine but head-to-head Karl is very tough to beat. Luckily he had to do a lot of work to bridge across to us and his tank might have emptied a little bit. Jeremy and I were not going slow. Jeremy attacked, I watched him go and looked at Karl to chase it. I knew which ever one of us tried to chase would be hard-pressed to get the win."

The Downers Grove warm-up race is traditionally held on the eve of the championship event. Many of the fastest sprinters in the nation started the race torn between wanting to win and saving their legs for the more important race held the following day. Some 160 riders lined up to start but only a handful finished.

"On Bissell, we said we weren’t going to contest the win if it was a field sprint." said Pipp. "It’s too crazy, especially if you think you have a shot tomorrow."

Notorious speedsters caught sitting up before the race ended included Defending Champion Rashaan Bahati (Rock Racing), Sebastian Haedo and Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita-Sutter Home) and Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies).

"I told my guys to try to get in the break, but if they didn’t make it then to sit up from the field and save their legs for tomorrow," said former US Pro Criterium Champion Jonas Carney, who now directs the Kelly Benefit Strategies team. "It’s too dangerous and tomorrow is important. It’s good for the guys to race, to get ready for tomorrow."

A highly active first half of the pro-men’s 50-kilometre race resulted in a breakaway of some twenty riders. They included Powers, Pipp and Menzies along with Bernard Van Ulden and Matt Crane (Jelly Belly), Luis Amaran (Colavita-Sutter Home), Ivan Dominguez (Rock Racing), Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefit Strategies), Michael Creed (Team Type 1), Clayton Borrows and Stephen Kincaid (CRCA-Empire), Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell), Andrew Pinfold (OUCH p/b Maxxis) and Chad Hartley (Geargrinders).

1 Frank Pipp (Usa) Bissell 1:09:00  
2 Karl Menzies (Aus) Ouch Presented By Maxxis    
3 Jeremy Powers (Usa) Jelly Belly    
4 Clayton Barrows (Usa) Crca/Empire Cycling Team    
5 Mike Creed (Usa) Team Type 1    
6 Bernard Van Ulden (Usa) Jelly Belly    
7 Eric Barlevev (Usa) Team Mtn Khakis Pb Epno    
8 Chad Hartley (Usa) Team Geargrinder    
9 Mark Hekman (Usa) Team Mtn Khakis Pb Epno    
10 Jeff Schroetlin (Usa) Abd Cycling Team    
11 Andy Jacques-Maynes (Usa) Bissell    
12 Stephan Kincaid (Usa) Crca/Empire Cycling Team    
13 Ben Kersten (Usa) Fly-V Australia    
14 Adam Bergman (Usa) Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team    
15 Isaac Howe (Usa) Team Mtn Khakis Pb Epno    
16 Kyle Gritters (Usa) Southern California Velo    
17 Ben Renkema (Usa) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy    
18 Ronnie Strange (Usa) Team Hotel San Jose/Redbudsp    
19 Adam Myerson (Usa) Team Mountain Khakis    
20 Yosvany Falcon (Usa) Champion Porsche    
21 Phillip Mann (Usa) Ciclismo Racing    
22 Freddie Rodriguez (Usa) Rock Racing    
23 Brad Huff (Usa) Jelly Belly    
24 Jim Stemper (Usa) Team Geargrinder    
25 Ivan Dominguez (Usa) Rock Racing    
26 Eric Schildge (Usa) Bikereg.Com/Cannondale    
27 Jaime Gandara (Usa) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy    
28 Steve Tilford (Usa) Tradewind Energy/The Trek Sto    
29 Davide Frattini (Usa) Colavita Sutter Home    
30 David Wiswell (Usa) Gs Mesgoni Usa    
31 Zach Watson (Usa) Abd Cycling Team    
32 Robert Scheffler (Usa) None    
33 Adam Carr (Usa) Ten Speed Drive/Bh Bicycles    
34 Chad Cagle (Usa) Mercy Cycling    
35 Corey Steinbrecher (Usa) Waste Management    
36 Rob Evans (Usa) Rhvilla/Ias    
37 William Marshall (Usa) Mercy Elite Cycling Team    
38 Seth Hansley (Usa) Champion Porsche    
39 Justin Williams (Usa) Rock Racing    
40 Matthew Spohn (Usa) Dynaflo Racing    
41 Tom Soladay (Usa) Team Mtn Khakis Pb Epno    
42 Ryan Freund (Usa) Abd Cycling Team    
43 David Mcneal (Usa) Blue Chip Racing    
44 Mathew Ankney (Usa) Mercy Cycling Team    
45 Matt Crane (Usa) Jelly Belly    
46 Rob White (Usa) Team Geargrinder    
47 Justin England (Usa) Cal Giant    
48 Michael Margarite (Usa) Crca/Empire Cycling Team    
49 Elliot Gaunt (Usa) Gpoa Cannondale    
50 Latham Peter (Nzl) Bissell    
51 Sean Mazich (Usa) Waste Management    
52 Austin Roach (Usa) Metlife Cycling Team    
53 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Ouch Presented By Maxxis    
54 Alder Martz (Usa) Dlp Racing    
55 John Murphy (Usa) Ouch Presented By Maxxis    
56 Roman Kilun (Usa) Ouch Presented By Maxxis    
57 Bryan Mcvey (Usa) Vision Quest    
58 Luis Amaran (Usa) Colavita Sutter Home    
59 Josh Carter (Usa) Abd Cycling Team    
60 Gregg Brandt (Usa) Bianchi/Gp    
61 David Hackworthy (Usa) Bianchi/Grand Performance    
62 Eric Marcotte (Usa) Bicycle Haus    
63 Jake Hollenbach (Usa) Crca/Empire Cycling Team    
64 Alex Welch (Usa) Mercy    
65 Nick Reistad (Usa) Jelly Belly    
66 Bobby Lea (Usa) Ouch Presented By Maxxis    
67 James Mattis (Usa) Cal Giant/Specialized    
68 Bryce Mead (Usa) Jelly Belly    
69 Scott Zwizanski (Usa) Kelly Benefit Strategies    
70 Luca Damiani (Usa) Colavita Sutter Home    
71 Anibal Borrajo (Usa) Colavita Sutter Home    
72 Frank Travieso (Usa) Champion Porsche    
73 Nicholas Bennette (Usa) Metlife Pro-Am Cycling    
74 Pat Lemieux (Usa) Texas Roadhouse    
75 Joseph Schmalz (Usa) Mercy Cycling Team    
76 Benn Van Der Genugten (Usa) Kenda Pro Cycling P/B Spinergy