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US Pro XCT #2: Fontana 2011

Date range:
March 26-27, 2011

March 26, Elite men super D:

Lopes schools the men's Super D field

Ty Kady
March 27, 2011, 22:14 BST,
March 29, 2011, 4:43 BST

Smith, Craig round out top three

Multi-time world champion Brian Lopes (Oakley/Ibis/Marzocchi) showed some of the world's fastest cross country racers the fast way down the hill in Saturday's elite men's super D.

After his win, Lopes had praise for the newly designed super D. "That was a good, fun course, which suited my style and equipment," said Lopes.

"It was really fun to mix it up with these top cross country guys with this Triple Crown format. I'm going to give it a go in tomorrow's short track as I prepare for these upcoming UCI 'Eliminator' races."

The course, designed with input from Joe Lawwil, had both gravity and cross country oriented racers raving about the run. The all new Southridge super D for this year's Triple Crown was the first "proper" super D riders have seen since last year's finals at Massanutten, Virginia.

Recent rains left the dirt in primo condition, allowing riders to push themselves and their bikes to the limit. The course was littered with tricky off camber sections, rock ledges and drops that kept riders on their toes for the nearly six-minute run.

Waylon Smith of Great Britain was the only rider to keep the former four cross and downhill world champion Lopes honest with his second place run.

To no one's surprise, Giant/Rabobank cross country egular Adam Craig landed on the podium in third. Other than being a top World Cup cross country contender, Craig is known for his all mountain prowess, and his skills showed on this technical layout.

Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain) continued to impress in this year Triple Crown, as the young Canadian took a solid fourth place run among a legitimate gravity contingent of riders, and he bested many of his cross country rivals.

Ryan Gardner, Aaron Bradford, Lawwill (Bikeskills), Derek Zanstra (3 Rox Racing), Sid Taberlay (Kenda/H2O) and Nick Weighall (Cal/Giant Specialized) rounded out the top 10.

Full Results

Elite men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Brian Lopes (Oakley/Ibis) 0:05:31.23  
2 Waylon Smith 0:00:04.61  
3 Adam Craig (Giant MTB Team) 0:00:17.17  
4 Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain) 0:00:20.49  
5 Ryan Gardner (ODI) 0:00:25.40  
6 Aaron Bradford (Family Cycling/SRAM) 0:00:27.25  
7 Joe Lawwill (Bikeskills) 0:00:30.22  
8 Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing) 0:00:34.34  
9 Sid Taberlay (Kenda H20 Overdrive) 0:00:37.55  
10 Nicholas Weighall (Calgiant MTB/Specialized) 0:00:38.21  
11 Daniel Cortina (Momentum Coaching) 0:00:40.54  
12 Jon Buckell (Sobe/Cannondale) 0:00:41.28  
13 Adam Snyder (3D Bicycles) 0:00:41.64  
14 Spencer Paxson (Kona Factory Team) 0:00:54.12  
15 Ryan Egusquiza 0:00:55.49  
16 Macky Franklin (Yeti-SRAM) 0:00:58.85  
17 Francis Morin (BH Sr Suntour) 0:01:00.18  
18 Kevin Smallman (Incycle/Cannondale) 0:01:03.32  
19 Braden Kappius (Clif Bar) 0:01:03.51  
20 Zachary Valdez (Whole Athlete-Specialized) 0:01:08.54  
21 Ben Bostrom (Sho-Air/Specialized) 0:01:09.84  
22 Yuki Ikeda (Topeak-Ergon) 0:01:11.08  
23 Chris Heinrich (The Path Bike Shop) 0:01:12.14  
24 Brad Bingham 0:01:14.70  
25 Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale Factory) 0:01:20.51  
26 Clinton Claassen (Team Mad Cat) 0:01:23.27  
27 Vincent Lombardi (Steven K Pro Team) 0:01:23.53  
28 Bryson Perry (Life Time Fitness) 0:01:23.72  
29 Brad Wilhelm (Trek Bontrager) 0:01:25.87  
30 Kalan Beisel (Yeti/SRAM) 0:01:31.69  
31 Colin Osborn (Honey Stinger/Trek) 0:01:32.90  
32 Brent Steinberg (Livetrainrace.Com) 0:01:34.50  
33 Ken Onodera 0:01:38.36  
34 Derek Hermon (Bear Valley Bikes) 0:01:40.73  
35 Cody Kaiser (Cal Giant/Specialized) 0:01:43.10  
36 Keisuke Goda 0:01:46.02  
37 Zachary Keller (Focus/BMC/U23) 0:01:47.04  
38 Jack Hinkens (BMC MTB Development) 0:01:52.59  
39 Jason Siegle (Sdg/Felt) 0:02:09.38  
40 Kerry Werner (BMC MTB Development) 0:02:13.70  
41 Matt Freeman (Fisher 29Er Crew) 0:02:15.24  
42 Graham Aldredge (Mesa Cycles Racing) 0:06:26.62  
DNF Barry Wicks (Kona)    
DNF Todd Wells (Specialized)    
DNF Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)    
DNF Stephen Ettinger (BMC MTB Development)    
DNF Adam Morka (Trek Canada)    
DNF Ryan Woodall (Brick City Bicycles)    
DNF Troy Wells (Team Cliff Bar)    
DNF Jesse Anthony    
DNF Kris Sneddon (Kona)    
DNF Tim Allen (Niner)    
DNF Mitchell Peterson (Life Time Fitness)    
DNF Chris Hurst    
DNF Max Plaxton (Specialized)    
DNF Bradley Johnson (Bicycle Ranch)    
DNF Dean Poshard (Rocklobster)    
DNF Greg Carpenter (Devo/Giant)    
DNF John Nobil (Bear Valley Bikes)    
DNF Dana Weber (Trek/Jax)    
DNF Ryan Atkins    
DNF Marton Blazso    
DNF Jeff Herrera (Bicycleworld.Tv)    
DNF Bryan Fawley (Orbea Usa)    
Junior men
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jordan Steyer 0:07:32.05  
2 Alec Bauer 0:00:47.65  
Open men 19-29
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Scott Chapin (Santa Cruz/Fox) 0:05:53.78  
2 Joseph Yoham (Whole Athlete) 0:00:38.25  
3 Nicholas Ducharme (Sdg/Felt) 0:00:38.90  
4 Chris Thibodeau (Sert/Sho-Air) 0:00:53.31  
5 John Clark (X-Fusion/Hayes) 0:00:57.19  
6 Derek Yarra (Buy-Cell/Ibis) 0:01:03.48  
7 Israel Tilman (Schwalbe/Nema) 0:01:27.40  
8 Michael Johnson (Beaumont Bikes) 0:02:11.74  
9 Tim Godfrey 0:02:25.23  
10 Jonathan Shaw 0:02:38.87  
11 Jeremy Hill 0:02:52.43  
12 Eric Shelton (Inland Empire MTB) 0:03:21.20  
13 Robert Pavlich 0:03:31.19  
14 Kenneth Jorgensen (Open Air Bicycles) 0:03:53.41  
15 Ryan Daymond (My People) 0:04:22.89  
Open men 30-39
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Eric Lundgren 0:07:22.36  
2 Mike Wrench 0:00:23.84  
3 Jason Woodruff (Trek 29'Er Crew) 0:00:52.11  
4 Adam Day (Gpr) 0:00:52.92  
5 Michael Segura 0:04:03.51  
DNF Tim Kenny    
Open men 40-49
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Stephen Smith (Team Mbs) 0:06:54.80  
2 Steve Blick (Oakley Rads) 0:00:52.40  
3 Darren Casden (Al-2 Sdbc) 0:01:41.41  
4 Dale Johnson (Beaumont Bikes) 0:03:31.41  
5 Aaron Garcia (Fed Ex) 0:05:22.52  
DNF Kenny When (No Tubes Race Team)    
Open men 50-59
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Edwin Brown (Open Air Bicycles) 0:07:17.12  
2 Gregory Rosdahl (Shoair/Sonance) 0:00:20.49  
3 Larry Russell 0:19:33.79  
DNF Jim Nicholson    
Open men 60+
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Jeff Harbison (Open Air Bicycles) 0:13:07.87  
2 Chuck Hulett (Cal Pine Chalets) 0:08:55.24  
3 James Van Manen 0:18:05.63